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It’s Their Future: Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy Linda Ciancio-Brown Parent Leader and Parent of an I’m Determined Youth Leader Nancy Anderson Region.

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1 It’s Their Future: Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy Linda Ciancio-Brown Parent Leader and Parent of an I’m Determined Youth Leader Nancy Anderson Region 4 I’m Determined Coordinator 1

2 Core Components of Self-Determination (combination of skills, knowledge & beliefs)  Choice-making  Decision-making  Problem-solving  Goal-setting & attainment  Internal focus of control  Positive attributes of efficacy and outcomes expectancy  Self-Observation  Self-Evaluation  Self- Reinforcement  Self-Instruction  Self-Advocacy & Leadership  Self-Awareness  Self-Knowledge 2

3 To your child- Self-determination means…  Knowing and believing in herself/himself  Knowing what she/he wants her/his future to look like and how to plan for that future  Knowing the supports she/he will need to take control of her/his life 3

4 When your youth feels some control=Success for All 4

5 Your child will need self- determination skills…  To advocate for her/his rights and needs.  To be able to explain to others what he/she needs to be successful on the job, in college or training environments, and when living independently. 5

6 Parents: Did you know…  Students who incorporate self-determination goals into their IEP’s and transition plans are more likely to earn higher incomes one year after graduation.  Incorporating choice-making opportunities into behavior support plans improves behavior outcomes.  Instruction in problem-solving skills can lead to improved employment outcomes. (Wehmeyer, 2004; Shogren, Faggella-Luby, Bae & Wehmeyer, 2004; O’Reilly, Lancioni & O’Kane, 2000) 6

7 What can YOU(Parent) do to encourage self-awareness/self-advocacy behavior in your child? Increase Disability and ABILITY awareness in your youth Parents: Have you talked to your child about his/her disability? What it is all about? Have you explained his/her IEP? 7

8 Ways We Can Begin and Continue to Foster the Development of Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy Skills 8

9 Your child’s involvement in the IEP  Builds self-advocacy skills and self-esteem  Gives your child some control over their education  Builds important social and conversational skills;  Teaches the processes of decision-making, goal setting and achievement 9

10 HELLO TO ALL My name is Zachary Brown I want you to know: I am honored to be a Leader with The I’m Determined project I live in Hopewell, Virginia with my mother My girlfriend is Caroline, we met at I’m Determined I have a close relationship /support with my sister Courtney & mom My dad passed away when I was four years old MY DREAMS Be a good student/citizen Work with and teach young children Be more independent Have self-determination Be a successful swimmer Have fun with friends Always be close to God To manage in times of trouble To be tall as my dad 10

11 5 Tools/Strategies to help develop Self- Determination One Pagers Good Day Plan Goal Setting & Attainment Supplemental Worksheets (Rubrics, Articles, All About Me Guide) Student led conferences/IEPS 11

12 My Needs My Interests Name:Date: My Strengths My Preferences 12

13 My Needs My Interests Name: Zachary BrownDate: March 2011 My Strengths My Preferences Organized Patient Working with children Track Swimming Football Manager Music Video games Fun with friends Pray with others Teaching children Working with a partner Visual and hands-on activities Rewrite notes before tests Extended time with all of my work Short, concise directions Study guides 13

14 Accommodations that Work In the Future I Want To I Like To Joe Marks Recycling Stocking at Wal-Mart Delivering the Paper Shopping Attend Homecoming Parade Attend PromAttend Senior Picnic Attend Senior Breakfast Graduate at the Siegel Center Verbal Praise Augmentative Communication System 14

15 What is missing from these tools? Parents: What do you notice about the One Pager? What are we not asking of the student? What is your Disability? Identify your Disability. 15

16 Student-led IEPs Student Participation in IEPs 16

17 The Parent’s Dream…. 17

18 LINDA MY PRAYERS and DREAMS FOR ZACH To adapt to any environment regardless of his disability Happiness Confidence Success Opportunity Good Friends/special young lady Continue to have a close relationship w/ his sister Courtney Independence To always look to God To have protection and favor in his life 18

19 Parent Benefits  Positive relationships with student & parent.  IEP meeting centered on student needs  The IEP process makes sense to everybody involved... “It’s not just paperwork anymore” 19

20 ZACH HOW the i’m determined project helped me to reach my GOALS? Determine my goals Think about what I want to know and how to reach it Make a plan Deal with roadblocks List accomplishments GO FOR IT 20

21 LINDA How has the i’m determined project helped me to support Zach Self-Advocacy and Self-Awareness Skills ? As a parent, the i’m determined project has helped me to support Zach by providing both of us opportunities through i’m determined Youth/Parent Summits…… Most Important *the testimonies shared by the i’m determined youth Tools/Workshops Encouragement Resource/Community Agencies Networking Fellowship/meet with families that have a youth with a disability Support 21

22 Way To Go Zachary!! His Future, His Way… It Takes a Village to Raise a Child… Zachary advocated for himself. He learned about himself. Mom, sister, girlfriend, teachers, all were there for him.. but he lead the way… He ‘s very successful! What’s Next for Zachary? __________________________ 22

23 What’s Next… 1. What will you do to assist your youth to build self-advocacy and self- awareness skills ? 2. Aha Moment! What was your “Aha” moment today? 23

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