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Photography Creativity Session I: revision 1 Mr. Charlie.

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1 Photography Creativity Session I: revision 1 Mr. Charlie

2 Agenda  History of the Camera Part 1  Camera Obscura: A Hole in the Tent  What Does a Lens Do?  How Do Different Cameras Work?  Summary  Next steps

3 History of the Camera Part 1  15 Hundred Years in a Few Hundred Seconds. Camera Obscura: A hole in the Tent

4 Camera Obscura  A Hole in a Tent: Pinhole Camera First records 6 th Century A darken tent, room, or box with a pinhole in it Pretty bulky, and didn’t fit in cell-phones Eventually added a Convex Lens

5 View or Field Camera 1  Perfect if you’re nuts! Became all the rage by the Civil War Had a reasonable lens and shutter Used glass plates for film Not as bulky, but still didn’t fit in cell-phones

6 View or Field Camera 2 Bought it when I was 16 The guy has been trying to buy it back ever since The favorite in my collection looks like this

7 View or Field Camera Diagram

8 The Original SLR: Single Lens Reflex 1  The Graflex Came in several sizes Didn’t use glass plates Quite portable! Image you see is coming through the 1 lens. Didn’t have to take it apart to take a picture Fastest camera around for its time

9 The Original SLR: Single Lens Reflex 2  Light reflects off mirror up to ground glass  During exposure mirror flips up and light goes to film  WWI: Amazing tech at the time

10 The Original SLR: Single Lens Reflex Diagram

11 Medium Format: Twin Lens Reflex  Very portable  Light, quiet, fast  Used roll film  Could be made cheaply and still have nice results  Still popular today for the same reasons  Most didn’t let you change the lens  Still didn’t fit in a cell phone

12 Medium Format: Twin Lens Reflex Diagram

13 Rangefinder Focus & 35mm  Leica first popular 35mm rangefinder  Small, light, quiet, fast, made WWII spies effective  Could fit it in your pocket

14 Rangefinder Focus & 35mm  Leica was not a folding design  This Kodak Automatic IIIs didn’t either  These designs had interchangeble lenses  The folding ones fit in your pocket better

15 Rangefinder Focus Medium Format: My Latest Find

16 Medium Format SLR  Hasselblad the best known  Like the Graflex, but used roll film  Hasselblad was the first camera on the moon  All of these designs are expensive  (Moon model broke during first roll)

17 Rangefinder Focus Medium Format Diagram

18 Medium Format SLR: Used Same Design as the Old 4x5 Graflex

19 Some were very inexpensive This model was so expensive, it was the last professional camera Kodak ever made Became very automated Great design for the non- professional 35mm SLR

20 Small and quiet Incredible options Lenses change easily Amazing selection of theses lenses Extremely popular consumer camera Later became Digital (DSLR) 35mm SLR: A More Modern Version

21 35mm SLR

22 Summarize  Cameras are still made in lots of sizes  We’ve covered the most obvious designs  Film cameras popularity goes up and down  There is probably at least one of these types in your family that no one uses  Be really nice to that relative

23 Next Steps  Digital Imaging  Is Photography Art?


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