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Project Based Learning: What we do How we do it Why we do it.

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1 Project Based Learning: What we do How we do it Why we do it

2 Project Based Learning Why teach this way? -Real world problems capture students' interest and provoke serious and critical thinking -Students learn to collaborate and share ideas -Depth vs. Breadth - students explore topics more fully and develop deeper understanding -Students learn to solve problems and make decisions independently -Students develop competence and confidence

3 Learning about Magnetism Hands-On Learning

4 What sticks? Conducting experiments to find answers Plastic spider does not stick!

5 Collaborative Learning Working together to create meaning

6 Magnet Maze Engaged in Learning

7 Lines of Magnetic Force Focused, cooperative learners

8 Competent, confident students Learning and having fun!

9 Magnetic Racing Hot Wheels Making connections

10 Magnetic poles Fun with trains!

11 Science Night! Sharing our learning with the community Magnetic Fish Pond Student Made Displays

12 Science Night Teaching others what we have learned

13 Student Inspired Projects Haitian Earthquake 2010

14 Environmental Stewardship Native tallgrass prairie restoration at Ft. Custer Recreation Area

15 Kleinstuck Preserve Collaborative Plot Studies Individual Observation & Recording

16 Knotweed Project

17 Literature Projects Students create dioramas, game boards, posters, plays, models and more to share their understanding of literature.

18 Basegroup Buddies Older students pair with younger 'buddies' to serve as mentors, role models, project helpers, and field trip 'chaperones'.

19 Computers and Projects Every 4th and 5th grader is provided a laptop for school use.

20 Social Studies Projects Important events leading to the Revolutionary War

21 Reactions and Connections Revolutionary War Metaphor (aka the Great Halloween Party Hoax) Students =colonists PA = British Government Student Reactions - "Let's protest” or “boycott the Parent Association” (patriots, Boston Tea Partiers) - "Let's form a “Kid’s Association” so that our ideas could be heard (members of the First Continental Congress) - "Let's send Rose to go talk to them” (Ben Franklin goes overseas to negotiate with the British) - "Let's just follow the guidelines and just have a smaller party (loyalists), at which point one student said, “I’m not paying $3.00 for a party that only has carrot sticks and water!” (patriot expressing frustration for ‘taxation without representation’).

22 So, why isn't there more Project Based Learning? -More teacher preparation -Greater involvement with Students -Teacher as Facilitator vs. All-knowing Teacher -Grading a Project vs. Grading a Test -Managing Group Dynamics and Conflict -Teachers put students in control

23 Your Challenge as an Educator -What's your vision for teaching? -What will your first small steps be? -How will you teach?

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