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Getting Started at your School; Recruiting Students.

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1 Getting Started at your School; Recruiting Students

2 How do PLTW courses help in College? Currently there are a total of 58 students enrolled in MSOE programs with PLTW experience.  There are 14 sophomores and 44 freshmen The average freshman GPA total for MSOE this past year was 2.85  The average GPA for the PLTW freshmen students was 3.03 “Generally students enter MSOE and hit the rigor of the courses and drop their grade point average somewhat from the beginning of their college career and then they spend the next three years bringing that average back up. The sophomore grade point average for last year was 2.99. This means that the PLTW freshmen have already out paced the sophomores.” On an average, 65-70% of entering freshmen at MSOE stay with their declared major. The rest either transfer to another major, another school, or drop out. This year 100% of the 58 PLTW students have remained in the major they had declared.

3 Sample Student Schedule Grade 9 Grade 10 English Social Studies Math Science Foreign Language Intro to Engineering Design Physical Education 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit.5 unit English Social Studies Math Science Foreign Language Principles of Engineering Physical Education 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit.5 unit Grade 11 Grade 12 English Social Studies Math Science Digital Electronics *Computer Integrated Manufacturing *Civil Engineer and Architecture *Biotechnical Engineering *Aerospace Engineering Physical Education 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit.5 unit English Social Studies Math Science Engineering Design and Development Health Physical Education 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit.5 unit.5 unit

4 Costs of the PLTW program Middle School Cost based on 26 students PLTW ModuleEquipment & Supplies ConsumablesTotal Design & Modeling $7577$840$8410 Automation & Robotics $5610$0$5610 Magic of Electrons $3315$235$3550 Science of Technology $2550$272$2822 Flight & Space$3370$763$4133

5 High School Cost based on 20 students PLTW CourseEquipment & Supplies ConsumablesTotal Intro to Engineering$1111$400$1511 Digital Electronics$6277$50$6327 Principles of Engineering$17940$222$18162 Aerospace$8964$672$9636 Computer Integrated Manufacturing $47180$2058$49238 Civil/Architecture$3384$33$3417 Biotechnical$6142$1204$7346

6 How to apply to the PLTW program School District registers “Online” - Quota for new schools in effect this year - Register early!!! School Agreement Signing Deadline - Sample agreement at: Teachers take an Online assessment for the course they plan to take during the 2008 STI 2008 Summer Training Institute at OIT (Oct. 16 th – Feb. 1 st ) (May 1) (May 31) (July 6 – 18)





11 What’s in it for the Teacher & Their School? Two-weeks of quality professional development  Stipend, travel, lodging, food Teachers take home a full-year of pre- engineering curriculum

12 Recruiting Students

13 Educational Pathway for Engineering Source: derived from National Center for Education Statistics

14 UNDERREPRESENTED STUDENT RECRUITMENT Girls are taking high school science and math courses at approximately the same rate as boys Girls and the people who influence them— teachers, school counselors, parents, peers, and the media—do not understand what a career in engineering looks like and therefore don’t consider it as a career option.

15 UNDERREPRESENTED STUDENT RECRUITMENT Issues to Address: 1. Poor elementary and secondary preparation 2. Lack of resources in secondary education 3. Limited encouragement and role models 4. Social pressure 5. Limited financial resources 6. Negative environment on campus

16 Women in Engineering: Why do We Care?  As a consequence of a lack of diversity [in engineering] we pay an opportunity cost, a cost in designs not thought of, in solutions not produced. Dr. William Wulf, President National Academy of Engineering  By the year 2050, 85% of the entrants into the workforce will be people of color and women.  If we do not engage women and minorities in the engineering enterprise, we are ignoring more than 50% of America’s intellectual talent. Susan Metz, WEPAN President

17 High School Girls’ Perception of Engineering According to a recent study conducted by WGBH in Boston for the American Society of Civil Engineers……. “High school girls believe that engineering is for people who love math and science. They don’t have an understanding of engineering, show an interest or think it is for them. They perceive engineering as a profession for men.” “Current engineering messages portray engineering as challenging and stress the importance of superior math and science abilities.” Professional interests for high school girls hinge upon relevance.

18 High School Girls’ Perception of Engineering

19 Key Career Influencers of High School Girls  Parents  Peers  Educators (teachers and guidance counselors)  Media Finding: Key career influencers are not familiar with how to guide students toward engineering. Positive stories about engineering are not being conveyed. Source: Extraordinary Women Engineers Final Report, 2005

20 FROM THIS…….  Nerd  Math and science geek  Must be brilliant  White male  Primarily works with machines  Communicates poorly  Boring  Rigid Challenge: To Convert the Perception of Engineering TO THIS……  Creative  Enjoys math and science  Likes to solve problems  Works in teams  Helps people  Improves the quality of life  Curious

21 Changing Perception of STEM Careers  A fundamental shift in the way STEM careers are portrayed.  Don’t focus on process and challenges  Focus on benefits and rewards as they relate to career motivators  Define STEM in terms of life goals UNDERREPRESENTED STUDENT RECRUITMENT

22 “YOU” Can Make a Big Difference!! “My lab partner never let me do things with the equipment. He told me I was better at writing than he was which was true. But, my teacher made us switch (roles). That was good because I wouldn’t have asked even though I wanted to.” 10 th grade female “I wouldn’t have even thought about engineering if my math teacher didn’t give me the TWIST (engr. summer program) brochure. My parents can’t believe it, but I’m going to major in engineering in college.” 11 th grade female “I always worked hard and did pretty well in math and science, but never thought I was smart enough to study engineering. I’m an engineering major because my science teacher told me I could do it and I’m doing amazingly well.” College female sophomore

23 Sample video Rated E (Everyone)

24 Need Additional Information? OIT Web Site: PLTW National Web Site: http://www.

25 Questions ??

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