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Team Inspiration- Final Reading Push Great Summer Reading Activities!

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2 Team Inspiration- Final Reading Push Great Summer Reading Activities!

3 Let’s Celebrate Reading ! Reading well offers many opportunities for academic success. Knowledge! Fun! Adventure! Freedom to explore!

4 Vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary ! Children in grades three through twelve learn the meanings of about 3,000 new words a year. The majority of new words are learned incidentally while reading books and other materials. Research supports the importance of independent reading. Classroom instruction cannot possibly teach every word and its meaning.

5 A look at the facts: Variation in the Amount of Independent Reading percentile rank minutes/day words experienced in a year (Books, magazines, newspapers) 98 th 67.34,733,000 90 th 33.42,357,000 70 th 16.91,168,000 50 th 9.2 601,000 30 th 4.3 251,000 10 th 1.0 51,000 2 nd 0.0------------ The Research is clear: Good readers, READ! Anderson, Wilson, and Fielding. Reading Research Quarterly “Growth in reading and how children spend their time outside of school.”

6 Independent readers: 9-12 years Continue reading books that challenge your vocabulary and thinking skills. Provide your brain a steady flow of books and conversations about them. Find some kids in your neighborhood and form your own book group. Chat it up with family and friends! Self-select books that interest you! Reading materials can be any genre, series, or author. Newspapers and comics count too! Voracious readers are made, not born. Children who read most, also read best. It’s never too late to become a good reader!

7 We Must Stop the “Summer Slip” Most children, especially struggling readers, forget some of what they’ve learned, or “slip” out of reading practice during the summer months. Research shows that reading just six books (or approximately 16 minutes a day) during the summer may keep a reader from regressing.

8 Summer Reading Suggestions (You can find many of these at York County Library!)

9 Summer Reading Project Book List – Fourth Grade Any Roald Dahl book ShilohPhyllis Reynolds Naylor Tales of a 4 th Grade Nothing Judy Blume BunniculaJames Howe Cricket in Times Square George Selden Diary of A Wimpy KidJeff Kinney Dork DiariesRachel Renee Russell How to Eat Fried WormsThomas Rockwell Frindle and No Talking Andrew Clements

10 Summer Reading Project Book List – Fourth Grade Tale of DespereauxKate DiCamillo Bobby vs. Girls Lisa Yee Eleven Patricia Reilly Giff The Library CardJerry Spinelli Judy Moody (movie)Megan McDonald and Peter Reynolds Katie Kazoo SwitcherooNancy E. Krulik and John Wendy Stuart Little E.B. White Charlotte’s WebE.B. White Dear America, (series)Various Authors A Dog’s Life Autobiography of a StrayAnn M. Martin The Lemonade War Jacqueline Davies

11 Summer Reading Project Book List – Fifth Grade Any Gordon Korman book or series HatchetGary Paulsen HolesLouis Sachar The Cay Theodore Taylor Island of the Blue Dolphin Scott O’Dell The Lightning Thief Series (movie!)Rick Riordan When You Reach Me Rebecca Stead (a recent Newberry Winner!) The 39 CluesVarious Authors The Hunger Games (movie!)

12 Summer Reading Project Book List – Fifth Grade Continued Love That Dog/Hate That CatSharon Creech Spiderwick Chronicles Tony DiTerlizzi Because of AnyaMargaret Peterson Haddix Chronicles of NarniaC.S. Lewis Harry Potter J.K. Rowling Mr. Popper’s Penguins (movie!)Richard Atwater Soul Surfer (movie!) Bethany Hamilton, Rick Bundschuh and Sheryl Berk Million Dollar Throw Mike Lupica (or any other book written by this popular sports writer)

13 Extension Activities

14 Extension Activities for the books you read! Make a picture book of the novel. Pick a scene from the book and rewrite it as a play. Construct puppets and present a show of one or more interesting parts of the book. Write and/or perform an original song that tells the story of the book. Create a tri-fold brochure or pamphlet advertising your novel.

15 Extension Activities for the books you read! Write a full description of two of the characters in the book. Draw a portrait to accompany each description. Create a comic strip for your book. Create a PowerPoint presentation describing the elements of fiction (setting, plot, characters, theme, mood) as they relate to your book.

16 Computer Fun!

17 Great websites to help you find books! hp?pid=364208&sid=3847016 DAIS WEBSITE for SUMMER READING! Http:// Get book recommendations from celebrities! hp?pid=364208&sid=3847016 Http:// Clash of the Books- Vote for your favorite books and scope out the winners!

18 Keep your brain sharp! Reading Extension es/scrapbook/ Make a character scrapbook. Perfect to do after reading any book! es/scrapbook/

19 Word Games (Vocabulary) you can practice vocabulary and help others! onym_toast.htm Wordgirl- Synonyms onym_toast.htm athens_games/game.htm# Root Words! athens_games/game.htm# adventure/grammar1.htm# Clean up your Grammar! adventure/grammar1.htm# games/frog/frog.html Word Frog games/frog/frog.html

20 Spelling Games (click on Select A Spelling List- you can find lists for any grade) _computers.htm spelling and vocabulary choices for 4 th grade _computers.htm games/frieda/frieda.html games/frieda/frieda.html dex.html dex.html

21 Creative Writing Activities arters/storystarter1.htm Silly Story Starters! arters/storystarter1.htm resources/student-interactives/comic-creator- 30021.html Comic Creator! resources/student-interactives/comic-creator- 30021.html resources/student-interactives/readwritethink- printing-press-30036.html Printing Press- provides many cool ways to format your writing! (make newspapers, magazines, etc.) resources/student-interactives/readwritethink- printing-press-30036.html

22 For Parents Questions to ask your readers

23 Questions to Ask Your Child- Before Reading Why does this book interest you? Based on the title and the pictures, what do you predict will happen in the story? Do you think there will be a problem in the story? Why or why not?

24 Questions to Ask Your Child- During Reading What do you think will happen next? Can you put what you’ve just read in your own words? What do you know about the main character? What would you have done if you were the character? Are any of the characters changing?

25 Questions to Ask Your Child- After Reading What was the most interesting situation in the story? Why do you think the author wrote this book? Were you satisfied by the ending of the book? Why or why not? If you could change one thing in the story, what would it be? Is there a character in the story like you? How are you alike?

26 Super Six Reading Strategies Predictions (I predict… because…) Connections (text to self, text to text, text to world) Monitoring (Does the reading make sense? What are difficult words or ideas?) Questioning (I wonder… because…) Evaluating (How do I rate the story and the author’s style?) Summarizing (In the beginning, next, then, after that, in the end)

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