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Oltenia wine-growing region

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1 Oltenia wine-growing region

2 Viticulture represents a traditional occupation with deep roots in the culture and civilisation of the Romanian people, with significant role in the economy and agriculture of Romania.

3 Romania Europe Oltenia region
Oltenia wine-growing region, through its multiple micro-climates and soils types, but also a complete scale of wine types (white, red and aromatic, distilled of wines) and the culture of table grapes are arguments that Oltenia should be named a veritable wine-growing Romania, in miniature, occupying in the present almost 15-20% from the Romania wine-growing area. Romania Europe Oltenia region

4 21. Sâmbureşti Vineyard 0.14-Tg. Jiu
22. Drăgăşani Vineyard Poiana Cruşetu 23. Dealurile Craiovei Vineyard Segarcea 24. Severinului Vineyard Drăgăneşti- Olt 35. Vineyard Dacilor 36. Calafat Vineyard 37. Sadova-Corabia Vineyard The power of tradition and the pedoclimatic offer from this vast amphitheatre, offered by the natural frame of the Oltenia relief has led to the place for centuries in these area of some piedmontan vineyard (Dragasani, Samburesti, Dealurile Severinului, Craiovei, Dealurile Drancei), danubian vineyards (Dacilor, Calafat, Sadova-Corabia, Severinului), also independent winegrowing (Segarcea).

5 In the wine- growing region of Oltenia, at the beginning of the XX-th century, were cultivated 34 local – traditional varieties (Gordan, Braghina, Corbul, Seina,Vulpea), selected along time by winegrowers, many of them can be still met today in culture. To this genetic inheritance, will be added along time over 14 wine types, a wine varieties (examples Haiduc, Pandur – for red wine; Cramposie, Cramposie sectionata for white wine), a table varieties (Victoria), a varieties for raisins (Calina) and of rootstock type (Dragasani 37 and Dragasani 57) creations of researches for the Experiment Station of Wine- growing Researches Dragasani and the Department of Horticulture of Craiova University.

Muscat Timpuriu de București Auriu de Ștefănești Victoria Muscat de Hamburg Chasselas dorè

7 Soiuri apirene pentru consum în stare proaspătă

8 Soiuri de struguri pentru vinuri albe

9 Soiuri de struguri pentru vinuri roșii

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