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The First Nation Urban Indian Housing Conference EXPANDING THE FOUNDATION FOR SELF-SUFFICIENCY March 28, 2001 Seattle, WA Darrell Waldron, RI &CIC Guy.

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1 The First Nation Urban Indian Housing Conference EXPANDING THE FOUNDATION FOR SELF-SUFFICIENCY March 28, 2001 Seattle, WA Darrell Waldron, RI &CIC Guy Suetopka, DOL Paula Starr, SCIC

2 CREATING JOB OPORTUNITIES IN YOR COMMUNITY Workforce Development: One of the keys to community based economic development is developing marketable skills and expertise within your community. This session will promote the connection between workforce training and education and economic development

3 Cities with the Largest Native American Population

4 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA INDIAN CENTER, INC. MISSION STATEMENT Southern California Indian Center, Inc.(SCIC) goals are to promote social and economic self sufficiency for American Indian, Native Alaskan and Native Hawaiian people. To reach these goals, SCIC’s objective are: To promote foster and encourage programs for the general welfare, education and social benefit of American Indians; To establish and maintain education, cultural economic and recreational programs for American Indians; To eliminate barriers to discriminate of race, religion and gender and to educate and broaden the knowledge of the American public on Indian issues and culture, regarding its unique positive contributions to American society

5 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA INDIAN CENTER, INC. The governing body of SCIC, in accordance with its Article of Incorporation and By-Laws, consist of a fifteen member American Indian board of Directors duly elected in January every two years. The SCIC Board of Directors have specific and legal responsibility for conducting the business affairs of the Agency. The duties and responsibilities of governing body are described in the By- Laws. In 2000, SCIC’s Community & Economic Development Board of directors was formed within 13 American Indian Board members.

6 SCIC is a non-profit 501 c3 Community Based Organization serving the Americana Indian community of Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties for 33 years. SCIC has grown from Orange County to multiple service centers located in Los Angeles, Commerce, Riverside, Antelope Valley, and Van Nuys. These service centers cover over 5,000 square miles and hosts the largest concentration of off-reservation American Indian and Native Alaskans in the Nation. The diversity of the American Indian population differs in age, tribal affiliation and educational background.

7 COMPREHENSIVE HUMAN SERVICE DELIVERY SCIC is a self-help and a one-stop-shop organization, specifically designed to create, develop and implement programs and service for American Indians.


9 PROGRAMS & SERVICES Workforce Development Employment & Training Education Indian child & Family Services Seniors Health Legal Advocates for American Indian Children A 1 Monitoring Project Volunteer Program Housing & community and Economic Development


11 NETWORKS & PARTNERSHIPS American Indian Children’s Council - LA County Interethnic Children’s Council FEMA, Red Cross, 2nd Harvests SCE’s Consumer Advisory Panel Red Crow Creations & Eyapaha Workforce Investment Boards Local elected Officials Untied Way NBC, SCBA and other media groups Foundations, SCIC;s Membership Center for Community Change

12 WORKFORCE TRAINING EDUCATIONS & ECONOMICDEVELOPEMENT AMERICAN INDIAN COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK …Gateway to the modern American Indian Experience In March of 2000, Floyd Westerman’s Eyapaha Institute & Red Crow Creations and Southern California Indian Center, Inc. formed an unprecedented alliance in entertainment and multi- media. “It is time to Acknowledge - time to tell the truth - and time to heal! It is important that Indian people speak for themselves. We have much to say. We have waited a long time!” Fred Red Crow Westerman July, 2000

13 JOB TRAINING Red Crow Creations adopted an aggressive stance in fulfilling the Eyapaha and SCIC mandates of “hands on” training and “workforce development” strategies. Currently, two students enrolled in WIA E/T our being trained in various capacities from production assistants to assistant AVID editors. Red Crow And SCIC partnered with Soundelux Showorks, one of the nation's largest location based entertainment production and technologies design companies. This consortium will train A I in the design, engineering, fabrication, installation and the servicing of A/V and management of AI professionals, students celebrity-talent and community liaison representatives on a timeline designed to move participants into the immediate workforce, as well as long-range corporate management and creative design team.

14 CURRICULUM EM2 + Entertainment & Multi-Media EMS is a comprehensive entertainment and multi-media curriculum linked to internship and job placement in the Hollywood and Southern California entertainment and telecommunications industry. The long range goal of the EM2 curriculum is to achieve a multi-purposing and diversity in classes offered, helping students to develop “cross-platforms” skills combined with an understanding of story content, production methodology technology and departmental “convergence” necessary to compete in today’s entertainment of Multi-Media job.

15 CURRICULUM EM2 Classes for fall 2001 Real TV - An introduction and intensive immersion class in TV production based in documentary and reality televisions. Website and Internet Design - HTML and web authoring and design execution and maintenance of a website, including job readiness project management training and orientation to the new media industry Classic Story Structure - A combination of independent study and class lecture, this television master class teaches the essentials of dramatic writing in a step by step analysis of dramatic structure. Each student will write a screenplay.

16 CURRICULUM cont. Script Analysis & Development for television. The nature of storytelling, mechanics of script reading and script development from a producer's point of view. Cross-platform Computer Graphics - Resolution independent computer graphics for film, television, Internet and print media. EM2 has established a relationship with the community Development Technology Center of Los Angeles for the purpose of accommodation and program convergence with the Los Angeles Community College system

17 Measures of Urban Socioeconomic Distress Source Housing Problem and needs of American Indians and Alaska Natives. The Urban institute prepared for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development May 1996 Table 4.5. Data collected from 15 large MSAs, which contain an Indian Community Center and an HIS funded urban health center.

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