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English- speaking Countries.

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1 English- speaking Countries.
1)What countries are marked on this map? 2)What main languages do people speak in those countries? 3)What of their capitals do you know?

2 The UK of GB and Northern Ireland consists of 4 countries:
England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland Their capitals are: London Edinburgh Cardiff Belfast

3 “Union Jack” It is a popular name of the flag of the UK of GB and NI. Union- союз (союзный) symbolizes the union between England and Scotland in “Jack”- флаг, который обычно развевался на мачтах кораблей, указывая на их государственную принад- лежность. The flag consists of three crosses: red vertical St. George’s cross , white diagonal St. Andrew's Cross and red diagonal St. Patrick’s Cross.

4 The emblems. The emblem of England is Red Rose. The emblem of Scotland is thistle. The emblem of Wales is a leek and a daffodil. The emblem of Northern Ireland is a shamrock.

5 Nationalities and Languages.
The official language of G. B. is English. In the UK 19% of the population in Wales speak Welsh (a Celtic lang.); in Scotland 2% of the population speak Gaelic (another Celtic lang.) Countries Nationalities England English Wales Welsh British Scotland Scottish Northern Ireland Irish

6 The Republic of Ireland. The popular name of the country is Eire
The Republic of Ireland. The popular name of the country is Eire. The capital is Dublin. English and Gaelic are the official Languages.                   

7 The USA. The United States of America.
It consists of 50 states and the District of Columbia where the capital is Washington. English is the first state language. People who live in the USA are the Americans.

8 The American National Flag.
“Stars and Stripes” is a popular name of the flag. You can see on it seven red and six white stripes which symbolize 13 states united in 1776. In the left corner you can see blue rectangle with 50 white stars. (the number of states nowadays)

9 New Zealand. A country in the Pacific Ocean
New Zealand. A country in the Pacific Ocean. The official languages are English and Maori. “Kiwi land” is a popular name of the country. Kiwi, a bird is a national symbol of the country. The capital is Wellington.

10 New Zealand. On the blue background in the left corner you can see reduced flag of the UK To the right you can see 4 red stars with white borders. They stand for a galaxy of South Cross, which you can clearly see in N.Z. at night. The nationalities are the New Zealanders and Maori. They like to call themselves the kiwis and the language they speak “kiwi English”.

11 Australia. It is both a continent and a country
which lies between the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. The capital of the country is Canberra. The nationality is the Australians. English is the first state language. The symbols of the country are a kangaroo and an ostrich.

12 Canada. It is a country in North America. “Kanata”
is an Indian word that means village. The capital is Ottawa. English and French are the official languages. People who lives in this country are the Canadians. Popular name is “Lady of the snows”. On the national flag you can see a maple leaf.

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