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Early Start on Student Development. Student Development Understanding of self and others Understanding of career option Understanding of college expectations.

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1 Early Start on Student Development

2 Student Development Understanding of self and others Understanding of career option Understanding of college expectations versus high school Service learning Emotional maturity Intellectual maturity

3 Where do we begin

4 2001 Facing the challenges of the future for Career and Technical Education to expand programs with no additional dollars for staff Partnerships with students as the focus Win-win relationship for all involved

5 Anything we do or create has to be in the best interest of the students we serve. Student focused Models we found o high school based - yes o college based - no high expectations college level-expectations College faculty Affordability for high schools and students

6 Student Centered Partnership Area High Schools Ivy TechKCH K-21 Foundation Business Contri- butors Mentor Sites

7 Results Health Career Exploration High school and college credits Career decisions/changes, life skills – team work, conflict resolution, self awareness, self- esteem, changing self-defeating behaviors

8 Goals of the program that were student focused Classroom/Lab – College syllabi and textbook – Self discipline to arrive and leave on time – Self-discipline to complete work on time – Learning new language —Translating class requirements into life skills Punctuality, Honest, Communication Respect of other persons and property Team Work Clinical setting – Job Description – Translating clinical requirements into life skills Applying Medical term language in work setting Punctuality Honest Communication skills Respect of other persons and property Team Work

9 6 years later Each year more students applied Each year we talked about another class Not identical Skills for immediate employment Flexible Employment - now and in college to help support self STILL STUDENTS FOCUSED

10 Then and 2007 2002 11:45 – 2:45 KCH classroom Mostly KCH clinical sites Med Terminology 1 st Aid CPR Medical Math Clincal Rotations 2007 7:45 – 10:45 11:45 - 2:45 Ivy Tech classroom Medical Term 1 st Aid CPR Intro to Health Careers Community - clinical site C.N.A. (p.m. class only)

11 WHAT DO THE STUDENTS SAY I have learned … more life lessons and more about who I am from being in this class than I have in my lifetime. You can’t always know what to expect, not just in nursing, but in every day life. You must ADAPT Learning how to work with people whose mental capabilities aren’t sound – frightening – I’m now more patient, not afraid My social skills have improved with the opportunities I have had to grow as a person I now believe I have a person in life. I can be the one to make a difference in someone else’s life. I have learned how to look at others and life differently I feel as if I know the “real world” better. Learned how be compassionate. Taking care of the elderly takes time and effort. I was afraid to wipe another persons buttock – now look at me I work at a facility and do it often. I have learned how to help people live and help them die. First day of class – I was looking at the other students saying “I will not get along with that one.” But through the class and clinicals I have made new friends..they have shown me what I can do to make a difference. I can now work well with others. Team work – I/We have learned to play to each other strengths and help in weaknesses Realize college and high school are so different. Here you are responsible for what you do and don’t do. At the high schools there are always second chances and not always with any penalties. Here – it’s due and you need to get it done. Planning, organizing,

12 WHAT DO THE STUDENTS SAY cont. Here at the college, my teachers aids me in learning the materials versus just teaching me. It’s different. It’s good. Self motivation is important. No one stays on you to get things in on time. It is expected that you will get them in on time. Students initiated conflict resolution practices. Opportunity to learn and refine leadership skills throughout the class Flavor of high school, but level of college Alex – freshman in college transitioning from Ivy Tech – Lafayette to Purdue. I strongly believe this program has made me a better person more responsible.. Become more mature from the first day of class until the last. I like to credit the program for many habits that are normally accompanied by age or instilled by parents – language “yeah sue – yep” became Yes sir, yes Ma’am” Being able to shadow other health care workers like paramedics – was fun and informative. This allowed me to view how the workforce operated first hand. Prepared me for living on my own, for the responsibilities of college and the hardships of the real world Alex’s – Mom I think Alex’s decision to apply for the program was one of the best decisions he ever made. He wanted to explore health careers and the program served that purpose well. He was apprehensive. I had some doubts about his commitment and follow through. Clinical portion - is when I saw a change. He had always been a great kid and then I saw him becoming a great young man. He love the experiences from EMS, to surgery watching a knee replacement. He continues his education in pursuit of a health career. His capacity to be focused, reliable, dependable and compassionate…


14 % Completed 200186% 200281% 2003100% 200488% 200590% 200684% 2007a94% 2007b63% 2008a81% 2008b

15 Where are they now 2001 simple conversation and challenge 8 years later 163 students enrolled 71%students completed successfully (C or better) over 50clinical sites since we started 7 years 2 yearsconsistent staff

16 WARSAW HIGH SCHOOL SURVEY Reflects the WCHS students only

17 2003 grads 9 graduates 8 responded to survey – 7 enrolled in post secondary ed (89%) 1 employed in non-health related occupation

18 2004 grads 8 graduates 8 surveyed 100% 7 enrolled in post secondary education (88%) 1 enrolled in a non health related field of study 1 employed in health related occupation

19 2005 grads 12 graduates 10 surveyed (83%) 8 are enrolled in post secondary education (80%) 1 enrolled in non-helath related field of study 2 employed in a field related to health careers

20 Meet Amber Reaper Senior Warsaw Community High School

21 Meet Victoria Carpenter Senior Tippecanoe Valley High School

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