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Why is it the right time to implement Basic Women Safety in your Institution? A proposal for Meridian School By Dr. Eajaz Ali.

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1 Why is it the right time to implement Basic Women Safety in your Institution? A proposal for Meridian School By Dr. Eajaz Ali

2 What’s wrong?BWS Why BWS? Where is the value? Why Meridian? We understand & tailor to your needs Swimming is a life skill and cannot be learnt by reading a book Your next seven minutes are going to be spent on what you need and how we can help. What’s safety?

3 What's Wrong ??????

4 What's Wrong ? Nearly 82% of the 2,500 women surveyed in several Indian cities said that – since the attack that left the 23-year-old woman dead – they started leaving the office earlier, as they are reluctant to come home late after sunset*. *Source: Survey carried out by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, an industry body. The productivity of women employed has dropped by as much as 40%*. Media propagation of violence making it difficult for the corporate to hire associates at major cities. Need for safety.

5 Safety can be defined to be the control of recognized hazards to achieve an acceptable level of risk. wiki Is safety a tangible thing? Do weapons ensure safety? Why are people with bodyguards the most unsafe? Humans are designed to save themselves from danger. The first step to safety is feeling safe, believing that one will be safe no matter what and learning to trust your intuition. What's safety ?

6 Pictures can also be presented more dramatically in widescreen. Widescreen Pictures

7 Basic women safety is an amalgamation of 20 years of study in the field of violence, more than 20 year experience in the field of mental and physical self defence, the Indian legal system, gender sensitization, Indian police, policy makers and technology. The combined efforts produce desirable results in the form of "life skills" most essential for us in our day to day lives to ensure and reinforce safety. Basic Women Safety

8 The current initiatives are targeted towards the cause and we support them, But they are ineffective in terms of decreasing the effects unless practically implemented. We have a Paracetmol tablet for a headache, we don’t depend on research for cure, we will have to live with the headache for years. We need a Tablet, we need a solution.

9 Tablet

10 Mind Body Intuition Preparation Application Personal Session Why Basic Women Safety?

11 First step to the Solution Combat training Weapons & means Worst case scenario training Law & reporting Tech, support & Applications Psychology of abuse & pre-incident indicators Sexual violence is multi factorial outcome, our approach towards it is in a Psychological and Physical perspective Master five simulated most occurred assaults Weapons one already possesses Training the survival instinct, learning by replicating the same fear as in a worst case Indian law is there to help, learn to utilize it and Reporting made easy Year long support and self support establishment through our Portals And Applications Knowing the Psychology of sexual abuse, awareness of the situation, Verbal handling of situations

12 Learn to trust your intuition and use it to your full advantage. Avoid a person or a situation which does not “feel” safe–you’re probably right Where is the value?

13 Firoze Zia Hussain, Totem applications An electronics and communication engineer who is a forward thinking and energetic professional recognized for high-profile turnaround achievements. An application developer who has designed and developed applications that are useful, innovative and user friendly. Succeeded in achieving double digit growth in global chemical sales in certain sectors despite the recession by focusing on innovation and creativity. Was highly decorated law enforcement professional with more than 10 years experience in security function. Successful and consistent record of investigations, and crime prevention. Participant of the US State Department Young Leaders Exchange Program. Where is the value?


15 Why Meridian ? Meridian is committed to educate children for life and thus bring a change in the society Meridian provides world class education that helps the students unleash their full potential, think big, and grow as good human beings. Meridian nurtures the leaders of tomorrow. Meridian has always been the forerunner to various initiatives in efforts of better education for its students.

16 We Understand your needs Basic Women Safety Increasingly dedicates efforts to inclusion and safety initiatives to create conducive study & work environment. Basic Women Safety provides safety & strength training of both mental and physical nature which enables students & staff to protect themselves. Basic Women Safety engages with women and men to develop leadership for prevention of further violence.

17 We Tailor to your needs Basic women Safety enables the organisation to touch lives on a personal level since these skills are utilized not only at work but the entire day. Basic women Safety compliments Inclusion of gender, race & age. Our programs are customizable according to the age, sex, race and marital status. An opportunity to touch and effect ones life.

18 Swimming is a life skill and cannot be learnt by reading a book. We understand the school frame work, we do know that a lot of initiatives exist in the school on the lines of women safety. Basic women safety compliments to these initiatives and reinforces the concepts of safety, intuition, awareness & protection in the minds of individuals in a practical and simulative format. Basic women safety is a life skill and it has to be learnt, tried and used every day.

19 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

20 It’s need of the hour to make sense of the key issues of diversity and inclusion agenda by showing commitments through action. * Meridian is an Inspiration, Thank you for your time. *Source:

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