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© 2006 itSMF USA. All rights reserved. ITIL v3 – Familiar Ground, New Territory David Cannon ITSM Practice Principal - HP.

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1 © 2006 itSMF USA. All rights reserved. ITIL v3 – Familiar Ground, New Territory David Cannon ITSM Practice Principal - HP

2 Slide 2 Agenda Why Update ITIL? What is different about ITIL v3? What is the same? Some myths What will happen next?

3 Slide 3

4 Slide 4 Why Update ITIL? The industry has matured since 2000 ITIL v2 tells us ‘what’ not ‘how’ What is the Return on Investment? What about suppliers and customers? An integrated process model Application in different contexts

5 Slide 5 Process Orientated Working Problem Management Change Management Service Level Management

6 Slide 6 The Problem with Processes Processes help to organise work better They are aligned to activity and output, not necessarily to value You have to know what you want to achieve, or else assume that the customer does Processes are not strategic Bottom line: Managing IT needs more than just a set of processes, people and tools

7 Slide 7 ITIL v3 Creating a way to integrate IT Processes, People and Tools with the Business Strategy and Outcomes Seeing IT as a Strategic Business Unit

8 © 2006 itSMF USA. All rights reserved. What is Different about v3?

9 Slide 9 Global Collaboration Public opinion surveys ITIL Advisory Group – 40 countries ITSM community stakeholders Standards, Qualifications, Practices Rapid language translations Formal mappings Integrated Service Lifecycle process maps

10 Slide 10 CoreComplementary Web Customized implementation Core Best Practice Guidance Support for particular market sector or technology Value added products, process maps, templates, studies ITIL V3 – The Structure

11 Slide 11 ITIL Service Strategie s Continual Service Improvement Service Operation Service Design Service Transition

12 Slide 12 CIO’s IT Managers ConsultantsPractitionersVendors

13 Slide 13 SS - Practical Decision Making Business Eco systems From value chains to value nets Linking to external practices and standards Adaptive processes for customers, services and strategies Managing uncertainty and complexity Increasing the economic life of services Selecting, adapting and tuning the best IT service strategies

14 Slide 14 IT Managers ConsultantsPractitionersOutsourcersVendors

15 Slide 15 SD - Pragmatic Service Blueprint Policies, Architecture, Portfolios, service models Effective technology, process and measurement design Outsource, shared services, co-source models? How to decide & how to do it The service package of utility, warranty, capability, metrics tree Triggers for re-design

16 Slide 16 IT Managers ConsultantsPractitionersOutsourcersVendors

17 Slide 17 ST - Managing Change, Risk & Quality Assurance Newly designed Change, Release & Configuration processes Risk and quality assurance of design Managing organization & cultural change during transition Service management knowledge system Integrating projects into transition Creating & selecting transition models

18 Slide 18 IT Managers ConsultantsPractitionersOutsourcersVendors

19 Slide 19 SO - Responsive, stable services Robust end to end operations practices Redesigned, incident and problem processes New functions and processes Event, technology and request management Supporting strategy, design, transition and improvement SOA, virtualization, adaptive, agile service operation models

20 Slide 20 IT Managers ConsultantsPractitionersOutsourcersVendors

21 Slide 21 CSI - Measures & Improvements that Work The business case for ROI Getting past just talking about it Overall health of ITSM Portfolio alignment in real-time with business needs Growth and maturity of SM practice How to measure, interpret and execute results

22 CMMI TOGAF e-TOM Six Sigma PMBOK PRINCE2 SOA COBIT M_o_R ISO/IEC 20000 SOX Certified Training ISO/IEC 17799 ISO/IEC 19770 ITIL in Context

23 Slide 23 Complementary Series How to apply the core materials in different contexts Cross reference to external practices and standards Enhancing the core materials Tracking industry developments and relating them back to the core Case Studies Integrated lifecycle model Certification aids

24 Slide 24 Myths, rumours, speculation I’ll have to re-certify everyone All the ITIL processes I know today will be gone I’ll have to buy new tools The ITIL processes I use today won’t work in the V3 service lifecycle V3 is an add-on to V2 I have to throw out v2 to implement v3

25 Slide 25 Qualifications New Scheme Enhanced learning Upgrading More choice Standards Aligned to 20000 Links to Security Links to Asset Links to Governance Your ITSM Practice Greater scope Greater flexibility Current with industry directions Complementary to other common practices Easier to start, operate and mature Relevant to the real issues and opportunities Enhanced ability to prove ITSM ROI Customers Vendors Service Providers V3 – How will it affect You?

26 Slide 26 What’s next ? Final Countdown Editorial Board review – March Marketing Launch – Oct ITIL Advisory Group QA review – Oct / Nov International Public QA review – Nov / Dec itSMF International IPESC Endorsement – Dec / Jan Translations begin - April Publication Production & Launch – May 30 th Qualification Scheme finalized - Summer

27 © 2006 itSMF USA. All rights reserved.

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