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New DAITS Training and reference manual Start slide show Go to index.

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1 New DAITS Training and reference manual Start slide show Go to index

2 Index Log in Control main screen Search options Case Information Add Action Item Edit Action Item Information main screen Upload Documents Communication Add Comment Add Communication / Transfer to email Non-DOE action Go to intro

3 This slide show This slide show will lead you through New DAITS. The screens are mostly animated The buttons will allow you to navigate through the slide show. At the end of each subject, the forward button will spin, indicating to click there Go to index Click to continue

4 Log in Use your email name (alias) Network password Go to index

5 Control Control will show you how to navigate through the main window Sorting columns by clicking on the header Refresh button to set the screen to start position Go to index Click to continue

6 Control Sort ascending or descending by clicking on column header Open list with Action Items under the cases Number of days left for implementing the action item Search options Refresh will delete all selections and show all cases as if you newly logged on Go to index

7 Search This slide will show how to search for specific cases Search on student information Decision Date / Due date / implementation days left ISC, SCE or District Action item Person responsible Go to index Click to continue

8 Select person responsible Result is all cases where the name is found either on case level for one specific action item Select on any combination of search options Search Different selection options available Select on (partial) student name or OSIS number Select on ISC, CSE or District Select on decision date Due date in interval Go to index

9 Case Information Student information, name, OSIS, Dob Parent information and name of lawyer Case information, compliance dates Sent case for approval to OLS Approved by OLS Go to index Click to continue

10 Case information Navigate to case information Click to continue Go to index

11 Case information General information with regard to the case as received from the Impartial Hearing System Student information Parent contact information and address Impartial Hearing Office information Case assignment and status information; changeable by implementation manager This link will copy the address information to the clipboard. With ctrl-V or right mouse click you can paste it to e.g. MS-Word This person gets an email notification when a case comes in (from IHS) or when the implementation manager is changed Go to index

12 Case workflow When paralegal has finished entering action items, click this button. A notification will be sent to OLS. Action items are frozen and have status “waiting for approval” The button Approve OLS appears. When OLS clicks this button, a timestamp will show when OLS approved, The action item status will be changed to approved. Go to index

13 Add action item Assign action item to person Select action item type and subtype Due is decision date +35; change when necessary Status start with open, changed automatically with workflow Detail is the action that should be taken as per the order Implementation comment allows for notes by implementer Go to index Click to continue

14 Add Action Item Create new Action Item Select user from drop down list. An Action Item can only be assigned to a registered user This text can only be changed by the paralegals Details as described in hearing order Due Date Pre-populated with Decision Date + 35 days Comment on implementation; or the alternative implemented Add a Document opens a box that allows the user to browse for a document. In this screen a maximum of 5 documents can be added to an action item. Later is shown how more documents can be assigned to an action item Date on which the action item was completed Go to index Select action Item type from drop down list Select action item subtype from drop down list Not all action item types have subtypes

15 Edit action item Depending on the role assigned to a user it is determined which fields can be edited. Go to index Click on Action item number to go to edit screen

16 Information When the mouse is moved over the action item number, the action item details will be shown When the mouse is moved over the implementation status the implementation comment is shown Go to index Click to continue

17 Information Mouse over on action item number shows the action item details Mouse over on the implementation status the implementation comment is shown Go to index

18 Uploaded documents Each night the decision documents are loaded from IHS into New DAITS Documents can be uploaded when entering or editing an action item Documents van be uploaded in the “upload document section” Go to index Click to continue

19 Assign document to Action Item or case. Documents assigned when creating an Action Item are also shown here When action Item selected, ‘mouse over’ the icon will show the action item text Uploaded Documents Navigate to uploaded documents CLICK Search and select document.PDF or.DOC The hearing decisions are uploaded daily to the cases from the Impartial Hearing System. These files are shown separately Go to index

20 Communication Three types of communication Comment, either to case or action item Comment with email capability. Non-DOE action. Request to another party for documents or other actions Go to index

21 Communication Navigate to Communication CLICK Click to continue Go to index

22 Add Comment Select type of communication; CommentInternal comment to the case CommunicationOption to send text to email address Non-DOE actionRequests for information to non-DOE parties Assign comment to Action Item or Case Go to index Enter up to 2000 characters for internal comments

23 Communication This function allows the user to write a comment which can be sent through email. Click to continue

24 Add Communication Select Communication Assign to Action Item or case Enter a valid email address Enter comment / text This text will be transferred to the email body Text, this text can be transferred to the body of an email. With the above entered address in the to field CLICK Go to index

25 Transfer to email Click on email address An email will be created with the email address in the ‘TO’ Field and the text is transferred to the body. The subject will be filled with Case, Student Number and Student name Go to index

26 Non-DOE Action This function allows the user to log requests made to Non-DOE parties An outstanding request is shown on case level with an X in the main screen When there is an open request, the action item status in the main screen will show which party has a request outstanding. Go to index

27 Non-DOE Action Navigate to Communication CLICK Click to continue Go to index

28 Non-DOE Action Go to index Select Non-DOE Action Assign to Action Item or case Select party that has to act Parent, Attorney, School or Other Enter outreach attempt (1, 2,3) Select requested document from box. Multiple selection possible Select date on which action was requested When the Non-DOE Action has been completed, enter a date received Put a description of action or requested document in the comment / text box

29 Non-DOE action in main screen CLICK The X will be shown on the main screen as long as the Non-DOE action is not completed / received Go to index An open Non-DOE action is shown in the main screen with an X. Click on the X to navigate to the Non-DOE action screen The action item status shows which party has to take action

30 The End This was a reference / tutorial on the New DAITS Thank you for watching Go to startGo to Index Go to index

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