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We are being pushed along by a giant wave toward Democracy. The swell is caused by a populace that is increasing ignorant of the virtues of a Republican.

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2 We are being pushed along by a giant wave toward Democracy. The swell is caused by a populace that is increasing ignorant of the virtues of a Republican form of Government, and increasingly concerned with self- interest.

3 We see it in Citizen’s Initiatives and Referendums, in Recall Votes, in the campaign to abolish the Caucus & Convention system, in the disastrous 17 th Amendment, and in the subversion of the Electoral College. The latest scheme to render the Electoral College useless is “National Popular Vote” or NPV.

4 The Founding Fathers concluded that the only way to protect the sovereignty of man was to give him a REPRESENTATIVE form of government – A REPUBLIC! Men were busy taking care of families, shops and farms. They had little time to study the concerns of the country in order to recognize the necessary solutions. It was far better for men in their communities to choose statesmen who could study each challenge and find the solutions best for the nation.

5 And so the Republic was born! The people chose Representatives to protect their interests in the House, they chose state legislators who appointed Senators to protect their State interests in the Senate, and they chose Electors who voted on a President to represent their interests in the Federal Union of States. It was an all-encompassing play for protecting the liberties of the people on every level!

6 The Founders fervently supported a Republican form of government because they understood the perils of a Democracy as evidenced in these quotes:

7 James Madison “Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have.. been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”

8 Gouverneur Morris “We have seen the tumult of democracy terminate.. in despotism.. savage and wild”

9 John Quincy Adams “The experience of all former ages had shown that of all human governments, democracy was the most unstable, fluctuating and short-lived.”

10 Benjamin Rush “A simple democracy.. is one of the greatest evils.”

11 Noah Webster “.. pure democracy is.. often the most tyrannical government on earth.”

12 Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson is attributed with this timely definition: “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

13 The National Popular Vote Compact (which is being pitched to legislators in all states across the nation) is an agreement between the compact states which mandates that the compact state throw their electors in with all of the other compact states for whichever presidential candidate gets the most votes, regardless of how the voters in each state cast their ballots. An Explanation of NPV

14 The NPV slogan is “Every vote equal” But the slogan should be: “Every Vote Equally Disregarded” as electors are hijacked for another candidate! Electors have come to represent the wishes of the voters in each state, but under NPV, they will represent the voters in other states. This makes our votes count LESS NOT MORE!

15 Proponents of NPV will tell you that, with NPV, candidates will begin campaigning in states that were previously “flyover” states. But the reality is, in an election that depends on numbers of votes alone, that candidates will be desperate to win the high population areas (none of which are in Utah!)

16 2008 Presidential Election (Obama vs McCain) California Results 12,464,197 Voters cast ballots 7,603,160 Votes for Obama (61%) (State election maps from (numerical statistics throughout from RED = Obama Counties BLUE = McCain Counties

17 2008 Presidential Election (Obama vs McCain) UTAH TOTAL VOTES CAST Just to contrast: In California, 7,603,160 VOTES FOR OBAMA In Utah, 913,019 TOTAL VOTES CAST! (BLUE = McCain Counties) (RED = Obama Counties)

18 100% of the votes in 9 western states CAN NOT OUTVOTE the liberal 61% of CA 61% of California vote cast for Obama = 7,603,160 Utah – 913,019 Wyoming – 246,329 Idaho – 651,678 Montana – 487,030 North Dakota – 315,987 South Dakota – 381,902 Nebraska – 789,852 Kansas – 1,206,377 Oklahoma – 1,462,661 SHORT BY 1.14 MILLION VOTES!! (These states were chosen because of voting patterns similar to Utah)

19 In fact, with 3,023,434 voters, it would take 100% of the vote in 6-7 of these states just to out-vote Los Angeles County!

20 Not to mention the 4,157,663 votes in New York City & Manhatten! 5.5 % of all US voters reside in New York/Manhatten + LA County! 10 % of all US voters reside in our 10 largest cities! These huge cities are bastions of liberality, and will become the new battle grounds under NPV!

21 Electoral Votes BY POPULATION: CALIFORNIA = 53 9 WESTERN STATES = 22 Utah4Wyoming1 Idaho2Montana1 North Dakota1South Dakota1 Nebraska3Kansas4 Oklahoma6 Voting by population gives a very small portion of the country ALL of the voting power!

22 CALIFORNIA = 2 9 WESTERN STATES = 18 Utah2Wyoming2 Idaho2Montana2 North Dakota2South Dakota2 Nebraska2Kansas2 Oklahoma2 The Electoral College saves the smaller conservative states from an endless train of liberal presidents. The EXTRA Electoral Votes are meant to diminish the advantage of populous states

23 California = 559 Western States = 40 The advantage is NOT great enough to guarantee conservative presidents, but... The advantage IS great enough to guarantee we will not always have liberal presidents thrust upon us. Tally of Electoral Votes:

24 2008 – Obama vs McCain by State Obama (blue) won 28 states McCain (red) won 22 states (All U.S. MAPS FOUND AT

25 2008 – Obama vs McCain by County Obama = primarily POPULATION CENTERS (blue) McCain = primarily MAIN STREET U.S.A. (red) In these few blue areas, Obama garnered 9.5 million + more votes than McCain! BLUE = LIBERAL Population Centers

26 2000 – Bush vs Gore by State Bush (red) won 30 states Gore (blue) won 20 states

27 2000 – Bush vs Gore by County Bush = primarily MAIN STREET U.S.A (red) Gore = primarily POPULATION CENTERS (blue) In these VERY FEW blue areas, Gore garnered.5 MILLION MORE VOTES than Bush! BLUE = LIBERAL Population Centers!

28 The important protections of the Electoral College are all undone by NPV Would you have been delighted to have Utah’s electoral votes go to Al Gore in 2000? Would you have delighted to have Utah’s electoral votes go to Barack Obama in 2008? IF THE ANSWER IS “NO” WE MUST DEFEAT NPV (National Popular Vote)

29 NPV People will tell you the Electoral College is preserved with NPV If we can’t use our Electors to our advantage.. If we can’t use our electors to express the will of our people.. If we must give away our electors to big city voters in distant parts of the country who care nothing of Utah, our lands, or our citizens.. Then it is, effectively, destroyed!

30 Only liberals will benefit from NPV, and yet.. Senator Howard Stephenson Representative Mike Noel This year, 2 Conservative Republicans have said they will sponsor the National Popular Vote Compact.

31 NPV is backed by MAJOR FUNDING. WHERE IS IT COMING FROM? Books, Glossy Brochures, Weekend Seminars at Resort Hotels, paid lobbyists coming to Utah all over the country... WHERE DOES THE MONEY FOR ALL OF THIS COME FROM? GOOD QUESTION!

32 8 BLUE States + VERY BLUE Washington D.C. have enacted the NPV Compact with 132 Electoral Votes! When states representing 270 electoral votes have entered the National Popular Vote Compact It will take effect. At that point, NPV WILL CAPTURE EVERY PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN FUTURITY!!

33 The NPV website says: If NPV is triggered it will have the effect of: “.. ensuring that every vote in every state OUTSIDE OF THE COMPACT will NOT matter in every presidential election.” ”.. ensuring that every vote in every state will matter in every presidential election.” ON THIS ONE POINT ALONE, NPV IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND IMMORAL!!!


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