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Taken from Dr. Janet Smith’s talk “Contraception: Why Not?”

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1 Taken from Dr. Janet Smith’s talk “Contraception: Why Not?”
Humanae Vitae Taken from Dr. Janet Smith’s talk “Contraception: Why Not?”

2 Read the Encyclical of Humane Vite

3 Sterility - clarification
Sterile people can get married Unless they enter into marriage with deception Impotent people cannot If the impediment of impotence is doubtful, whether by a doubt about the law or a doubt about a fact, a marriage must not be impeded nor, while the doubt remains, declared null Unable to consummate the marriage

4 The lead up Until 1930, EVERY single Christian Church taught that contraception was wrong The Anglican Church was the first to allow contraception in 1930 From there was almost no debate in the Catholic Church In the 1960’s the pill became available

5 The lead up What the people of the 60’s thought was going to happen because of contraception Would stop the world from being overpopulated Would make for better marriages (removes “fear” of getting pregnant so less tension) Could now have sex before marriage since pregnancy could be blocked That would naturally lead to better marriages also (you wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it would you?) Wouldn’t get married out of desperation for sex There would be FAR fewer abortions

6 The controversy Contraception rapidly became a commonplace occurrence, even for Catholics Some Theologians (and even priests) said that the Church was going to change her stance on contraception and start allowing it She didn’t! Humanae Vitae was released in 1968 holding to consistent teaching of the Church Dissent happened

7 Predictions of Humanae Vitae
General lowering of morality in society General disregard for the physical and psychological well-being of females by males Pornography, sexual abuse, etc. Governments would use family planning programs for coercive purposes once contraception became widely available China, UN, Africa Begin to treat our bodies as though they were machines Can “buy” a designer baby

8 The aftermath - morality
Look around! Look at what’s on TV Look at what’s on the internet Look at what you can see driving down the street

9 The aftermath - divorce
Divorce rates Slowly crept up all century to 25% in 1965 From it shot up to 50% That is a HUGE increase in a VERY short period of time What happened? Stanford Sociologist Robert Michael The increase directly correlates to contraception Once everybody who wanted to contracept had the pill, the levels leveled out. His reasons? No children to keep you bonded More adultery Women at work made it easier for them to leave their husbands

10 The aftermath – abortion
Unwanted pregnancies before 1960 (i.e. before contraception was readily available) 6% white, 22% black Unwanted pregnancies in 1992 22% white, 68% black 1.5 million abortions per year 50% of women claim they are aborting because of failed contraception. Supreme Court – Planned Parenthood v. Casey “For two decades, couples have based their intimate relationships on the availability of abortion should contraceptives fail.”

11 NFP vs. Contraception If they are the same, why not just use NFP? Two men want to support their family One gets a job, the other robs a bank The ends do NOT justify the means Abstinence vs. free reign over the other’s body Viewing the other as a commodity “I love everything about you except for your fertility” The tendency to exploit each other as means for sexual gratification can result. With use of NFP one is using good reason to space the birth of children but the final decision is left to God. If a child is conceived he or she is happily welcomed. It is not an abortifacient.

12 Assignment: Due Nov. 24: Read the Encyclical Humanae Vitae:
Google it or use the address below to find it. Write a reaction paper that will address the following points: Explain five major insights that will help you maintain a more genuine loving marriage. Why is the use of contraceptives proven to be destructive rather than productive in forming loving and enduring marriages.

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