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Grading Your Sections Updated 4/14/2011. Grade Collection System Changes Grade entry at any time based on the section’s calendar (beginning/ending dates)

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1 Grading Your Sections Updated 4/14/2011

2 Grade Collection System Changes Grade entry at any time based on the section’s calendar (beginning/ending dates) File upload option allows multiple sections to be uploaded from one spreadsheet Future Enhancement – online change of grade process

3 Reminders Before Grading Compare your grade roster with the grade roster online –Check for added or dropped students Know the Calendar Grading Dates for your gradable sections –Grading always opens on Friday at 8:00 a.m. –Grading always closes on Monday at NOON –Grading period is ten days long

4 Sign on to

5 Sign on Click on My Self Service

6 Click on Enter Grades

7 Open Grades Folder Click to open “Collection” folder. Click on “Grade-A-Gator” to begin grading

8 Sign into System Click to open Grade Input System

9 Authorization Security Check When you sign into Grade-A-Gator, you will be asked to certify that you have completed the FERPA Basics training: –“Your acceptance below certifies that you have completed UF Privacy Office FERPA Training” –You will need to retake this training every twelve months –Click on the ACCEPT button to enter the grades system

10 Choose Term to Grade Choose Term to display sections available to grade

11 Grades Calendar Displayed

12 Gradable Sections Listed This is the grader’s personal display of sections to grade. Click on the section number to be graded.

13 Input Grades Choose grade from drop down menu. Only valid grade choices will display. Writing Requirement (GR) sections will have two grade components - Academic and Met/Not Met the writing requirement.

14 Saving Entered Grades You must click “Save Grades” before exiting the page. You do not need to have all grades entered to use the “Save Grades” function. This function allows you to return to the grades system as needed.

15 Adding a Student Not on Roster Add the UFID and Grade; then click “Add a Student” Students will not be added to the official roster until registration Has been verified by staff in the Registrar’s Office

16 Error Message When You Finalize If you failed to enter grades and clicked “Finalize”, you will receive this message and a chance to enter grades before the final submit. You do not need to grade the students. If you finalize without a grade, an “N* will be assigned. Requires paper change of grade form to correct after grading period closes.

17 Not Graded (continued) If you Finalize with No Grades, the Grade Roster will appear with the words “Not Graded” in the Grade column. If this was an error, have department grade coordinator contact the Grades Help Line to re-open the section for grading.

18 Finish Grading After the grades have been submitted, Click “Finalize Grades” button to complete the grading process.

19 My Graded Sections You will be able to see the status of all your sections in an open grading period – both finalized and partially graded. You may print or finalize sections from this view.

20 Using File Upload

21 Using File Upload Enter Grades Input System –Open Grades Folder –Click on Collection Folder –Click on Grade-A-Gator

22 Using File Upload Create Spreadsheet If you already have a spreadsheet, you do not need to create another one. Click “Download My Sections” To Create Spreadsheet

23 Using File Upload Instructions Verification Click on “I Understand” to continue.

24 Mark Sections and Download You can select multiple sections from different courses Click after selecting sections to grade

25 Click Save – You cannot upload grades by using the “Open” option because you must save the spreadsheet as a csv file. Save Your CSV File

26 The file must be saved as a “.csv” file (the default will be eaglec.csv or eaglec-1.csv if you have already downloaded previous classrolls for grading). Click “Save”. Saving File (continued)

27 Click “Open” here. Excel should start automatically if it is installed on your computer. Once Download Complete-Open

28 Spreadsheet Configuration Note: all sections will appear on same page/file (even from different courses) Only the Grade Column “D” and Writing Requirement Column “F” should be altered Section UFID Name GradeCredits Writing Requirement (GR) Students who withdrew or dropped with fee liability will NOT appear on the downloaded roster. The ‘W’ grade is ‘preloaded’ to the final grade roster.

29 Enter valid grade codes for each student and save as a.csv file. S/U option will be verified during the upload process. Enter Valid Grades and Save

30 If you get this message, click yes. Saving File

31 Upload Your Sections Click “Upload My Sections”.

32 1. Click “Browse”, and select the correct file for upload 2. Select the sections on your file. 3. When steps one and two are completed, click “Upload file” Find and Upload File

33 Status of Graded Upload Sections View Summary Information and Percentage Completed.

34 Modify a Section Before Finalizing If you need to change a grade, click on the section number.

35 Grading Complete? Finalize When a section if fully graded, click on “Finalize”. Once finalized, a section cannot be updated unless it is reopened. Grade coordinators can request assistance from the Registrar’s Office.

36 Error messages will display; view errors by clicking on the relevant section. Errors In Your Upload File

37 Errors will be highlighted. To make corrections, click “Enter Grades.” Errors Displayed

38 Correcting Errors Enter correct grades, “Save grades”, and “Finalize” when all grades entered.

39 Student Missing From Roster? Click “Add A Student”

40 Enter student’s UFID and grade here, then click “Add Student”. The Registrar’s Office will validate the student’s information. Complete Add A Student Process

41 THANK YOU Without you the grades collection process would not be successful!

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