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Tripura Minorities Co-Operative Development Corporation Ltd.

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1 Tripura Minorities Co-Operative Development Corporation Ltd.
(T.M.C.D.C.L.) Lake Chowmuhani, Agartala West Tripura.

2 I n t r o d u c t I o n The Tripura Minorities Cooperative Development Corporation Limited (TMCDCL) was set up on 28th February 1997 as per guideline of Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India. Registered under the Tripura Cooperative Societies Act’1974 vide registration No-1845. Functioning under the Administrative control of the Minorities Welfare Department, Govt. of Tripura. Authorized Share Capital Rs cores. The Share Capital comprised of 2.50 lakhs (two lakhs fifty Rs.10/- each for the individual members termed as “A” class share and lakhs shares of Rupees One thousand each termed as “B” class share issue of which limited to Govt./PRIs/ULBs/PSUs/FIs etc. Paid up share capital as on 31/03/2014 No of “A” class share = nos = Rs lakhs. No of State Govt.“B”class share=24,695 nos = Rs lakhs. Total = Rs lakhs

3 O b j e c t I v e s 1. To acquire/purchase of land or property and to develop khash lands on getting allotments from Government, take up settlement of Minorities on Agricultural/ Plantation based occupation either on it’s own or through specific agencies. 2. To help the Minorities in getting proper price for their Agro-Forest surpluses and products of Vocational trade . 3. To take up various programme for economic development of Minorities through vocational trades, Industries & self employment opportunities in the form of loan. 4. To facilitate in securing institutional finance for bankable scheme in favour of Minorities. 5. To implement any scheme for economic & educational development of the Minorities.

4 S t r a t e g I e s 1) Taking refinance from National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation (NMDFC) on simple 3.5% per annum in respect of term loan and simple interest chargeable on the beneficiary by TMCDC 6% as per guide line of NMDFC. 2) Taking refinance from NMDFC an account of Education loan at a simple interest of 1% per annum but simple interest chargeable on the beneficiary by the 4%. 3) Target group of beneficiaries both for Term & Education loan are the persons belonging to Minority Communities and living below double the poverty line i.e families having annual income less than Rs.81,000/- in Rural Areas and Rs. 1,03,000/- in Urban Areas categorized as below double the poverty line as per guidelines of NMDFC.

5 Administrative Setup - TMCDCL
Board of Director Chairman Elected Member – 8 nos including Chairman Nominated Member – 3 nos a) Secretary ,MW- Member b) Director , MW- MD c) One Representative of NMDFC General Manager S T A F F i)Accountant – 1 (On contract basis) (ii) Cashier -1 on deputation (iii) Loan investigator – 1- on Deputation (iv) Data Entry Operator – 1 on contract .(v) Field Supervisor – 20 nos of ST/SC Co-Operative Development Corporation are working for TMCDCL in addition to their normal works.(vi) Group – D . 1.

6 i) Auto Rickshaw(Petrol)
Unit Cost of Term & Education loan according to norms of NMDFC Sl No Sectors/Scheme Unit Cost Rs in lakh A ) Transport sector: i) Auto Rickshaw(Petrol) ii) Mini Passenger vehicle & Goods Carrier vehicles @ Rs.1.40 @ Rs.5.00 B ) Business Sector:-Grocery, Stationery, Readymade Garments, Small Business, Restaurant etc. @ Rs.2.00 C ) Agriculture Sector:-Fishery, Poultry, Milch. Cow, Rice Mill, Rubber Plantation etc. @ Rs D ) Artisan Sector:-Band party, Beauty Parlor, Furniture shop etc E ) Technical Sector:-Mobile repairing, Radio/TV repairing, Photography, Auto Workshop etc. Unit cost F ) Educational Sector: (Details at next slide) @ Rs.1.50 to 15.00

7 Rate of Loan on Education Sector
Sl No Courses Amount (Maximum) Rs in Lakhs Rate of Installment 1 B.E/B.Sc in IT (4 years). 3.20 Rs lakhs 2 B.Sc Nursing (4 Years). 3.00 Rs lakhs 3 GNM (3 & ½ Years). 2.10 Rs lakhs 4 Diploma in Polytechnic courses ( 3 Years). 1.50 Rs lakhs 5 M.B.A (2 Years). 6 B.D.S (4 years). 6.50 1st Inst. Rs lakhs & Rs lakhs 7 M.B.B.S (inside the Country) 5 years. 8.00 8 M.B.B.S (Outside the Country) 5 years. 15.00 1st Inst. Rs lakhs & Rs lakhs

Terms & Conditions of lending for Tripura against borrowing from NMDFC as indicated below. 1. Transport Sector % 2. Other Small Business etc. 30% 3. Education Sector 20% Unit cost of Term loan decided by the Board of Directors of TMCDCL subject to the ceiling limit of NMDFC. Term loan for individual cases can be increased up to Rs.5.00 lakhs carrying simple interest of 6%. Further increase of term loan which could be up to maximum ceiling of NMDFC for Rs lakhs i.e. above Rs.5.00 lakhs would carriy higher rate of 7.5% simple interest. There is scope for upward revision of Educational loan upto lakhs for courses abroad with maximum duration of 5 Rs.4.00 lakhs per annum and moreover up to Rs lakhs for professional & job oriented degree courses in India with maximum duration of 5 Rs.2.00 lakhs per annum.

