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IRIS & IRIS Proxy Children’s Hospitals Graduate Medical Education Payment Program.

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1 IRIS & IRIS Proxy Children’s Hospitals Graduate Medical Education Payment Program

2 Agenda I.IRIS II.IRIS Proxy Updates III.IRIS Common Errors IV.IRIS EDV3 Edit Program V.Q & A Session

3 I.IRIS Intern and Resident Information System

4 IRIS Recap  Who can use the IRIS?  Full Filing Providers  DOS based program (CMS)  Does NOT compute the FTE count of interns/residents

5 IRIS Files  Master File (M3XXXXXX.dbf)  Contains pertinent information about the interns/residents  Assignment File (A3XXXXXX.dbf)  Contains the rotational assignment data for those interns/residents Some text fields report Numbers. Microsoft Excel XP will try to identify this as an error.

6 IRIS V3 Updates  Residency Code Table in Alphabetic Sequence  Operating Instructions  New  Part II, Section 7.4  Part V  Revised  Part II, Section 7.2  Part II, Section 7.3  Part II, Section 7.5 Refer to Table of Residency Codes (page 7-17).

7 IRIS V3 Clarifications Employer’s Name  Add additional name to the Employer Name Table  Add, Modify, or Delete  Reference Files/Data Management  IRIS Reference Data Management Menu

8 IRIS V3 Clarifications  Residency Years Completed  Range for Total Number of Program Years  Medical School Code  “99998” – Foreign Dental School  “99999” – Foreign Medical School  Dental School Codes  10000 & 20000 – Obsolete  Use New Codes 80002-80109

9 IRIS V3 Clarifications Assignment Time Periods  Added Non-Hospital Reference  42 CFR 413.78(e)  Periods that Span July 1  Enter as 2 periods on IRIS  Example  Fiscal Year : 10/01/04 – 09/30/05  Rotation: 05/01/05 – 11/30/05  Report Assignments: 05/01/05 - 06/30/05 07/01/05 - 09/30/05

10 IRIS V3 Updates – Effective Dates  New Dental School Codes  For cost reporting periods BEGINNING on or after July 1, 2006 AND  Interns & Residents (I&Rs) in dental specialties with dental school Graduation Dates after April 30, 2006  New Residency Type Codes  Highlighted in YELLOW

11 IRIS V3 Reminders  Assignment File  Percentages (GME/IME %, Part/Full time Percent  Use Whole Numbers  Social Security Numbers  Links the Assignment file to the Master file  CMS Assistance  

12 Certification of IRIS Diskette  Since the IRIS report is submitted with the MCR, the signature on the MCR is all that is needed (W/S S, Part I).  All rotation schedules or additional certification is not necessary for IRIS verification.


14 IRIS Proxy Recap  Who can use the IRIS Proxy?  No/Low Utilization Providers who are not required by CMS to submit an IRIS with their Medicare Cost Report  Excel program  Computes the FTE resident count  Available at no charge to hospitals

15 IRIS Proxy  Calculates Total GME Unweighted and Weighted Resident FTE counts by:  Each Intern/Resident Rotation  Current Specialty  Summary Totals  Total Allopathic and Osteopathic Residents  Total Allopathic and Osteopathic in Initial Residency Period  Total Dental and Podiatric Residents  Total Dental and Podiatric Residents in Initial Residency Period  Option to create IRIS Master and Assignment data files

16 IRIS Proxy – Summary Totals Summary Totals  Located in upper right corner of the worksheet Total FTEs Unweighted Total FTEs Weighted SUMMARY TOTALS: Total Allopathic & Osteopathic Residents0.21790.1718 Total Dental & Podiatric Residents0.4180 Summary Totals do NOT account for any duplicate assignment periods (overlaps).

17 IRIS Proxy – Summary Totals Report Update: Summary Totals Report  Totals Report identifies Unweighted and Weighted resident FTE summary by specialty.  After viewing Totals Report, click “CHGME” tab at the bottom of the screen to return to original listing. Totals Report FTE Count = Allopathic/Osteopathic FTEs + Dental/Podiatric FTEs

18 IRIS Proxy – Edits  IRIS Proxy Edits  The following input errors will result in the FTE being reduced to zero:  Listed as a international/foreign medical school graduate but NO IMG/FMG Complete Date is entered  A Graduation Date is NOT entered or date is NOT PRIOR to first rotational begin date  Rotational Assignment Dates begin or end OUTSIDE of the fiscal year

19 IRIS Proxy – Edit Check  Edit Check  Highly recommended that the IRIS data be validated by a separate IRIS/GME edit program  CMS IRIS FI Edit Program (IRISEDV3) Same software used by Full Filing hospitals and all FIs  Third-Party Vendor GME Software Data that does not pass CHGME FI edits may be returned to the hospital for rework.

20 IRIS/IRIS Proxy Updates  New/Revised Program Codes  Specialties  Subspecialties  Combined Programs

21 IRIS Proxy Updates  Medical School Codes  Revised 6 of 8 Podiatry Schools  Codes 30100 – 30600  New Dental School Codes  United States, Canada, Puerto Rico  Codes 80002 – 80109  Replaced Codes  Codes 30010 – 30090 for Podiatry Schools  Codes 10000 and 20000 for all Dental Schools Refer to Table of Medical Schools (page 7-10).

