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New York, New York By: Jasiah Traveling June 8-15 2013 2,365 will be spent.

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1 New York, New York By: Jasiah Traveling June 8-15 2013 2,365 will be spent

2 Map

3 Transportation Budget Airfare $434.00 x 5$2,170.00 Airfare Parking at Airport$0.00 Car Rental$0.00 Gas (going) [price x 25/ MPG] $0.00 Gas (coming home) [price x 25/ MPG]$0.00 Bus Tickets$0.00 Train$0.00 Other$0.00 Total$0.00 Figure out gas: Find miles (google Maps) Divide miles by 25 Take that number x gas price

4 Lodging Budget Hotels $366 x 6 Staybridge Suites Times Square ( two rooms) Not staying in the same place? Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday $4,392.00 Other$0.00 Total$4,392.00

5 Extra Expense Extra expensesBudget Souvenirs ($10.00 x 5 of people) x 4 of purchases $200.00 Snacks ($7.00 x 5 of people) x 9 of purchases $315.00 Emergency cash$100.00 Total$615.00

6 Itinerary Total Expense: $257.00 Saturday, June 8 th WhereHow Much? BreakfastChik-Fil-A 5$x5$25.00 ActivityFly to New York, NY$0.00 LunchJoe’s Pizza 20$x5$100.00 ActivitySettle in$0.00 DinnerWildwood BBQ 25$x5$125.00 ActivitySleep$0.00

7 Itinerary Total Expense: $435.00 Sunday, June 9 th WhereHow Much? BreakfastDoughnut Planet 20$x5$100.00 ActivitySight Seeing$0.00 LunchFat Cat 7$x5$35.00 ActivityShopping$200.00 DinnerVanessa’s Dumplings 20$x5$100.00 ActivitySleep$0.00

8 Itinerary Total Expense: $290.00 Monday, June 10 th WhereHow Much? BreakfastVeniero’s Pasticceria & Cafe$150.00 ActivitySight Seeing$0.00 LunchA Salt and Battery 20$x5$100.00 ActivitySight Seeing$0.00 DinnerCranberry Deli 8$x5$40.00 ActivitySleep$0.00

9 Itinerary Total Expense: $450.00 Tuesday, June 11 th WhereHow Much? BreakfastSullivan Street Bakery 20$x5 $100.00 ActivityRelax$0.00 LunchNizza 25$x5$125.00 ActivityShopping$100.00 DinnerBurrito Loco 5x25$$125.00 Activity$0.00

10 Itinerary Total Expense: $225.00 Wednesday, June 12 th WhereHow Much? BreakfastFinancier 10$x5$50.00 ActivityCentral Park$0.00 LunchMermaid Oyster Bar 20$x5$100.00 ActivityStatue of Liberty$0.00 DinnerPark Café 15$x5$75.00 Activity$0.00

11 Itinerary Total Expense: $200.00 Thursday, June 13 th WhereHow Much? BreakfastEleni’s 20$x5$100.00 ActivityRelax$0.00 LunchTiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop 10$x5 $50.00 ActivityRelax$0.00 DinnerGrand Sichuan 10$x5$50.00 ActivityRelax$0.00

12 Itinerary Total Expense: $375.00 Friday, June 14 th WhereHow Much? BreakfastFluffy’s Cake and Bakery 15$x5 $75.00 ActivityRelax$0.00 LunchLe Souk 20$x5$100.00 ActivityShopping$100.00 DinnerFive Napkin Burger 20$x5$100.00 Activity$0.00

13 Itinerary Total Expense: $130.00 Saturday, June 15 th WhereHow Much? BreakfastGood Enough To Eat$105.00 ActivityFly To Atlanta,GA$0.00 LunchChic-Fil-A$25.00 ActivityDrive Home$0.00 DinnerEat at Home$0.00 Activity$0.00

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