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Scottish Modern Apprenticeship Group (MAG) Presenter Paul McGuiness Commissioning Manager, Skills Programmes 26 th March 2013.

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1 Scottish Modern Apprenticeship Group (MAG) Presenter Paul McGuiness Commissioning Manager, Skills Programmes 26 th March 2013

2 Skills Development Scotland What are the priorities for Scottish Modern Apprenticeships? To meet the demands of the economy, employers and the needs of individuals. Helping individual employees gain invaluable skills and industry recognised qualifications To improve participation, retention and achievement rates. To take account of the needs of key industries /sectors and address market failure. To contribute to productivity and employment and demonstrate value for money. To facilitate progression in the workplace To contribute to improving Scotlands skills base

3 Skills Development Scotland Higher Level Apprenticeships SVQ Level 4&5 MA Frameworks been around and used in Scotland since 2009 Feedback from employers to the Scottish Governments Making Training Work Better consultation in late 2011 indicated a need to revise Higher Level Apprenticeships A revision of Higher Level apprenticeships at SCQF 8/9 and SCQF 10+ was announced by MAG in 2012. Key changes are: Greater flexibility for the mandatory qualification to include HN qualifications, Professional qualifications and other qualifications based on NOS at SCQF level 8 and above (as well as SVQs and CBQs) Core Skills were replaced by Career Skills (a range of pan- sector SVQ units)

4 Skills Development Scotland Modern Apprenticeship Group (MAG) Independent group appointed by Scottish Ministers. Membership comprises key stakeholders of the Modern Apprenticeship (MA) programme in Scotland. –Scottish Government –Scottish Trades Union Congress - STUC –Skills Development Scotland - SDS –Scottish Qualifications Authority –Scottish Training Federation –Colleges Scotland –Employers (SSC representative) Responsible for the approval and de-approval of all Scottish Frameworks Ensures robustness and quality of MA frameworks approved for delivery in Scotland

5 Skills Development Scotland MAG Process Proposal, Framework document and guidance available on SDS website SSCs complete documentation and submit to MAG MAG sub-group checks the submission and provides feedback to SSC re improvement or clarifications MAG sub-group pass completed framework documentation to MAG group for consideration MAG approves or asks SSC to clarify or produce additional information Approval of framework – added to list of frameworks on SDS website Opportunity for employers to use MA framework to develop staff

6 Skills Development Scotland SDS Confidential6 Roles & Responsibilities.. Contracted Training Providers/Colleges/Employers work with companies to deliver a programme of learning and assessment in line with the employer and individuals needs. In return they receive a funding contribution from Skills Development Scotland. Skills Development Scotland is responsible for the administration of the public funding contribution for MAs in line with SG policy. This involves the commissioning of contractors, payment and promotion of the programme. The Sector Skills Councils work with their industries to develop Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks that are designed to meet the needs of employers within industries they represent. The Modern Apprentice provides commitment and contributes to the output of the employer. In return they receive the opportunity to train to a nationally recognised standard. The Employer provides an enabling and safe working environment where a Modern Apprentice can work and train. In return the employer has a fully trained employee contributing to the success of the company. The Modern Apprenticeship Group is responsible for the approval of all Scottish Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks (in line with quality standards). MA frameworks set out the content of learning including mandatory certification. MAG also oversees the generic marketing thrust of the programme in Scotland. The Scottish Government determine the policy for Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland including targeted funding policy. Scottish Government SSCs Scotlands Colleges Scottish Training Federation Skills Development Scotland Industry Representatives MAG Membership includes Scottish Trades Union Congress

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