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CONGRESSMAN PETE OLSON Ozone & The Clean Air, Strong Economies Act 1.

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1 CONGRESSMAN PETE OLSON Ozone & The Clean Air, Strong Economies Act 1

2 GROUND-LEVEL OZONE Ground level ozone is also known as smog. High ozone levels can worsen asthma and other lung conditions. It can be formed by emissions from sources like power plants, car exhaust and factories. Beijing, China in 2005 on low and high ozone days. 2

3 Ozone is also formed naturally. That is where the Great Smoky Mountains got their name- ozone formed by certain types of vegetation and even lightning strikes. 3

4 Ozone also pours into the United States from overseas, coming from as far as China. Most of the ozone in the United States is beyond our control. 4

5 WHAT CHINESE OZONE LOOKS LIKE: 5 WHAT HOUSTON OZONE LOOKS LIKE: Beijing Marathon October 19, 2014 Chevron Houston Marathon January 19, 2014

6 This EPA map shows the percentage of ozone in various cities from “background” (natural & foreign). As this map shows, there are very few cities where more than 50% of the ozone is under our control (Red/Orange dots – more control,). 6 HOW MUCH OF OZONE IS UNDER OUR CONTROL?


8 EPA & OZONE: WHAT THEY CAN & CAN’T DO EPA CAN CHANGE the ozone standard every 5 years, but THEY DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE IT. When they set a new cap, states must find a way to implement it. Currently, EPA CAN’T consider the impacts on our economy from a new standard they propose. EPA CAN’T CONSIDER IMPACTS ON JOBS. EPA CAN’T consider whether the standard they set can be done with current technology. The current standard– from 2008– is 75 parts per billion. Many parts of the country – including Houston – have not yet reached this level. Last November, EPA proposed lowering the current ozone standard to between 65 and 70 parts per billion. 8

9 Counties in BLUE WOULD VIOLATE EPA’s proposal. According to EPA, the Houston area will be in violation for at least another decade. 9 WHAT WILL EPA’S NEW STANDARDS DO TO TEXAS & AMERICA?

10 HOW DOES NON-ATTAINMENT HURT US? It means that new manufacturing, chemical facilities, power plants, or other sources large enough to emit these pollutants, must purchase expensive– and hard-to-find– offsets. Someone else needs to close or clean up for new facilities to open. It means that Houston and other cities must find creative ways to reduce pollution, like restricting construction projects (idling generators) and possibly drive-through- restaurants during certain hours (idling cars). TXDOT has also said it means delays to highway projects, and possibly a loss of highway funds. 10 Valero expanding Houston refinery Jan 16, 2013 Dow Chemical to Start Building Ethylene Cracker in Texas June 26, 2014 Pappas group opening Southern-themed restaurant concept Aug 18, 2014 Huge expansion on tap for a port that's bursting with energy goods Thursday, April 17, 2014

11 A BI-PARTISAN, BI-CAMERAL SOLUTION We MUST balance clean air goals we all share with a strong economy – the CASE (Clean Air, Strong Economies) Act I introduced the CASE Act with Co-sponsors Rep. Henry Cuellar (D- TX) and Sen. John Thune (R-SD) The CASE Act which has 4 planks: – EPA should not lower the current standard UNTIL places like Houston HIT the current standard (85%) – Health will always come first, but EPA MUST CONSIDER cost, job loss, and if the technology exists to hit the new standard.. – EPA’s cost/benefit analysis should be more open & transparent. – EPA should USE HARD DATA have to prove counties are not in attainment – no more estimates to force counties to act. 11

12 Thank You Call my offices for assistance Sugar Land Office - (281) 494-2690 Pearland Office - (281) 485-4855 Katy Office - (281) 889-7134 Washington Office – (202) 225-5951 Visit me on the web at 12

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