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In partnership with:. Profile Mixed 11 -16 Foundation School Number on roll1050 Ethnic Background87% Free School Meals29% School Action/Action Plus30%

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1 In partnership with:

2 Profile Mixed 11 -16 Foundation School Number on roll1050 Ethnic Background87% Free School Meals29% School Action/Action Plus30% Statemented Pupils48 (5%) Teaching Staff70 TA’s22 Nurse, ESW, Home Link, Counsellor Oversubscribed – 638 applicants for 210 places Colmers School: Background Information

3 Mission Best individual results possible Good Citizens Colmers School: Background Information

4 Colmers Achievements 5 A* - C 2004 – 53%2009 – 78% 5 A* - C inc English & Maths 2004 – 37%2009 – 54% Average Point Score 2004 – 3662009 - 444

5 Why Learning 4 Life? Like many schools, we found from our Pupils Attitude to Self and School survey (PASS) that students: Lacked necessary self esteem and self confidence Didn’t have the ‘readiness to learn effectively’ Lacked motivation if problems arose in their learning for PASS survey details

6 What is Learning 4 Life? Our course aims to equip students for learning and for life by: Equipping students with learning skills through TRICS Raising aspirations by emphasising pathways Developing emotional intelligence Providing insight into the wider adult world Promoting leadership skills

7 When & Where Learning 4 Life? Tutorial sessions – Tuesdays & Thursdays, 1.55 – 2.15 Materials developed by school and Student Coaching Delivered by all teaching staff (Performance Managed to ensure effective delivery) Essential staff training programme addresses shortfall in skills, consistent delivery & ownership of programme Lessons: Years 7 – 11, 1 hour duration Programme of Study developed by school staff Approx 20 staff now involved in delivery of lessons

8 Identity Learning Success Independence Inter-dependence The Learning Journey

9 Raising Horizons Events intended to inspire, inform and invigorate: Post 16 & Post 18 Education Yr 10 ‘Awayday’ to local universities for experience After completion of research & UCAS forms ‘College Fayre’ event for Year 11 to meet college representatives about post 16 curriculum opportunities Curriculum Enhancement Preparation for the Post-16 ‘Extended Learning’ project - Zimbabwe topic (Citizenship activity also!) Financial Management & Enterprise Education Charity Enterprise Project

10 T.R.I.C.S. QCA’s introduction of Personal, Learning & Thinking Skills into the national curriculum is easily absorbed into Learning 4 Life because they reinforce the messages of the course. Operating across the school and embedded into curriculum areas, we enhance these skills. We call them T.R.I.C.S…..

11 T…for Team Learner A Team Learner will : Show leadership (be able to inspire, listen, compromise & drive the team) Be responsible (know what needs doing, their role in it, share the effort) Be a good communicator (Listens to everyone, is easy to understand, give supportive criticism) Be respectful (Cooperates & values others’ input, is fair & considerate)

12 R…for Reflective Learner A Reflective Learner will be: Self-aware (Knows their strengths & weaknesses, accepts praise/criticism) Thoughtful (Considers work carefully, justifies answers, links prior learning to new) Adaptable (Is flexible with change, deals well with setbacks & understands consequences of their decisions) Able to develop themselves (Sets targets & methods to achieve them, regularly reviews progress against them)

13 I… for Independent Learner An Independent Learner will be: Determined ( Doesn’t give up, takes initiative, is committed to learn) Focussed (Never distracted, committed to task, helps others focus) Individual ( Thinks for themselves and stands up for what they believe in) Organised (Able to plan, prioritise, complete & evaluate their work)

14 C… is for Creative Learner A Creative Learner will be: A Problem-Solver (Offers practical & realistic solutions, experiments until solutions are found) Imaginative (An original thinker, sees things from different sides and can improvise well) Curious (Always interested, finds ways to enjoy their work, eager to discover) A Challenge-Seeker (Enjoys change, takes chances, looks for challenge)

15 TRICS of the Trade TRICS underpin all learning at Colmers: KS3 & KS4 reward systems Activities in lessons explicitly teach, reaffirm and emphasise these skills Assemblies reinforce their relevance to school and to employment KS4 Learning for Life lessons reinforce links with Diplomas and post 16 education

16 Learning Journals A resource for teaching and learning across the school Recording TRIC rewards for personalised pupil profiles Student Action planning based on TRIC skills Resources to support learning in all lessons and available for parents Literacy elements ‘Aim Higher’ resources for post-16 pathways

17 Learning 4 Life Impact Using the PASS survey since 2004-05, we have reliable data to justify our belief that ‘Learning 4 Life’ works… 2004 -052006 - 072007 - 08 Perceived learning capacity AverageAbove average Self regardBelow AverageAverageAbove average Preparedness for learning AverageAbove averageWell above average Confidence in learning Below averageAbove averageWell above average Response to the curriculum Below averageAverageAbove average

18 Learning 4 Life Impact 1.Students continuing into post 16 education increased by 8%. Colleges tell us our students are much better prepared for further study now. 2.Increasing standards of achievement 78% A*-C in 2009. (Three years ago we consistently achieved around 50%) 3.Greater levels of self confidence (PASS Survey 2007 & 2008) 4.“Your students were certainly more mature than some other Year 10 groups we have had so whatever you have added to the water at Colmers, it’s working!” University Aim Higher coordinator, March 2009 5.Greater enjoyment and positive involvement in the education process allowing learning – for life! (Evaluations by Year 11 at end of course)

19 From the horse’s mouth When asked, ‘What have you personally gained from the course’ “It’s a good starting point in which to research my future. It got me thinking and made me question everything about life.” Jake “I have found Learning for Life more interesting than most subjects because it’s about money, problems and careers. I have found the sessions to be reflective… a chance to break from cramming things into my brain.” Amy “[The intention of the course is]… to create awareness. To enable young people to learn about themselves in order to develop and become citizens… not just be clever with good grades but who can think for themselves.” Harriet

20 “I was most impressed by the confidence and honesty of your year 10 and 11 pupils. They were articulate, candid and really gave the proof that L4L works.” Deputy Head, Lincs Want to know more? More details available on our websites: & Tel. 0121 435 9771 Email: “How to use Learning 4 Life to get from Good to Outstanding” Conference at Colmers, Thursday November 5 th.

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