22 IRIS Proxy Updates Medical School Codes (continued)  30010 – Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine (Miami Shores, FL)  New Code - 30500  30020 – William M. Scholl College (Chicago, IL)  New Code – 30100  30040 – College of Podiatric Medicine (Des Moines, IA)  New Code - 30600  30050 – New York College of Podiatric Medicine (New York, NY)  New Code - 30200  30080 – Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine (Cleveland, OH)  New Code - 30300  30090 – Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine (Philadelphia, PA)  New Code - 30400

23 IRIS Proxy Updates  Current Version updated 2009  Addition of New Programs and Medical School Codes  Updated Formatting Errors

24 III.IRIS Common Errors

25 IRIS – Key Inputs  Intern/Resident Name  Do not use nicknames or abbreviations!  Employer Name  Institution currently paying the resident’s salary  Residency Type Code  Initial Specialty Program Specialty initially chosen by resident during the first year of post graduate training program  Medical School Graduation Date  If the specific graduation date cannot be determined, but the graduation month is known, use the first day of the known month

26 Assignment Time Periods  Assignment Beginning and Ending Date  Resident’s start and end dates for EACH rotational assignment during which the intern/resident was assigned to and worked at the hospital complex or any of its hospital based providers.  Follow original source documentation  Rotation schedules, calendars, etc.

27 GME Time Percentages  GME Percentage  Percentage of time intern/resident worked in the hospital in comparison to the total time worked at all facilities (Resident’s Total GME must equal 100%).  If in a non-hospital setting must have a written agreement.  Hospitals must coordinate GME data reported in IRIS IME % does NOT apply to Children’s hospitals. Enter the same % as the GME % or enter zero(0).

28 Initial Specialty  Initial Residency Period  Prior to 10/01/04  Determined as of the time the resident enters the “initial” or first residency training program  Based on the period of board eligibility associated with the program in which a resident participates in the first year of training, without regard to specialty in which the resident ultimately seeks board certification

29 Initial Specialty - Simultaneous Match  69 FR 49170 (August 11, 2004)  FY 2005 DRG Rates for Hospital Inpatient PPS  CMS’ definition..  For purposes of direct GME, a national process by which applicants to approved medical residency programs are paired with programs on the basis of preferences expressed by both the applicants and the program directors

30 Initial Specialty – First Policy Change  Effective for portions of cost reporting periods beginning on or after 10/01/04  If hospital documents….  Resident matched in an advanced specialty program that requires clinical base year prior to resident’s first training year  Then….  IRP is determined based upon period of board eligibility associated with second year specialty program

31 Initial Specialty – Second Policy Change  70 FR 47449 (August 12, 2005)  Inpatient Hospital PPS for 2006  To claim specialty program as IRP..  Hospital must document that a resident matched PRIOR to beginning any residency training in an advanced residency training program beginning in the second residency year

32 Initial Specialty – Supporting Documentation  National Residency Matching Program (NRMP)   San Francisco Matching Program   Urology Matching Program   American Osteopathic Association Residency Match Program 

33 Residency Years Completed  Residency Year  The total number of years the intern/resident has completed in ALL types of approved residency programs  Based on the number of years completed as of FIRST DAY of reported rotational assignment  This includes CLINICAL BASE year or transitional year for “Matched Residents” Do NOT Use: Resident’s PGY Level or Resident’s PGY Level or Only Years Complete in Current Specialty Only Years Complete in Current Specialty

34 The key is …… Document, Document, Document!!!

35 I.IRIS EDV3 Edit Program

36 36 IRISEDV3 What is the IRISEDV3?  A program used to run edit checks on the Intern and Resident Information System (IRIS) diskette  Available at no charge to hospitals  Provides all major edit checks that will be done by your CHGME FI

37 IRISEDV3 - Setup Setup of the IRISEDV3  Obtain all necessary files:  Edv3inst.exe  Db5lib.exe  Readme.doc  Program should be on computer’s hard drive This is a MUST: Read the installation instructions (Readme.doc) BEFORE beginning installation!

38 IRISEDV3 - Setup  First Time Use  The FIRST time the program is opened, complete “Data Management” from Main Menu

39 IRISEDV3 - Setup  First Time Use (cont.)  Data Management  Setup Administrative Data  Rebuild Data Indexes  Be sure to save (“S”) set-up and exit (“X”) During Step Rebuilding Data Indexes – Screen may flicker. This is okay!

40 IRISEDV3 – Process Data  Capture IRIS Data Submitted  Ensure diskette with IRIS files (M3XXXXXX.dbf and A3XXXXXX.dbf) is in the disk drive (usually “A”).  Verify provider number is correct.  Import Captured Provider Data into Test Shells  Automatically completed by program

41 IRISEDV3 – Process Data  Evaluate and Edit Imported Provider Data  Provides on-screen EDITS during processing Assignment End Date is after FY End Date (12/31/2004)

42 IRISEDV3 – Process Data  Print Report of Evaluation and Edit  It is optional to print reports Default = Print All Records

43 IRISEDV3 – Reports  Report Sections  Part I – New Records that Passed all IRIS Edits  Part II – Records that Failed One or More IRIS Edits  e.g. Assignment date outside fiscal year  Part III – Invalid Records  e.g. Assignment record with invalid or blank fiscal year begin date  Part III may also include any duplicate records in the Master File

44 IRISEDV3 – Reminders  IRISEDV3 cannot be used to change data. It is only capable of edit checks.  IRISEDV3 does not check for zero values or blanks in the Full Time/ Part Time Percentage (%) and GME Percentages (%) fields of the IRIS files.

45 IRISEDV3- Conclusion  IRISEDV3 will greatly improve your chances of submitting a good IRIS/IRIS Proxy, but it will not guarantee complete success.  The CHGME FI may determine that an IRIS/IRIS Proxy diskette is still incorrect even though it cleared IRISEDV3 edits.  Example  Full Time/Part Time Percentage (%) was entered as the portion of the year the intern/resident was at a hospital instead of the type of residency slot he/she filled.

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