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Team 4 Baby Peas “Pulse Early Alarm Sensor”

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1 Team 4 Baby Peas “Pulse Early Alarm Sensor”
Chris Ramirez Benjamin Goolsby Xin Tong Yowwu Lin

2 What is Baby Peas ??? Infants are weak
Traditional monitors do not tell the whole picture Empirical data is needed Biomarkers can give peace of mind

3 Motivation Motivation behind Product
SIDS Infant’s insignificant ability to maintain homeostasis Unable to express precise problems Motivation behind education and skill set RF design Software design Medical field

4 Design Approach SAFETY !!!! Human Computer Interface Usability
Functionality Pulse Temperature Oxygen Position

5 Specifications

6 Design Decisions Low Power Wireless Ease of implementation
Vendor Support Low Cost

7 Subsystems Sensors Comms Power Central Processor Mobile Application

8 Hardware Block Diagram
CC2541 Microcontroller Bluetooth BLE v4.0 RF module circuit BLE V4.0 compatible display device Heart Rate / Blood Oxygenation Sensor Circuit Body Position Sensor Circuit Skin Temperature Sensor Circuit Coin Cell Battery DC-DC regulator circuit

9 Central Processor Low Power Small and Mobile
Interface capability with multiple sensors Interface capability with wireless devices

10 CC2541 Bluetooth SoC solution
SensorTag and Keyfob development kits valuable for reference design 8051 MCU architecture Five-Channel Direct Memory Access I2C, SPI interfaces

11 Peripherals Pulse Oximeter Temperature Sensor
Measures blood oxygen saturation along with heart rate TI AFE4490 QFN package 3V-3.6V Temperature Sensor Measures the temperature on Skin surface TI TMP006 Wafer Level Chip Scale 2.4V-5.5V

12 Peripheral technical specs
Body Position Sensor Invensense MPU6000 Gyro + Accelerometer 3 axis for each Capable of SPI and I2C interface QFN package

13 Communications

14 Bluetooth Low Energy

15 POWER Texas Instruments TPS62740 step down DC-DC converter
2MHz switching Selectable output voltage range 1.8v-3.3v Efficiency of 95%

16 Power Schematics

17 Power solution 2 Linear Tech LTC3534 Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter
2.4v-7v input range w/ 1.8-7v output Use just 1 CR2032 battery

18 Buck-Boost Schematic

19 CC2541 Schematic

20 Sensor Schematics

21 Printed Circuit Board Eagle Cadsoft

22 User Interface Design Ease of use
Navigation Menus Conducive to the purpose of the device Responsive

23 Software Flow Charts

24 Software UML Chart

25 Ikea Instruction

26 Concept Design

27 Firmware Block Diagram
Sensors Start Sample Data Setup and Init Registers Setup and Init SPI/I2C buses Export to Bluetooth

28 Build Soldering QFN packages and crystal oscillators w/ hot air pencil under 10x microscope Solder remaining components with solder iron.

29 Test DC-DC Regulators CC2541 TMP006 MPU-6000 AFE4490
Mobile Application

30 Work Division Goolsby Lin Ramirez Tong Sensors X Bluetooth CPU
Software Mobile App Board Design Power

31 Bill of Materials Item: Price (USD): Microprocessor CC2541 Free Sample
AFE Free Sample MPU $10.72 TMP Free Sample TPS Free Sample PCB x $132 Eagle Hobbyist Version $170 Sensor Tag $25 CC2541 Debugger $99 TI sponsor $-175 Miscellaneous $100 Total so far… $412.72 Expected Total $600.00

32 Project Schedule

33 Project Progress

34 Remaining Problems Everything Board Layout learning curve
RF PCB Layout precision Understanding Bluetooth Stack protocols Firmware loading and timings Mobile application learning curve AFE4490 analog frontend schematic capture

35 Thanks Dr. Chan Cadsoft Eagle staff Texas Instruments Dr. Richie
Ben’s parents Chris’ wife Xin Tong Yowwu Lin Christopher Ramirez Ben Goolsby

36 Any Questions ????

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