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Student Growth Measures Category “B” Teachers VENDOR (STAR)

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1 Student Growth Measures Category “B” Teachers VENDOR (STAR)

2 Today’s Goals Understand the role of STAR in the overall OTES rating Understand how growth will be determined and the use of STAR data reports Understand timelines for implementing student growth & OTES

3 Am I an B1 or B2 Teacher? A teacher with only STAR as a growth measure A teacher with STAR and also SLOs B1 B2

4 B1 Student Growth Percentages 50% STAR

5 B2 Student Growth Percentages 30% SLOs 20% STAR

6 B2 Student Growth Percentages 20% STAR

7 STAR: What Determines Growth? Student Growth Percentile – Comparison of student growth to national peers – Reported on a 1-99 scale – Measured from Fall (1 st ) to Spring (5 th ) test

8 Student Growth Percentile Ratings Below Expected Growth Expected Growth Above Expected Growth

9 Growth Report Bread Crumb Trail: Home  Reports  Growth  (Select Reports) GE: Grade Equivalent PR: Percentile Rank IRL: Individual Reading Level This report will have all your students listed and their individual growth This is the last page of the report Median SGP determines growth for the teacher sorted by teacher’s name.

10 Growth Proficiency Chart Bread Crumb Trail: Home  Additional Reports  Growth Proficiency Chart Proficiency: District Benchmark Growth: Use Appropriate Time Frame Grade: Use Selected Grade Check your browser: You must have IE 9.x or Firefox 11.0 or older.

11 Below Expected Above Growth Translated To Numeric Score For The Teacher

12 STAR Timeline Fall (August-November) Winter (December-February) Spring (March-May) 1 st STAR Assessment (Sets Baseline Score) 3 rd STAR Assessment5 th STAR Assessment (Post-Assessment to determine SGP) 2 nd STAR AssessmentReteach & Intervention STAR scores will be tabulated Analyze data for implications in instruction 4 th STAR Assessment Final Summative Rating

13 B2 Student Growth Percentages 30% SLOs

14 Today’s Goals Understand SLO work ahead Understand the role of SLO’s in the overall OTES rating Understand the SLO and OTES timelines for implementation

15 What work lies ahead in completing SLOs?

16 SLO Work Ahead 2 SLO’s for next year reflective of schedule. All Pre and Post Assessments for use with SLO’s must be submitted by June 15 th. A Student Growth Committee is being formed to: – Approve Assessments (This Summer) – Approve SLOs (Next Fall) Some of the SLO Template can be filled in prior to the school year. Please save everything in your SLO folder on the Staff shared Drive






22 SLO Timeline Fall (August-November) Winter (December-February) Spring (March-May) Administer & Score Pre-Assessment InstructionAdminister & Score Post-Assessment Complete & Submit SLO Template Formative AssessmentComplete & Submit SLO Scoring Packet Revise Returned SLO if Needed Mid Point Check (Optional) Attend Final Summative Conference

23 SLO Scoring Template

24 SLO Rating Expected Growth (30%) Expected Growth (20%) STAR Rating Expected Growth Overall Student Growth Rating

25 Combining SLOs to get a SGM Rating SLOs% GrowthGrowthRating SLO 185% Above Average 4 SLO 278% Above Average 4 SLO 391% Most Effective 5 Average: 4.3  4 Above Average (4) Rating Expected Growth ABOVE EXPECTED EXPECTED BELOW EXPECTED


27 Getting to a Final Rating Teacher PerformanceStudent GrowthFinal Rating 4 Accomplished Expected Proficient


29 Together we will get there!

30 Questions?

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