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The Success of SA Reform. The Challenge for SA Skills for All.

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1 The Success of SA Reform

2 The Challenge for SA

3 Skills for All

4 Overview Focus on Training for Jobs Focus on increasing qualification levels (Productivity) Focus on those not in the labour market (Participation) Focus on quality Controls to target funding Increase overall investment in skills development

5 Key Elements Changes to public funding: contestability Student eligibility Entitlement Approved providers and quality Funded Training List Payment of providers Steerage and control measures Access and pathways

6 Skills for All: Progress to Date

7 Full year enrolments increased by 43%. An increase of 67% for private providers Training Take Up

8 Qualification Levels for 147,100 enrolments 1,454 1,976 1,454

9 Skills for All Shows change (in percentage terms) for enrolments under Skills for All for selected groups

10 Skills for All – Regions

11 Skills demand and Skills for All investment Source: DFEEST, TaSC

12 Higher level Qualifications ABS data indicates the proportion of working age South Australians with a Certificate III or above has increased 8.5% points from 44.5% in 2006 to 53% in 2012.

13 Managing the system: ongoing consultation and refinements

14  Tough sanctions on Skills for All Training Providers for breaches of their Contract  Guidelines to ensure clear expectations on enrolment of students  Regular information sessions with training providers and extensive website information  Professional development opportunities to increase the understanding and use of bridging units, RPL and foundation skills, general support and services to students. Quality & Capacity Building

15 Consultation with stakeholders Website refreshed Approx 200 courses with no provider removed New entrants restricted to courses with no or few providers Simplified entitlement Reductions in subsidies Caps to 62 courses (6% of the FTL) A new system of funding limits

16 Issues and Opportunities Public VET v Total VET Fiscal envelope Market and system development Provider quality and capability Information and choice The VET ‘product’ Industry and Enterprise engagement

17 Skills are the key….

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