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SAP Success Factors Overview

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1 SAP Success Factors Overview

2 Changes are in the air for HR
Five generations and impact of millennials create new workforce dynamic Simplify & standardize to increase HR flexibility Globalizations vs. localization companies today work in multicultural environment Talent management still a top 3 CEO priority

3 HCM System need also to change

4 1 platform 1 process

5 What is SF?

6 State of the Art Solutions

7 Beautiful Design Designed for how people work
Engage and Empower everyone

8 Start Anywhere

9 Wisdom of the crowd

10 Wisdom of the crowd

11 Wisdom of the crowd

12 Core HR Employee Central

13 Core HR: Employee Central

14 Core HR: Personal Record

15 Core HR: Employment info.
System support all employee information Public Profile Personal information Employment information Comp & Ben info. Time Off Also support date effectiveness Future changes History Current data

16 Core HR: Org. Chart

17 Be active Take action from anywhere Promote, demote, change info.
Lunch a new process Empower your managers Empower your employees

18 Analytics

19 Away from Office? You can continue engage your employee using the mobile app. Available for Apple & Android devices

20 Integrated Payroll

21 Recruitment Management & Onboarding

22 E2E Job Requisition Management
Create and approve the job requisition Job posting and job boards Customize your recruiting site External agency support Job pipeline management Candidate communication Job agents Interview central

23 Job Req. Pipeline

24 Find the Best Candidates for you

25 Built-in Careers Pages

26 Rec. Solutions: Right people into Right Roles

27 Recruiting Marketing Search Candidate using search engines like google
Customize Landing pages Intelligent job posting



30 Onboarding

31 Onboarding

32 Performance & Goals

33 Performance Solution

34 Performance & Goals Information needed to retain, reward, develop best people Align employees goals with the company objections Deliver review that improve employee engagement Calibrate and rate performance for fact-based decisions The system supports mass update and cascading of goals Throughout the organization Employee can update their goals so that the manager can see the full picture Smart team calibration

35 Goals management

36 Cascading Goals

37 Performance Calibration

38 Analyze Alignment to goal

39 Performance Review

40 Calibration

41 Compensation

42 Compensation

43 Compensation Budget and Allocation Review

44 Compensation Planning Worksheet

45 Payment by Goals and Achievements

46 Talent Management & Succession

47 Succession & Development

48 Succession Org Chart

49 Performance Potential Metrix

50 Learning Management (LMS)

51 Learning Solutions: Addressing Today and Tomorrow

52 Easy Navigation to Courses

53 To do List

54 Catalog Search

55 Tracking of Courses by Managers

56 Learning Administration

57 Create Online Courses

58 iContent – Content as a Service
Storage, Security and version control Eliminates technical headaches Delivers tested and validated content Train Partners Educate customers on products and services Sell courses and certifications

59 Recruiting Management

60 SF Recruiting management
Supports the recruiting department via a End-to-End process Helps to measure the recruitment effectiveness Time to hire Open positions Recruitment Sources effectiveness Engage your candidates External Agency Access

61 Job Requisition Support the process from a request for recruitment
Including job requisition approval workflow

62 Job Posting Control the job requisition visibility
Post internal (company employee), external and for recruitment agencies.

63 Career Sites Publish your positions in the included Career site

64 Agency Access Special portal for external agencies
Allow agencies to submit their candidates directly to your pipeline

65 Manage your pipeline Manage and maintain your positions pipeline
Automatic disqualify candidates that aren’t right for you Connect you candidate in one click

66 Offer Approval Designated workflow for internally approving an offer letter to a candidate Involve relevant parties in the offer approval phase (Finance, VPs, Etc.)

67 Interview Central Allow your interviewers to enter the interview result in an intuitive way. Easily compare between candidates

68 Analytics Control the job requisition visibility
Post internal (company employee), external and for recruitment agencies.

69 Analytics

70 SuccessFactors HR Analytics Solutions

71 Workforce Analytics Fully integrated with all modules Easy to use
Provides insights and tools to drive business strategy Built in metrics and benchmarks Identify leading indicators of effectiveness Links also ERP and CRM data Singe source of workforce productivity truth

72 Workforce Planning

73 Workforce Planning - Demand

74 Workforce Planning - Supply

75 Workforce Planning - Gap

76 Costing and Impact

77 Comparison – What if Analysis

78 Collaboration

79 Social Business Collaboration

80 Collaboration by using SAP Jam

81 SAP Jam enabling


83 Why Advantech Leading Service Provider in Israel, in all areas of HCM
25+ consultants (25% growth) Most of the consultants have more than 10 years of experience Main Customers : Leumi Bank, IDF, GOI, Harel group, Netafim, ICL Group , Israeli police , National insurance, Elbit Group, Tnuva ,Amdocs, Tadiran, Eden springs, Inbal, Lumenis, YES, Given Imaging expertise in Payroll interfaces Technology experts using PI/middleware to other system Agile & flexible group

84 Q&A

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