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SIAC V3 (Sistema Identificativo Automatizzato Centralizzato)

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1 SIAC V3 (Sistema Identificativo Automatizzato Centralizzato)

2 SIAC v3 SIAC is the Automated Centralized Identification System for items identification and codification of the Italian Ministry of Defence, according to NATO Codification System, regulated by Allied Committee 135 and based on the rules of Standards Agreements (STANAGS) and Allied Codification Publication n. 1 (ACodP–1). Thesi Tecnologie

3 The parties CA OCC Registry Supplier
Supplier: it initiates the request for coding of the materials to the Contracting Authority Supplier CONTRACTING AUTHORITY: after inspecting the formal and substantial quality of the lists submitted by the Supplier, CA forwards the lists to OCC (the italian NCB) CA ORGANO CENTRALE DI CODIFICAZIONE (OCC): Italian NCB performs screening of items contained in the lists received, in order to verify the existence of the NSN (NATO Stock Number) and the relative attribution. OCC Registry Registry: it handles communication between the various parties, it is a common element that allows real time transmission of the files and of the related notifications Thesi Tecnologie

4 Today’s main topics Profiling User management FIIGs Parameters
Compilation status Multilanguage Thesi Tecnologie

5 Profiling A Profile is a set of functions, that it’s possible to use in the system. Every function is associated with reading, writing and updating actions: the system let you activate one or more of these activities. Thesi Tecnologie

6 Profiling It’s the methodology that allows for the authorization of the parties involved in the process to perform only the activities they are able to, avoiding improper use of the system Thesi Tecnologie

7 Profiling SIAC v3 has a simple, but powerful, structure, because of the sharing of the subsystems among different users, thanks to profiling. You can imagine the entire system as a pyramid where: the different parties, seen above, are represented by their influence area; The subsystems are distributed at different levels Thesi Tecnologie

8 Profiling SIAC subsystems are those represented in the pyramid:
Administration Codification Requests NSN Transactions Parameters The influence area, the parties can count on, is regulated by profiling Thesi Tecnologie

9 Profiling Supplier The Supplier can operate: on its Administration
on Codification Requests, entering lists and items data on NSN, partially, because it can view only a part of the NSNs Supplier Thesi Tecnologie

10 Profiling Contracting Authority The CA can operate:
on its Administration on Codification Requests, validating lists and entering its lists and items data on NSN, partially, because it can view all the NSNs, but it can’t modify them Contracting Authority Thesi Tecnologie

11 Profiling OCC The OCC can operate: on its Administration
on Codification Requests, screening lists and items, and assigning NSNs on NSN, because it can view all the NSNs, and it can modify them on Transaction, from and to NAMSA on Parameters OCC Thesi Tecnologie

12 User management Access to the System is regulated by online registration on the SIAC website. The registration certifies the Supplier as the User or legal representative, who will have the possibility to create new users in the section of the system. These users will be official delegates that the new SIAC will recognize as authorized users. Thesi Tecnologie

13 FIIGs To answer requirements of the FIIG, the application provides instructions for replies. The referring FIIGs are articulated, according to the type of the item, in questions that the supplier has to answer in order to describe the proposed item in the most detailed way, and to allow the system to assign an Identification Type to the item itself. Thesi Tecnologie

14 FIIGs The user can always count on links to FIIGs, in pdf format, if necessary The window shows the model the FIIG reply instruction are represented by The user chooses one MRC, letting the system indicate description, definition and istructions MRCs are divided in mandatory and optional ones Thesi Tecnologie

15 SIAC v3 and FIIG Drawing Management
SIAC v3 manages all the images linked to the FIIGs, allowing their visualization, in order to have a clear representation of MRC to answer to This graphic management is shown in the next slide Thesi Tecnologie

16 SIAC v3 and FIIG Drawing Management
Thesi Tecnologie

17 SIAC v3 and FIIG Tables Management
In SIAC v3 there are all the tables the user have to choose correct value from, in order to simplify the construction of the replies to the MRCs, and to avoiding human errors. An example of this tables management is shown in the next slide. Thesi Tecnologie

18 SIAC v3 and FIIG Tables Management
Thesi Tecnologie

19 Parameters The subsystem allows the user to modify and/or update all the drop-down list hard data, thus letting a great customization of the activities. The Italian NCB, i.e. OCC, only can modify these values. Thesi Tecnologie

20 Item Compilation status
The Compilation Status field, in Article Detail window, contains some red alerts, describing what is lacking to complete the Article’s description. Every time the user enters some data or fills out a card (RN, CM03, GM02, etc.), the system removes the related alert. This behaviour of the system give consistency to the lists, avoiding the delivering of lists, which lacks of necessary or mandatory data. Thesi Tecnologie

21 Multilanguage System SIAC v3 is a multilanguage system. It can implement any language, by filling out appropriate tables, related to DCN. The next slide shows an example of different languages applied to the system. Thesi Tecnologie

22 Multilanguage System Thesi Tecnologie

23 ANY QUESTIONS? Thesi Tecnologie 23

Thesi Tecnologie 24

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