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Robert Li 8-2. Searched for 5 hours today. The garbage didn’t smell that bad, so there wasn’t as much stuppa. Gardo and I found a small pile of plastic.

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1 Robert Li 8-2

2 Searched for 5 hours today. The garbage didn’t smell that bad, so there wasn’t as much stuppa. Gardo and I found a small pile of plastic and sold for some good money. Our house has another hole in the roof, we need to make more money. I bet the rich people are enjoying themselves, sending their stuppa to us…. ENTRY 1

3 Brand new truck load of garbage. Today, Rat, Gardo, and I went to belt 13. Nothing, nothing at all. Auntie is getting desperate and angry, she keeps on asking us about our money. The rich people must be so carefree. Money to spend, money to blow. ENTRY 2

4 Thank you Mr. Angelico! You have changed our lives and saved us! Today while we were at a belt, we found so much stuff! There was a zucchini, a cigarette carton with a cigarette, a a bunch of tin cans. But the good part is that we found a bag with 1100 pesos, a map, and a key!! The driver license says it’s Jose Angelico. Tonight we will eat well! ENTRY 3

5 Today was very suspicious. The police came here and asked for the bag we found. I know I should’ve given it, but I just had the feeling about the something was wrong. The police rarely come here, so them coming up for just this little bag was odd. Auntie almost gave us away, but I managed to stay safe. They said they would be back in the morning. They’re gonna pay us to find it. I wonder who sent them… ENTRY 4

6 This night, we went to Rat’s place. That place gives me the creeps. We had him hold onto the bag and take us to Central Station. Turns out the key we found is to the locker number 1-0-1. Gardo told us that the money for the bag went up, I didn’t believe the police were going to give it to us. But I do wonder why they’re so desperate. Anyway, when we got there, there was a group of tough- looking boys. My heart was pounding so fast when we got there. I tried not to look suspicious when we opened the locker. Inside the lock was a letter ready to be sent. Inside was letter with a lot of random letters and slashes and dots. We’re getting somewhere. ENTRY 5

7 Today, just as they said, the police came back to pay us to find the bag. Word got around that the police were paying 100 pesos to everyone who searched. Everyone, even tinny kids, came. They had all the new trash be dumped in a clear patch of ground. After a few hours, the truck drivers where getting itchy and the managers where getting angry. Eventually we got paid, but they didn’t look at all happy. Why do the police want a bunch of random numbers and dots? ENTRY 6

8 Now I know the truth. Today, we went to the school to research Jose. Another name turned up, Gabriel, who has spent 23 years in prison. The man, Father Julliard, who let us use his computer, was nice enough to give us sandwiches. Even so, we had to trick him. With all the noise buzzing around the bag and the police, Rat, Gardo, and I were all worried he might find out. Oh what a horrible thing happened to Jose…. ENTRY 7

9 We need to start moving. Today, I was arrested. The police came out of nowhere. They took me in one of their big trucks. I could see out one of the windows Gardo and everyone trying to help me. They were fighting the police, but they were beaten back. It is the most traumatic experience of my life. They questioned me to hours, they nearly dropped me out of a window onto a concrete pavement below. But when they let me go, I started running. I knew I could run forever. ENTRY 8

10 Gardo went with sister Olivia to the city prison to see the man Gabriel. He says the Colva is even worse than Behala, I’m not so sure that’s even possible though. Anyway, when he got to the prison, sister Olivia had to pay 10000 pesos to get in. He says the prison wasn’t cells, it was cages. When he finally met Gabriel, he saw he was an old man. Gabriel told him his story and gave him a clue, a clue to the slip of paper. He was sent to jail because he tried to show how our senator tricked everyone out of their money. The governor is bad, so he jailed him. How evil can one man be?? Just because he is rich doesn’t mean he can do whatever he wants. ENTRY 9

11 After hearing from Gardo, I just had to go to the senator’s house. When Rat and I arrived, we looked up at the house. It looked more like a castle. We tried to go through to back yard, but we got caught by a gardener. He was very nice and didn’t report us. When we asked him if he knew anything about Jose, he told us a story. A story on how Jose found out about the robbery, and got the stolen money out of the house, in a fridge. I cannot believe it. It seems so obvious, but he got away. The former vice-president and now senator, all smug with his money and power is now no one. ENTRY 10

12 There is one thing Gardo didn’t tell me, Jose was Gabriel’s grandchild, also the code to our puzzle is in a bible, a bible that a guard at the prison has. He wanted 20000. We met him at the tea house. He tricked us. There were guards everywhere, they tried to gun us down, but I ran and ran and ran. We got the Bible, now we can crack the code. And we can now shed the light on the thief, the criminal, the senator. ENTRY 11

13 Code: Go to the map ref where we lay look for the brightest light my child. Go to the graveyard and find the brightest light. ENTRY 12

14 This will be the last entry. What we thought was a grave stone, was very different. It was the words etched onto the grave stone that said Brightest light. It was on the wife of Jose’s grave stone. Then we heard Pia, the daughter of Jose, sitting on top of her own gravestone. Waiting for her father on Day of the Dead. What kind of miracle is that? ENTRY 13

15 After we found her, we helped her off and started to open her fake grave. Inside is a miracle. Money, packet tightly and neatly, as if the case was made for it, all 6 million of it. We found it, we found the stolen money! Finally, a debt to society has been paid. We grabbed all of it along with Pia and went back to the dumpsite. We climbed on the tallest mountain of trash and started throwing money. Tomorrow, when the people of Behala wake up, they not find garbage, but 100 peso bills. ENTRY 13 CONT.

16 Thank you Mr. Gabriel Olondriz, thank you Mr. Jose Angelico. Thank you for being with us on All Soul’s Night Thank you for helping us get revenge on Senator Zapatana. Thank you for avenging society. Senator, on behalf of Behala dumpsite, Rat, Gardo, and I, we hate you. THANK YOU

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