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2 Welcome to Jacobs! Freshmen class size is about 600 students
Approximately 2,500 students at Jacobs Over 150 staff members in the building * Responsible * Respectful * Ready

3 (Indicated at the top of a student’s schedule)
Who’s my counselor? (Indicated at the top of a student’s schedule) Mrs. Leigh Adler Mr. Jeremy Baldwin Mrs. Kim Barone Ms. Lori Berkiel Mr. Anthony Miocic Mrs. Alexia Policht Mr. Kenneth Windisch (Department Head) Mrs. Policht (847)

4 Who’s my dean? Mrs. Stout (847) 532-6123
Mr. Quitno (847)

5 What do I see my counselor for?
Academic issues -schedule concerns, level placement issues, additional help in classes Career questions -career exploration, course programming Personal/Social concerns -friends, family, school related issues

6 What’s my role as a student?
Succeed in ALL classes Respect and abide by the school rules Be responsible for your homework Seek additional help when needed Ask questions when confused Communicate with the teacher

7 D300 Graduation Requirements
English years ( 4 credits) Math years (3 credits) through Algebra 2 Science years Social Studies years World History Economics Government US History

8 D300 Graduation Reqs. (cont.)
PE years (7 semesters) Health credit (1 semester) Driver’s Ed credit (1 semester) Electives credits Strands (1.0 credit per strand) Strand 1- Art, Foreign Language, or Music Strand 2-English, Math, Science, or Social Studies Strand 3-Business, Family/Consumer Science, or Industrial Technology

9 What influences my academic record? (continued)
Transcript GPA Class rank Ways to lose credit failing a class Reclassification Not earning enough credits to be promoted to the next grade level

10 What if I have a problem? See counselor Talk with a teacher
Speak to parents See an assistant principal Talk with a social worker Speak to a friend-- Peer Mediation

11 Resources available @ HDJ
Tutoring Center -juniors & seniors that are nationally trained tutors assist students Math Resource Center -certified math teacher available every period to provide help Academic Support Period (ASP) -45 minute study hall period on a daily basis

12 How do I get involved? Listen to announcements for information
Try out for a sport- Stop in the Athletic Office Join a club-- Check the activity board in Commons for meeting times Participate in community,charity, or volunteer work Apply + obtain a job

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