9 Achievement since inception w.e.f 1997-98 to 2013-14
Sl No Sectors/Schemes Total loan given to beneficiary No of beneficiaries Average unit cost 1 Transport Sector Rs lakhs 1178 nos 1.12 lakhs Auto Rickshaw b) Bolero Maxi Truck, Maximo Van, Bolero etc c) TATA Ace,TATA Magic etc d) Maruti Van 1092 nos 18 nos 60 nos 08 nos 2 Other Business Sector Rs lakhs 657 nos 0.73 lakhs 3 Education Sector Rs lakhs 135 nos 0.998 lakhs Total Rs lakhs 1970 nos

10 Education loan disbursed since inception to 2014-15 (Up to 18th June,2014)
SL no Name of courses Duration of courses Total no of Student 1 B.E in IT/B.Sc courses 4 years degree 37 nos 2 M.B.B.S 5 years 17 nos 3 M.B.A 2 years 3 nos 4 B.D.S 4 years 2 nos 5 G.N.M 3 ½ years 49 nos 6 Diploma 3 years 30 nos 7 B.H.M 6 nos 8 B.Sc Nursing TOTAL 147 nos

11 Achievement of last financial year Fund borrowed from NMDFC: Rs.9.00 Crors. Loan disbursed during : Rs.7.82 Crors. Item Target Achieved Amount Rs in Lakhs Average Unit Cost Average % of Disbursement Transport sector 250 275 444.59 1.61 lakhs Entire loan amount disbursed in one time installment within 7 days of sanction. Small Business & Other Scheme 150 237 259.82 1.09 lakhs do Education loan 70 42 77.70 1.85 lakhs Total: 470 554 782.11 In case of Education loan – Loan disbursement made in equal Annual installment depending on total period of the prescribed course except for courses of BDS ( 4 years) & MBBS ( 5 years) within the Country only in which 1st Annual installment is Rs.2.00 lakhs and Rest Rs.1.5 lakhs .In respect of MBBS Course outside the country 1st Annual installment Rs 5.00 lakhs & rest Annual Rs.2.50 lakhs.

12 Achievement during financial year 2014-15 Fund borrowed from NMDFC:
Achievement during financial year Fund borrowed from NMDFC: Nil. Spill over fund: Rs Crores. Loan disbursed during (up to June 19, 2014) : Rs Crores. Balance fund: Rs Crores Sl Item Target Achieve d Amount in Lakhs 1 Auto Rickshaw 300 58 76.80 2 Passenger & goods Carrier vehicles. 75 5 19.79 3 Small Business & other Agri allied scheme 175 46 77.18 4 Education Loan for higher studies 60 12 13.95 Mahila Samridhi Yojana 40 00 Nil Total 650 121 187.72

13 Year wise Achievement of TMCDCL since inception.
State Govt. Guarantee provided. Fund Borrowed from NMDFC. Loan disbursed by the Corporation. Recovery made by the Corporation. No of Beneficiaries benefitted. Rs. in lakhs 20.00 13.42 -- - 250.00 66.79 42 20.98 0.70 00 36.00 107 47.48 2.13 105 41.17 5.19 35 13.10 12.56 50.00 58 28.50 11.56 23 10.57 15.46 07 5.92 16.95 5.00 49 20.74 15.92 25.00 45 25.12 14.93 30.00 65 34.05 12.84 64 32.55 15.82 96.00 88 51.84 23.90 200.00 100.00 130 106.51 67.39 210 228.82 32.39 300.00 541.00 398 480.93 87.08 500.00 900.00 554 782.11 183.87 Total:- 1970 518.68 (66.55%)

14 Repayment made to NMDFC
Repayment made to NMDFC up to 31/03/2014 Total demand raised by NMDFC up to 31/3/2014 was Rs lakhs Repayment by TMCDCL Rs lakhs upto 31/03/2014 made as follows Year Repayment made to NMDFC Principal Interest Total 1.40 1.37 2.77 9.26 1.09 10.35 15.61 3.75 19.36 15.15 2.02 17.17 22.60 3.38 25.98 11.93 0.86 12.79 11.60 - 31.01 18.42 20.56 1.89 22.45 10.83 4.17 15.00 4.18 15.01 19.61 10.75 30.36 54.44 13.72 68.16 69.53 24.79 94.32 100.20 39.23 139.43 Total: 422.98 111.20 534.18

