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An Post Direct Marketing Winners Breakfast 2010 Bet you didn’t know? Best Low Budget Campaign.

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1 An Post Direct Marketing Winners Breakfast 2010 Bet you didn’t know? Best Low Budget Campaign

2 Letter David Shirley Business Development & Marketing Manager The Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club W elcome…

3 Casinos in Ireland  Private members clubs  Unregulated sector  Wide variety of businesses who call themselves ‘Casinos’

4 Perception of Casinos in Ireland From Seedy… to Glitzy

5 Casino Regulation in Ireland ♠ Long overdue ♠ Managing Director David Hickson - Gaming & Leisure Association of Ireland ♠ Department of Justice ♠ Benefits of Regulation – ♥ Consumer protection, ♥ Jobs, Taxation revenue, ♥ Capture share of online sector ♠ Announcement imminent on Casino regulation

6 The Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club ♥ Lower Fitzwilliam Street, D2 ♥ Operation since 2003 ♥ Employ 110 people full time ♥ Open 24 Hours a Day ♥ Private Members Gaming Club ♥ Busiest Poker Room in Ireland ♥ Casino Gaming – including ♣ Roulette ♥ Blackjack ♥ Punto Banco ♦ Brag

7 Letter Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club Code of Practice  Best Practice  Strictly over 18s, photo ID required  No alcohol  No slot machines  Age appropriate advertising  Promotion of responsible gambling

8 Letter Marketing the Fitzwilliam – Place your bets!  Small marketing budget < 5k  Realities of the current unregulated market  Perceptions of Casinos in Ireland  Market penetration of Casinos in Ireland:  Casinos 1.5% gambling sector.  EU average 15%

9 Letter Marketing the Fitzwilliam… Spinning the Wheel ♣ Growth Potential in industry ♣ Growing membership – word of mouth / referrals ♣ Hotels – City Centre - walking distance ♣ Pubs – ‘Golden Mile’

10 Letter Objectives of Marketing Campaign  Increase awareness of the Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club among general public  Position the Club – option for evening out in Dublin  Compliment pubs, clubs & hotels in vicinity  Recruit new members  Reward referrals by hotel & pub staff  Educate consumers – fun aspect of casino gaming  Demystify perceptions about casinos

11 Letter David O’Sullivan Director Ignition – integrated ideas people

12 Letter Target Audiences – ‘Conduit Clients’ Primary Mailing Target Audience of Influencers: The Concierge & Front Desk Staff in 27 Dublin Hotels, city centre Owners & Bar Managers in 16 Pubs, from Stephen’s Green and Lower & Upper Baggot Street along ‘The Golden Mile’ Secondary Target Audience: Guests & Customers of these Hotels & Bars

13 Letter Comms. Strategy Select locations of primary hotels and pubs to within a mile radius of the Fitzwilliam Club location for easy walking distance of potential new members being referred. Undertake tele-marketing to qualify names, addresses, as well as the confirming the key titles of Pub Owners/Managers and Concierge or Front Desk Staff in Hotels. Develop 2 databases specifically for digitally personalisation & printing different copy versions of letter to Pubs and Hotels. Create €10 market specific incentives for Hotel Concierge & Front desk staff & Pub Managers using a tailored communication to recommend the club as an exciting venue to go on a night out in Dublin

14 Letter Campaign to 16 Pubs Personalised DM Letters to Pub Owners/Managers Set of 5 Dripmats x 200 Supply of €10 Bet Cards Campaign to 27 Hotels Personalised DM Letters to the Hotel Concierges with premium, stylish personalised €10 Bet Cheque Book Market Specific Campaign Elements

15 Letter Letter to Pub Owners /Managers Highly personalised digitally printed, 6 panel DL, self-contained tabbed mailer Featured graphics of incentive for Pubs Invitation for staff to experience the Fitzwilliam first hand

16 Letter €10 Free Bet Card for Pub staff to give to customers… Pub staff received €10 for every new Fitzwilliam member that signs up on their recommendation using the Bet Card...And there’s one for everyone in the audience!

17 ‘Bet you didn’t know?’ Set of 5 x 250 Branded ‘Chip’ Drip mats for each Pub

18 Letter The Role of Dripmats – Bet you didn’t know?  Designed to look like casino chips and carried the Fitzwilliam logo, telephone, address and website on front.  The backs were a set of 5 anecdotal, historical stories about the origins of gaming and cards to Engage, Educate and Promote the image of the casino as an exciting, fun venue for a night out with friend  The drip mats would visually engage pub customers in conversation when they saw the different colours were prompted them to turn them over and read the different stories.  This helped to increase awareness of the Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club and it’s location, while also promoting interest from ‘non-gamblers’ through ‘Bet you didn’t know?’ pub conversations

19 Letter The Role of Copy & Data With such a small amount of key people (Conduit Clients) to influence, data was used to personalise the copy and so fully engage the recipient and keep their attention throughout the letter, in order to highlight the benefits of the club and incentive. Use of name, title, local name of pub or hotel and street name to show their location in proximity to the Fitzwilliam. Personalised question, allows the Fitzwilliam to provide ‘attribute’ answers Denis, where is having fun never a gamble for your guests? Both letters opened with ‘Welcome to the Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club’, followed by copy that was genuine and conversational in tone to make the incentive clear and highlight the friendly reception awaiting their hotel guests or pub customers Dear Denis, As Head Concierge of the Shelbourne... As you’re situated on Stephen’s Green, we’re just a short walk away on Fitzwilliam Street

20 The Origin of Card Suites…

21 Who was the Earl of Sandwich?

22 What does the word Roulette mean?

23 What was 007’s favourite Casino Game?

24 What was Blackjack first known as?

25 Letter Highly personalised digitally printed, 6 panel DL, letter with Bet Cheque Book personalised from each Hotel Featured graphics of Bet Cheque Book incentive for Hotels Invitation to Concierge of the Hotels to enjoy the experience the Fitzwilliam first hand Letter to Hotel Front Desk Staff/ Concierge

26 Letter €10 Bet Cheque Book Personalised to each Hotel €10 Bet Cheques were signed by the Concierge which allowed for effective tracking of incentive to see where the new members were coming from

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