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Team Care Arrangements Management System. Townsville General Practice Network This is where I live.

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1 Team Care Arrangements Management System

2 Townsville General Practice Network This is where I live

3 Team Care Arrangements Process GP completes GP Management Plan GP completes TCA referral with up to 5 visits to 2 Health Service Providers in a 12 month period GP faxes copy of TCA to Allied Health Providers and gives the patient a copy GP asks AHPs for consent to be part of the TCA by phone or fax AHPs agree to be part of TCA – by phone or faxback GP Bills a MBS Item no: 721 and 723 for GP Management Plan and TCA. Patient go to appointment at AHPs AHP bills for appointment AHP sends feedback to GP GP reviews TCA in a timely fashion

4 Why Web-based TCA? TGPN Health Managed Network Building solutions for Health Providers ABHI funding available TCAs not being completed –No consent sent or received –No feedback sent or received –Confusion about process and AHP visits

5 Process and Collaboration Feedback about process used now from –General Practitioners and staff –Allied Health Providers Workgroup from Capacity for Local Partnerships Initiative (CLPI) program extended to ABHI –Members from AHPs, GPs, TGPN and Pharmacy –To develop the inclusions and formatting in the wizard template

6 IT Department Involvement Regular meetings to discuss next steps and to scope the template wizard Expert employed to do the scoping Building the template wizard and backend components of the system Enable remote access connection for Allied Health Providers Education and support for users Assist to develop a User Guide Monitor the testing phase of the project

7 Wizard Template Compose a document Choose a patient (when connected to PMS this step will happen automatically) Choose a Template

8 Wizard Template (cont) Tick the choose what you would like to include (grey areas always appear) Check Patient Demographics Work through chosen screens

9 Wizard Template (cont) Work through patients problems. Choose a Goal and Treatment for each problem. If you are continuing to a TCA, put in number of visits and comments

10 Wizard Template (cont) You must answer the Red questions to move forward For TCA choose your Allied Health Providers

11 Wizard Template (cont) The Middle Page allows you to include the TCA The Final Page allows you to preview the templates When you click finish the TCA is sent

12 Template Example The TCA can be printed if needed

13 TCA Management Console

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