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Welcome! Members of the Alabama Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Bill Deery REMTECH, inc.

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1 Welcome! Members of the Alabama Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Bill Deery REMTECH, inc.

2 Alabama based company operating for 30+ Years Current emphasis: Information Technology Services Software Development Started in the Aerospace Industry

3 Software Development Group We identified a problem and a need! Why create a Software Development Group? vs. Why?What? What does the Software Development Group do?

4 The Problem People are bombarded with hundreds of small, but important, pieces of financial information each year They are expected to absorb, understand, and apply all of these pieces of information to their personal lives

5 Building Blocks of Life Building Blocks of Life

6 Why is Financial Education Important? The importance of Financial Education is not something that should be overlooked. Most high school, and even many college students, graduate and enter the work force with no idea how much money they need to be saving, what their potential earnings will be or how to determine what kind of living arrangement they can afford. A working knowledge of basic money management is vitally important to survive in today's fast-paced, high-tech world. Financial Education provides us with the tools and resources necessary to navigate through the roadmap of life.


8 Financial Facts Average American has $7000 to $8000 credit card debt According to the Wall Street Journal nearly 70% of consumers live paycheck to paycheck Average American saved about 10 cents for every dollar in 1980 Today, the Average American saves roughly 2 cents for every dollar 58% of High School Students failed a survey about basic financial knowledge 45% of college students are in debt of $3000 or more





13 Financial Education Quotes “Americans' number one fear is running out of money during retirement.” - USA Today Survey “Individuals need to know that responsible money management is not rocket science, but the financial cost of not starting to save today can have a serious impact on their financial well-being 10, 20, or 30 years down the line.” -Don Blandin, President American Saving Education Council

14 Financial Education Quotes “Teaching our young people to manage their finances should be as much a part of their curriculum as teaching them will impact their ability to purchase a home, raise a family, and prepare for retirement.” -Susan Molinari, National Chairperson Americans for Consumer Education “One of the skills most critical to [students'] success is knowing how to manage money.” - Rod Paige, Secretary of Education

15 Financial Education Quotes “Improving basic financial education at the elementary and secondary school level is essential... Building bridges between community organizations, our educational institutions, and private business will be an essential aspect of our efforts.” - Alan Greenspan, Chairman

16 Government sees the Problem “Consider the fact that the financial tragedy of bankruptcy is growing fastest among young adults in their early 20’s, it becomes clear that we must work to satisfy the natural desire of young people to learn now and therefore reduce this problem for the next generation.” - John W. Snow, Treasury Secretary Government has recently formed Office of Financial Education (OFE) Mission Statement: To ensure that Americans have access to financial education programs that help them obtain practical knowledge and skills to make informed financial choices throughout their lives.

17 The Bank

18 The Power of Compound Interest $0.01 $0.02 $0.04 $0.08 $0.16 $0.32 $0.64 $1.28 $2.56 $5.12 $10.24 $20.48 $40.96 $81.92 $163.84 $327.68 $655.36 $1,310.72 $2,621.44 $5,242.88 $20,971.52 $41,943.04 $83,886.08 $167,772.16 $335,544.32 $671,088.64 $1,342,177.28 $2,684,354.56 $10,485.76 Today $25,000 $5,368,709.12 OR Today One penny with 100% interest compounded daily for the next 30 Days

19 Work Five Summers to become a Millionaire

20 Technology & Financial Education

21 Officially released in January 2003 Pilot sites in Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Connecticut, Michigan, & Washington D.C. 36 major financial topics & 216 financial concepts Unique features:Custom personalized timeline, interactive graphics, updateable data, built-in calculator, user reference guide, glossary of financial terms Both Student and Teacher feedback has been extremely positive TimeMAPS Tutorial Information

22 TimeMAPS Tutorial Application Innovative & Interactive User Friendly Computer Technology Graphics & Timelines Personalized Reports Getting a Job Budgeting Saving & Investing Buying a House Retirement




26 Contact us if you are interested in using the TimeMAPS Tutorial in your school. 205-682-7900

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