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PVSS Users’ Meeting 2005 Organization and Programme.

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1 PVSS Users’ Meeting 2005 Organization and Programme

2 Programme Overview 09:00 12:15 13:45 10:00 16:30 19:30 Registration and Coffee Presentations Lunch Break Presentations Visits to CERN Experiments DinnerTuesday 09:00 12:15 13:45 16:30 18:00 Presentations Lunch Break Presentations Panel Discussions 15:20 Discussion GroupsWednesday

3 Programme Up-to-date Programme available on including all slides of all talks. ALL that I received so far!

4 CERN Meyrin

5 Conference Rooms and Facilities Secretariat MeetingRoom

6 Lunch Restaurant

7 Organizational Issues Meals Visits Discussion Sessions

8 Lunches Restaurant in the same building complex –1 menu pre-selected for each day … Vegetarians please contact me! Terrine des Legumes sur Tartare de Legumes *** Emincé de Poulet aux Champignons *** Crème Caramel Saladine Bressane *** Boeuf Braisé au Vin Rouge *** Mille Feuille Fruits de Saison TuesdayWednesday

9 Dinner Assiette aux trois saumons (saumon marine, saumon fume, tartare de saumon) *** Feuillete aux champignons *** Le filet mignon de veau au petits champignons Gratin et legumes ou tian *** Omelette Norvegienne

10 Visits to CERN Experiments SHARPBusses will leave CERN Meyrin at 16:30 SHARP Visit organized in 2 groups Transfer to the Conference Dinner after the Visits CERN Participants and Persons using their own cars, please contact me at the end of the Lunch break!

11 VISA / Travel Going to the Visits as well as the Dinner, we will pass the Swiss-French border several times! This is a Schengen Border! If you do not have valid documents for Schengen countries, you cannot participate in either activity!

12 Discussion Sessions … Content Information by Wayne Salter soon … Organizational Part: Please inscribe for one discussion session! Inscription open from Wednesday morning until lunch-time … … we need to distribute the rooms!

13 Miscellaneous

14 Portable PCs If you want to use your private portable computer via WLAN, you need to register on with –YOUR first and last names, –YOUR company, –YOUR phone number, preferably a portable phone you carry while being here, –YOUR eMail address, and –YOUR hardware address and interface type Do not change the pre-inserted information!

15 Miscellaneous In case of any questions, requests, comments, needs, … … do not hesitate to contact the Meeting Secretariat or me directly! If you get lost at CERN … corridors are long and like a maze … … find any CERN phone and dial … 16 - 4272

16 Questions Now?

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