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WHY AREN’T THEY LEARNING? Introduction PowerPoint 1.

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1 WHY AREN’T THEY LEARNING? Introduction PowerPoint 1

2 “… most special educational needs arise from curricular difficulties, such as gaining access to the curriculum or problems in grasping and retaining concepts and skills …” Effective provision for Special Educational Needs (EPSEN) HMIE (Scotland) 1994

3 Do you recognise these pupils?... >>

4 I hate French!

5 I‘m not very good at languages!

6 Er.. what are we supposed to be doing... ?

7 Trade you Beckham For Rooney...

8 What have you done with my pencil !

9 Sir! Please Sir...? What is it now John?

10 Hey guys! You won’t believe who I saw last night...

11 I’m not bovvered... Are you bovvered?

12 Got to go to the dentist’s... Er, feel sick... Um, can I go to the toilet... ?

13 Oops!

14 Did you recognise any of them... ?

15 Why do they behave like that ?

16 Are they just bad... ?

17 Or could there be another reason ? Discuss briefly, then go on to PowerPoint 2 >>


19 Imagine a learning activity as... A RACE !

20 This is how we’d like them all to finish...

21 So, we give them clear instructions; they know exactly what to do; we set them off...

22 Of course, we need to stretch them a bit...

23 But not too much...

24 Otherwise... (recognise them...?)

25 ... if some learners can’t do what we’ve asked them to do...

26 … some may be tempted to lean back and wait till the teacher sorts it out...

27 … one or two might think of asking for help...

28 … others might try and work out a solution for themselves.

29 (…though they may not care show it...) But some pupils will be upset...

30 I‘m no good at French! … some will be ashamed...

31 … some will take refuge in rage... I hate French anyway!

32 … some will find better things to do...

33 … some will carry on where they left off at the end of break...

34 … and some may decide it’s no use trying.

35 One or two may not even notice there’s a problem!

36 Are all these pupils simply bad? Or could there be something else that’s stopping them learning?

37 Is there a barrier of some sort ?

38 And if so, what can we do about it... ? Discuss briefly, then go on to PowerPoint 3


40 ... as opposed to real ones...

41 ... is that you can’t actually see them.

42 And if you can’t see a barrier, how can you know that it’s there? How can you deal with it? How can you know what it is?

43 Well, you can start by looking for clues in pupils’ behaviour...

44 But then, of course, how we interpret their behaviour is crucial...

45 For example, is this learner just trying to wind us up? Or could there be some other explanation? And if so, what?

46 And what about these ones ?

47 Pause briefly for discussion / reflection then read... Why aren’t they learning?

48 © Hilary McColl 2006 Illustrations by Heather Clarke courtesy of MLG Publishing

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