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Social 20-1. Alex Colville: Church & Horse, 1964.

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1 Social 20-1

2 Alex Colville: Church & Horse, 1964

3 Dale Auger: As though they were one, 2005

4  Perspectives about what it means to belong to a nation, as well as our understandings of nation, have:  Evolved over time  Continue to evolve  Unit 1 will explore a people’s relationship to the land and cultural and linguistic understandings of Nationalism.

5  Alwyn Morris, a Kahnawake Mohawk, held up and eagle feather while receiving his medal at the 1984 Olympic games. Of that moment Morris said:  I raised the feather to share that experience and identify the fact that I was a Mohawk person, and I was very proud of that aspect; of being able to share that experience of being an Aboriginal person, share the aspect of my grandfather and honour that I wanted to bestow on him. And certainly from Canada’s perspective I was representing the country. Alwyn Morris: Gold 1000 m Kayak, 1984

6  If you were to hold up a symbol or make a gesture during an awards ceremony, what would it be?  Draw a picture of the symbol or describe the gesture, and write a short explanation of why it is meaningful to you. ◦ Share your response with others in the class ◦ What symbols and gestures did other students share?

7  We each have our own answers to this question.  We most likely define it as it relates to the people or citizens of a country. ◦ Although this is true, there are many other definitions as well.  A group of people who feel connections to one another in some way. ~ a body of people that feel that they are a nation.  Often intangible ◦ Therefore, nation can be viewed as something found in the feelings and minds of people, an internal connection to others.

8  One way to explore the main understandings of nation is by looking at what creates connections between individual members of a nation; for example, their shared experiences related to  Ethnic background and ancestry  Cultural values and beliefs  History  Language(s) and communication  Religious or spiritual beliefs  Geography  Politics and citizenship

9 What is a Nation? Ethnicity Cultural Values / Beliefs HistoryLanguage(s) Religious / Spiritual Beliefs Geography Politics & Citizenship Relationship to the Land

10 Summarize how the following four people describe the term “Nation”: Ernest Renan Antonine Maillet N.S. Rajaram Douglas Coupland In addition, answer the questions that follow each quotation

11 Geography is a key component of how many Canadians identify themselves as a nation The Ottawa River in the fall

12 Geography is a key component of how many Canadians identify themselves as a nation The Alberta Sky

13  What is the difference? ◦ Nation relates to the feelings and minds of people (internalization), … ◦ The concept of nation-state, is more concrete, external concept. ◦ A Nation-State is a territory with internationally recognized boundaries and a politically organized body of people under a sovereign government  You are considered sovereign when recognized by other states as having the right to govern themselves independently.

14  Nations-states may or may not depend on people’s linguistic, ethnic or cultural connections. Citizens of a nation-state live in a politically defined territory that operates with common legal and moral beliefs. For example, Canada  A belief in democratic government  The protection of rights and freedoms described in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms  A belief in the principles of a mixed economy  Belonging to a nation-state can provide a sense of security as those who belong to the nation- state must abide by a common set of laws.

15  Is a way of expressing one’s sense of belonging to a nation or a nation state. ◦ It can take many forms:  Patriotism: expressing love for one’s country  Ultra-nationalism  Supra-nationalism  How have you expressed patriotism for your country?

16  Nation  Nation-State  Sovereign  Nationalism  Patriotism  Know the eight ways in which people identify themselves as a nation

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