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1 Purkey’s P’s Proudly Present... People Places Policies Processes Programs.

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1 1 Purkey’s P’s Proudly Present... People Places Policies Processes Programs

2 2 You’ve got to dance like there’s nobody watching

3 3 Love like you’ll never get hurt

4 4 Sing like there’s nobody listening

5 5 Live like it’s heaven on earth! William Purkey

6 6 Welcome to Invitational Education at Lenoir Community College

7 7 You Are Invited… To explore the theories that unlock human potential and human goodness To add your skill, knowledge, and energy to an effort to improve human relations To join with others in a celebration of helping relationships

8 8 The Perceptual Tradition Human behavior is the product of the unique ways that individuals view the world Consciousness is at the center of personality People are not influenced by events as much as they are by their personal perception of those events

9 9 Self-Concept Theory Who am I? How do I fit in the world? How well do I treat others? How well do others treat me? How well do I treat myself? You actions are a reflection of you as a person!

10 10 Human interaction that emphasizes respect and dignity in every encounter as the primary strategy for achieving educational goals What Is Invitational Education?

11 11 What Is the Mission of Invitational Education? To enhance lifelong learning To promote positive change in organizations To cultivate the personal and professional growth and satisfaction of educators and professionals To enrich the lives of human beings personally and professionally.

12 12 Four Elements of Invitational Theory Respect Intentionality Optimism Trust

13 13 Respect People are able, valuable, and responsible People should be treated with mutual respect and shared responsibility and power

14 14 Intentionality An invitation is an intentional behavior designed to make our contact with others helpful.

15 15 Optimism Belief that people possess untapped potential and goodness

16 16 Trust Education should be a cooperative, collaborative activity in which we depend on each other

17 17 Human potential can best be realized by... Places, policies, programs, and processes that are specifically designed to invite development People who are intentionally inviting with themselves and others, personally and professionally.

18 18 The Five P’s of Invitational Education People Places Policies Processes Programs

19 19 People Trusting Inclusive Respectful Optimistic Accessible Courteous Intentional Caring

20 20 Places Functional Attractive Clean Efficient Aesthetic Personal Warm Inviting

21 21 Policies Organization Attendance Admissions Grading Evaluations

22 22 Processes Academic Orientation Interdisciplinary Teaming Networking Cooperative Procedures Collaborative Interactions Evaluative Opportunities

23 23 Programs Service Learning Community Outreach Instructional Excellence Wellness Focus Counseling/Tutoring Enrichment Opportunities

24 24 Being Invitational Means... Being personally inviting with one’s self

25 25 Being Invitational Means... Being personally inviting with others

26 26 Being Invitational Means Being professionally inviting with one’s self

27 27 Being Invitational Means... Being professionally inviting with others

28 28 Two Types of Stances Intentionally Disinviting A negative and toxic attitude designed to demean, defeat, dishearten Intentionally Inviting Seeking consistently to enact the principles of IE, helping with respect

29 29 Orange Cards “Cold Pricklies” Attempts to hurt Lack of feeling for others

30 30 Blue Cards To help, heal, nurtureTo help, heal, nurture Kindness as a deliberate actKindness as a deliberate act Thinking about the welfare of othersThinking about the welfare of others

31 31 Invitational Education at Lenoir Community College

32 32 Lancers’ Isle

33 33 Lancers’ Isle Just sit right back and you’ll hear the truth, A-bout a faithful ship That started at this college point An invitational trip.

34 34 The mate was a mighty sailin’ man, The skipper brave and new. Two hundred folks set sail that day For a half-hour tour, a half-hour tour.

35 35 The weather had been getting rough, The tiny college tossed. If not for the courage of the fearless group The Lancers would be lost, the Lancers would be lost.

36 36 The ship took ground on the shore for this uncharted SACS report With Dr. Scott --- and Parker, too, Larry Pate --- and his crew,

37 37 Administra-tors, faculty-staff-and-students-too, Here on Lan-cer’s Isle.

38 38 So this is the purpose of our being here, We’re here for a long, long time. We’ll make the very best of things, It’s an uphill climb.

39 39 The Pres-ident and all of us Will do our very best To make our students w-el-come In our Eastern nest.

40 40 New phones! New lights! So many cars, All are luxuries. Like star wars and the galaxy, It’s high tech as can be.

41 41 So join us here each day my friend You’re sure to get a smile. We want to be invitational Here on Lancer’s Isle.

42 42 Lancers’ Isle

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