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CDMS: Simplifying Chronic Disease Management November 2009.

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1 CDMS: Simplifying Chronic Disease Management November 2009

2 Why MBS CDM doesn’t work: What GPs are telling us  Not enough time  Too much paperwork and bureaucracy  Doesn’t support best care for my patients  Risk of Medicare audit  Increased CDM revenues not worth it

3 MBS CDM: What do we know?  Care plans are key  On average a GP has over 400 chronically ill and complex patients that could be on care plans  But on average only 88 actually are  Team care is fundamental  But TCAs don’t help – unnecessary, bureaucratic, and time consuming  Reviews are essential (every 6 months)  Should be 3 times the number of GPMPs and TCAs  But on average less than 1/5 th of possible GPMP Reviews are ever claimed  And less than 1/10 th of possible TCA Reviews are claimed

4 So how do we improve the situation?  Operated by Precedence Health Care  Created in partnership with GPs and GP Networks in multiple states  As well as hospitals, allied health providers, specialists, pharmacists, peak consumer bodies, and universities  Trials with 60 GPs and 700 patients show increased GP Practice productivity and economics while improving quality of care CDMS Web-based Chronic Disease Management Service

5 250% Productivity Improvement  Almost double the number of GPMPs and TCAs  TCAs really work to increase collaboration  MBS claimed reviews up 5 to 10 fold  Better patient care and follow-up  Increased GP and Practice revenues

6 Increased Revenues and Earnings With same time spent by GP Practice on MBS CDM Items  Increased productivity results in net average benefit of $17,000 per GP

7 Quality Care + More Time With same number of patients on care plans  Half the time required while improving quality of care  Lower cost (even with CDMS service fee)

8 How does CDMS achieve these results?  A web-based service accessible anywhere, anytime for the entire care team and the patient  So that collaboration and communication are simple and fast  Automates the administrative, documentation, and management processes required for CDM  So that complex tasks can be done with a single click  Creates complete, best-practice, individualised GPMPs and TCAs (with co morbidities) in seconds  So that care plans can be completed directly with the patient  Appointments, measurements, and patient progress regularly updated by the care team  So that reviews can be quickly and effectively done on any patient visit  Supports care plan adherence with reminders and alerts  So that patient’s are properly supported in their care

9 CDMS Summary Saves Time Automates administration and documentation Facilitates care team communication Facilitates tracking and review Supports High Quality Care Automatically creates draft multi-disease care plans according to best practice guidelines Allows GPs to spend more time with the patient and less on bureaucracy and coordination Shares health information across the care team Helps patients adhere to the plan Generates More Revenue Generates additional revenue with no additional time or resources required

10 Care Plan Creation CDM-Net: How it works Hospital GP Consumer Send e-ReferralCreate EHR & Care PlanEdit & Approve PlanCreate & Distribute PlanAgree Team PlanAdvise Team PlanApprove Team Plan ED or AdmissionGet EHR & Care PlanGenerate AlertDisplay EHR & Care Plan Reminders & Alerts Updates EHR & Appts Updates & Reviews Plan Care Team CDMS Distribute DocumentsDistribute to PatientStart Tracking

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