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How to keep them reading all summer long. 2014 Edition.

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1 How to keep them reading all summer long. 2014 Edition

2 “ Our hope is that every potential reader may open up a book and find his or her way in, so that other voices fade away, time stops, and the book becomes the world.” By Jennifer Prescott Managing Editor Instructor Magazine

3 Parent Quiz on Summer Reading 1.Most children start out loving reading, but lose interest by age ________. A. 8 B. 10 C. 12 D. 15 Answer: A. Most lose interest around age 8, according to Scholastic’s Kids and Family Reading Report released in 2006.

4 2. The number one reason kids don’t read more is: A. They cant’ find books they want to read, and need parents to help with suggestions. B. They’re too distracted by TV, computers, and handheld games. C. They don’t understand how important reading is to their future. D. They would rather play outside. Answer: A. According to the Kids and Family Reading Report, kids are often stumped about what to read next and they welcome suggestions from parents.

5 3. Make reading aloud more fun for your child by: A. praising her effort. B. having him sound out words he can’t pronounce. C. taking turns reading pages. D. having her read to grandparents and neighbors. Answer: A and C. Praising his/her efforts and taking turns reading pages. It should be a time of fun interaction with your child. Please don’t make reading a stressful chore.

6 If you read aloud to your child, you will create : a bond that can never be broken a source of joy for both you and your child an example that will echo through generations.

7 4. To keep your child from losing ground during the summer months, you should encourage him or her to read: A. At least two books B. four books C. 10 books D. Nothing-reading’s like riding a bicycle. They never forget. Answer: B. Four or more books each month or one per week, over the three months will help kids maintain vocabulary and familiarity with story lines, says Francie Alexander, chief academic officer at Scholastic.

8 Do you need to worry about book levels? The numbers you need to care about are: the number of books at your child’s bedside the number of visits to the library the number of hours you spend reading aloud the number of times your child asks a question about what you have read or points at a detail in a picture. The more exposure to print a child experiences, the more likely it is that he/she will be able to read well. The key is basing selections on your own child’s interests. The important thing for children who have advanced beyond second grade, is the sustained motivation to read. We, as adults, are responsible for cultivating this interest.

9 The Five Finger Method of Choosing a Just Right Book This method is based on a 100 word sample. For ending first graders, that might be 1/2 book. For third or fourth graders it might be one page. Count the words if you want to be precise or just guesstimate. Make a fist. Put up one finger for each tricky word. 0-2, it’s a good, fun read. 3-5, it could be tricky. More than 5, it is probably too hard. Is the child motivated enough to try a harder book?

10 Participate in the Programs Offered at Our Local Libraries in Enola or Camp Hill. Summer Reading Club 2014 DIVE INTO READING!

11 Subcribe to One of These Magazines Your Big Backyard Great for first and second graders with text they will be able to read on their own. Ranger Rick Good for third and fourth graders. Fabulous pictures and articles on wildlife. Call: 1-800-611-1599 $19.95 for 12 issues.

12 Watch WITF TV for excellent children’s programs where you will learn lots of interesting things.

13 Participate in the Barnes & Noble Reading Incentive Program and earn a free book. Reading Log Handout was/will be sent home with your child before the end of the school year.

14 Sentinel Writers for “Kids Speak Out” Kids Speak Out can be a wonderful summer activity for kids to keep their thinking, writing and drawing skills sharp. It can also be just the answer for those "rainy day" blues. Please encourage your child to participate. In addition to having an opportunity to see their stories appear in the newspaper, kids also have a chance to win a "Kids Speak Out" T-shirt. The guidelines are: Stories must be 150 words or less. Be sure to include your FULL name, age, address, school and grade you will be attending this fall. Mail entries to: “Kids Speak Out," The Sentinel, P.O. Box 130, Carlisle, PA 17013, or drop it off at The Sentinel, 457 E. North St., Carlisle during normal business hours or you can e-mail it to the newspaper at: with “KidsWorld” in the subject line. For a list of topics for this summer see the handout that was/will be sent home before the end of the school year or click on the link under Sentinel Writing Topics on this/Mrs. Evanish’s website.

15 To learn about a great reading program you can use on your home computer all year long, visit:


17 Parents A wonderful family education resource. And it builds kids’ interest in reading. Kids A fun, friendly place where reading is valued. And you can win great prizes, too!

18 READ Kids use the online “Book Finder” to choose from thousands of popular titles- available at schools, libraries, and bookstores.

19 CLICK After reading the books off-line, students then return online to take a fun interactive quiz about the title they’ve just read.

20 WIN For every correct answer, kids earn points. Then they redeem these points for cool prizes. What better way to keep kids reading?

21 An exciting new way to motivate readers… And best of all it’s free. Log on anytime, anywhere -the Web makes it easy! In the classroom In the home In the library Continuous Site Updates New titles are always being added. Look for your favorites today!

22 Over 7,000 titles are available.

23 Have a Great Summer and Keep on Reading!

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