15 Action Plan for the year 2014-15
Sl No Item Nos Amount Rs. in Lakhs 1 Auto Rickshaw. 300 2 Passenger & goods carrier vehicles. 75 3 Small Business & other Agri allied Scheme. 175 4 Education Loan for higher studies. 60 5 Mahila Samridhi Yojana Rs. 17,000/- per women for Homestead Business like Fat Rice, Cloth Business etc. 40 6 . 80 Total 650

16 Proposed allocation for the year 2014-15
NMDFC is to allocate for %) lakhs Matching Share required from State Govt lakhs Beneficiary contribution lakhs Rs lakhs For Borrowing fund from NMDFC, Block State Govt. Guarantee is required for the year : Rs Cr.

17 INNOVATIVE SCHEMES (Placement linked skill training program) Job Oriented Vocational Training SEKHO AUR KAMAO (LEARN & EARN)in collaboration with IIIML for 720 Minority Unemployed Youth Sl No Name of Trade Duration of Training No of Youth Location of training for all trades 1 Information Technology & IT enabled Services 3 months 120 NACC, Buddha Mandir,Agartala 2 Electronics /IT Hardware NACC,Udp,Ramesh Chowmahani 3 Security Guard (for male) 0 1 month NACC,Sonamura, Shopping Complex 4 Personal Dev. Programme CMC, Near Noapara Post Office, DMN 5 Kailashar IACT,PWD Rd KLS 6 Salema Kumudini Computer Education,Kamalpur Total 720 Total Rs lakhs against this projects sanctioned by NMDFC & Fund released 40% Rs.44,79624/- Minimum 75% placement of trainees & atleast 50% in organized sector would be ensured by IIIMlas per MoU

18 R e c o v e r y of l o a n s As shown in the previous slide no 13, loan disbursed by the TMCDCL from to Rs lakhs & Recovery made Rs lakhs. Extent of Recovery 66.5% based on the Schedule of recovery. According to NMDFC guideline, recovery from beneficiary should be completed within maximum period of 5 years in case of Term loan and completion of courses in case of Education loan. TMCDCL to repay to NMDFC Interest & Principal within 8 (eight) years in 32 equal installments. No baddebt declared so far. Will full defaulters identified 305 nos (40 nos Transport sector & 265 nos Small Business sector). PDR cases lodged for 19 nos cases against defaulters in for an amount of Rs lakhs but no recovery reported so far. Deduction for loan recovery being done from monthly salary of guarantors i.e. Govt. employees having minimum 10 years service.

19 Steps for improvement of functioning
Periodical evaluation of the implementation of the sanctioned project/schemes by the Board of Management. 3rd party evaluation may be considered. Annual audit by Registrar of Co-Operative Societies on regular basis. Audit report received till from RCS. Awareness & loan recovery camps to be extensively organised. Last camp held at Kadamtala, Dharmanagar on Next camps will be held at Sadar, Bishalgarh, Boxanagar, Sonamura, Udaipur, Amarpur, Kailasahar after Panchayet election 2014. More number of PDR cases to be lodged and closely monitored. Proposal initiated for sanction of 23 posts, namely, LDC-6, UDC-4, Field Supervisors-8, Driver-1 & Group - D-4 . This is necessary for gearing up the activities of the Corporation. Continued next slide

20 Steps for improvement of functioning
During the current financial year physical & financial target already decided by the Board of Director of TMCDCL within the financial outlay of Rs lakhs. Hence revision of unit may be considered during subject to availability of fund from NMDFC on state Govt. guarantee as follows Sl No Sectors / Scheme Existing Unit Cost Proposed Unit Cost for Rs. in Lakhs A ) Transport sector: At Actuals Auto Rickshaw(Petrol) ii) Mini Passenger vehicle & Goods Carrier vehicles @ Rs.1.40 @ Rs.5.00 B ) Business Sector:-Grocery, Stationery, Readymade Garments, Small Business, Restaurant etc. @ Rs.2.00 3..00 C ) Agriculture Sector:-Fishery, Poultry, Milch. Cow, Rice Mill, Rubber Plantation etc. @ Rs 3.00 D ) Artisan Sector:-Band party, Beauty Parlor, Furniture shop etc 2.50 E ) Technical Sector:-Mobile repairing, Radio/TV repairing, Photography, Auto Workshop etc. Unit cost F ) Educational Sector @ Rs.1.50 to 15.00 1.50 to 20.00 Continued next slide

21 Steps for improvement of functioning
Placement linked skill training programme has been under taken in 6 (six) centres of the state only in the first fortnight of June According to MoU signed with IIIML minimum 75% placement would be ensured by the said organization. If the present initiative succeeds , NMDFC would be moved for sanction of more fund for skill development programme.

22 T M C D C L

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