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Political Organization of Space

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1 Political Organization of Space
An Introduction

2 Political Concepts in Space
Territoriality Attempt by individual or group to control people, phenomena, and relationships by delimiting and asserting control over a geographic area

3 Political Concepts in Space
Sovereignty having the “last say” (control) over a territory – politically or militarily Territorial integrity Ability of a government to control its territory

4 Critical Thinking: List Examples of…
State Nation Nation-State Multinational State Multi-state Nation

5 Birth of the Modern State
Peace of Westphalia (1648) Treaty that ended “Thirty Years’ War” Clearly defined borders, recognition of statehood, guarantees of security Territory over people

6 Nation, State, Nation-State
We often use nation, state and country interchangeably, but there are distinctions: Nation Culturally defined group of people with shared past

7 Nation, State, Nation-State
A politically organized territory with A permanent population A defined territory A government

8 Nation, State, Nation-State
A politically organized area where nation and state occupy the same space European Model

9 Diffusion of Nation-State
European colonialism Colonialism Rule by an autonomous power of a subordinate power Often creates unequal cultural and economic relations Two waves 16th Century – Americas 19th Century – Africa/Asia


11 Diffusion of Nation-State
Colonial administration Europeans replicate political organization of home country Administrative regions survive as independent states today Often, colonial borders have little to do with ethnicity or national identity

12 Democracy People, rather than monarchy or colonizer, are ultimate sovereign Nation is associated with state

13 Types of States Multinational State
More than one nation in its borders

14 Multistate Nation When a nation’s boundaries cross two or more states

15 Stateless Nation A people (nation) without a state of their own

16 Enclave A nation or state completely surrounded by another state
Lesotho in South Africa Any enclaves in the United States?

17 Enclaves in America

18 Exclave Part of a nation or state that is not connected to the rest of the state Kaliningrad, Russia Are there any US exclaves?

19 American Exclaves

20 Capitalism Dominant economic system
Market for goods and services determines allocation Commodification Placing monetary value on all things

21 Capitalist World System
Immanuel Wallerstein (1987) In a capitalist world you will have three tiers of states: Core Greater wealth; high technology Periphery Poor; low technology Semi-periphery Mix


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