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Division of Student Affairs UAP Presentation March 30, 2007.

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1 Division of Student Affairs UAP Presentation March 30, 2007

2 Banner Implementation Enhanced Recruitment Student Leadership Increased Assessment Work with Task Forces Cross Divisional Initiatives Student Engagement

3 Student Affairs Mission Statement The mission of the Division of Student Affairs at Ferris State University is to promote, support, and complement the academic mission of the institution by working collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to create and extend student services and student learning opportunities outside the classroom. April, 1999

4 Student Affairs Priorities 1.Recruiter Positions 2.Admissions and Records Processing Positions 3.Scholarships 4.Student Wages

5 Student Affairs Priorities 5. Recruitment and Retention of Students -ACT names -WebCards (purchase and mailing) -EMT Retain 6. Prospective Student Outreach (EMT REACH) 7.New Student Receptions

6 Student Affairs UAPs 8.Student Rec Center Equipment Reserve Fund 9.New Lockers for Women’s Locker Room 10.Student Rec Center Student Wages 11.Air Conditioning for Student Rec Center 12.Commencement Sound System 13.Assessment

7 Student Affairs Priorities 14.Course Eval 15. Health and Wellness Programming 16.Counseling Center - Counselors - Increase in Supply and Expense -Psychiatric Services -Health Educator

8 Student Affairs UAPs 17.AED Funding 18.Virtual Women’s Center 19.Rankin Student Center Renovation Planning 20.“Imagine More” – Student Life Bus Tour

9 Assessment in Student Affairs Annual Efforts Continuous effort in refining the assessment process in the Student Affairs Division. Emphasize the importance and value of assessment. Monitor and improve the quality of the data collected and the assessment process itself. Apply the results to improve the quality of our activities and to enhance student learning.

10 Student Affairs Assessment Committee Mike CairnsJoan Totten Kristen SalomonsonDoug Haneline Cindy HornMike Slocum Wendy DoddMatt Klein Leroy Wright Additional outside input from Robert vonder Osten and Robbie Teahen.

11 Assessment in Student Affairs Significant Accomplishments NATIONAL ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENTS National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) National College Health Assessment (NCHA) Fraternity and Sorority Survey (EBI) LOCAL ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENTS Counseling Center Needs Analysis Financial Aid Budgeting Survey Part-Time Student Survey Student Employee Learning Outcomes Survey Non-Traditional Student Focus Group

12 Assessment in Student Affairs Plans for Next Year Identify and refine on-going assessment goals. Continue to highlight assessment activities for all areas of the division. Share and learn from assessment best practices. Publicize important assessment data (such as NSSE results) as opportunities for improvement. Focus on assessment of student learning.

13 Examples of Student Learning Outcomes for Student Affairs Student Employees in our Division. After being employed in a Student Affairs area, students will be able to: INTERACT effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. DEMONSTRATE team-building skills. EXPRESS a commitment to volunteering at Ferris and community. PRACTICE leadership skills both at work and in classroom settings.

14 Examples of Student Learning Outcomes for Student Affairs Student employees in University Recreation. After being employed in the Rec Center, students will be able to: EMPLOY good customer service with all rec center patrons. DEMONSTRATE a knowledge of AED operation and general life-saving techniques. OPERATE a variety of exercise equipment appropriately.

15 Examples of Student Learning Outcomes for Student Affairs Specific activity (Vagina Monologues) After attending the program, students will be able to: QUESTION the role that gender stereotypes play in today’s society. DIFFERENTIATE among the positive and negative features of personal relationships. DISCUSS violence against women in the present-day world.

16 Assessment in Student Affairs Annual Assessment Timeline From July 1 - May 30, departments complete their assessments and chronicle the results on the Student Affairs Assessment Form. On June 1, Directors submit 3 items. - Annual Report - Assessment Report - Annual Work Plan In June, the VPSA meets with Directors to discuss the 3 reports and establish plans for the upcoming year based on the previous year’s assessment results.

17 Enrollment Blue Ribbon Task Force Category I – Initial Recommendations – 37 Quick Wins Organize and Implement a Transfer Office. Universally accept MACRAO from transfers. Conduct “Failure to Enroll” Research. Utilize full and part-time positions. Add three temporary full-time recruiters. Conduct process review of admissions applications and financial aid applications. Simplify some admission criteria to speed up acceptances.

18 Enrollment Blue Ribbon Task Force Category II – Increase Fall 2007 Recruitment Send an Admissions Recruiter to Math/Science Centers FSU must be a customer services center. Establish a quick turn around time for brochures and marketing ideas. Establish a greater Chicago scholarship. Identify where FSU has satellite centers and develop scholarship specific initiative. Revive some pride initiatives. Establish more program specific residence halls.

19 Enrollment Blue Ribbon Task Force Category III – Long Term Strategic Plan and Integrated Marketing and Enrollment Goals. Develop a long-term integrated marketing and recruitment plan. Develop a consistent message for the University. Integrate recruitment into the strategic plan of the University. Establish a long-term process and improvement plan.

20 Student Affairs The End.

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