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By Parker Hopkins n-Flag-Russia-Flag-Flag-of- Russia.htmlw.mega-

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1 By Parker Hopkins n-Flag-Russia-Flag-Flag-of- Russia.htmlw.mega-


3  15% - 20% Russian orthodox 2% Christian Islam 10%-15% (includes practicing worshiper only) ssia.html

4 This is Russia's flag. This is their map. Russia is in both northern and eastern hemisphere. Clip art Flag-Russia-Flag-Flag-of-Russia.html misphere.aspx#5 ssia.html

5  Russia's education in free to Russian citizens and managed by the ministry of education through regional administers. Private schools educations are avible but student generally attend public schools until university, when some the chose private education.

6  Russia’s capital city is Moscow.  Their population is 142,500,482 in 2011.  Their population growth rate is 0.48%.  Their life expectancy is 66.46 density per sq mi.  Their GDP is $2,504,000,000,000.  Other cites are St.Petersburg, Novosibrisk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny, Novgorod, samara, Kazan, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Rostovon-Don, Ufa, Volgograd. ry/russia.html /russia.htm

7  Russia is in Asia and on the Eurasian and north American plate plate.

8 17.075.400 sq km 660° longitude 340° latitude

9 When a child loses a tooth he or she put it in a mouse hole. info/profiles

10  Russia is near the pacific ocean a little by the Atlantic ocean and the arctic ocean.  Russia is by china, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Finland, pole land, Georgia, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus. 

11  Some of Russia's land forms are the islands of the Russian far east.  Also the Russian planes.

12  In Russia they speak Russian. info/profiles/Russia/Language

13  There is volcanic activity in Kuril islands.  Also floods happen in parts of Russia.

14  Russian climate ranges from steppes in the south through humid continual in much of European Russia 

15  Russia has major deposits of oil, natural gas, coal.

16  The largest city is Moscow.

17  There is air pollution from industries, abandoned stocks of pesticides, ground water population from toxic waste, transportation in major cities, soil erosion, deforestation. info/profiles/Russia/Environment

18  Currency is Russian ruble(RUB)  They made 4.1 million tons of aluminum in 2009.  They made 35.364 heavy trucks in 2002.  They made 1.21 million cars in 2010.  Growth is – 10.82  info/profiles/Russia/Government

19  Russian Federation  President Vladimir Putin  Russia is an Constitutional Federation. ssia.html

20  Tradition says the Viking Rurik came to Russia in 862 and founded the first Russian dynasty in Novgorod.  In 1709 Duke Ivan III extended Russia's boundaries to the west.  In 1855 Alexander II pushed Russia boarders to the pacific and into central Asia. 


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