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3 School Workforce Census 2014

4 SIMS Documentation In the following slides there is a ‘potted’ version of the information you will need in order to ensure that your data is ready for School Workforce Census. Full guides are available herehere

5 School Workforce Census 2014 - Changes QTS route now to be included for all staff who, since the previous school workforce census, have taken up their first position since qualifying as a teacher, regardless of when they qualified. (SIMS continues to return what it finds entered) School Direct and School Direct (salaried) now included in the range of QTS routes. Base pay (pre-tax annual salary) now has to be included for all staff even if Pay Spines and Points are included. Pay Spine and Points continue to be included for Leadership Scale. This data will be taken from Pay Award and Actual Salary amounts dependent on whether you are using spinal points or pay ranges. ‘Advanced Skills Teacher’ and ‘Excellent Teacher’ pay scales have been superseded by 'Leading Practitioner'.

6 Change to Teacher Posts The DfE SWC Post of Classroom Teacher has now been replaced with:  Classroom Teacher, main pay range and  Classroom Teacher, upper pay range You will need to edit the posts for teachers in these categories in Tools \ Staff \ Pay Related

7 Change to Teacher Posts Open the Teachers Service Term and select a Post You will see that Classroom Teacher is now in red. Select the appropriate new category. Click the drop-down for SWC Post

8 Attention All Academies Additional School Information Focus | School | School Details Where a school converting to an Academy has changed name and /or DfE number you must reflect that change in SIMS Please request the utility to do this from us

9 Attention All Academies Additional School Information Focus | School | School Details Unique Reference Number School Type and School Governance Previous School Name and Date Name Changed if appropriate Previous Estab Number and Date Number Changed if appropriate Previous URN Number and Date Number changed* *All schools will receive a new URN when converting to academy status. The Date Number Changed will be used by the census software to identify contract information which is in the scope of the return. This is so that where there is no name change there is no requirement to populate the previous name field.

10 Attention All Academies Based on the Date Number Changed field: Contracts, Allowances and Absences that ended before the start date are not collected Contracts that started before the start date and continued afterwards are collected and a warning will show in SWC Allowances starting before the start date and continuing afterwards...only data after the start date is collected Absences starting before the start date and continuing afterwards trigger a warning to inform you the data will not be included

11 Before you start....... Permissions Make sure you have adequate permissions – you will need to be a member of Personnel Officer, Returns Manager and Returns Operator. This will ensure you are able to create and edit the return and also carry out any required editing of records in SIMS Personnel.

12 Before you start........ Fileset Check the version of the Fileset. When you create a new SWC you will see the Fileset version at the top. Current version is 170 but we will be sending new files as they are released. You can import a new Fileset via Tools | Import Fileset – the latest is available herehere

13 Before you start....... Import the Latest Pre-defined Reports Reports | Import Import the latest report file entitled Predefined_Reports_v7158.RptDef which you will find in your C:\Program Files | SIMS | folder

14 The Dates School Workforce Census Day 6th November 2014 Absences 1 st September 2013 to 31 st August 2014 Continuous Contracts 1 st September 2013 to 6th November 2014

15 Who is included? School workforce level data is required for teachers and support staff that work for schools if they are in regular service. How to check they are regular..... Staff are said to be in regular service if they have completed service of 28 days or more with the school, or are expected to do so, before the end of their contract or service agreement.

16 Including........... Teachers employed by the school, both with and without QTS Support staff employed directly by the school Teachers working at the school who have been supplied by an agency or an LA if the LA is acting like a supply agency Staff on paid or unpaid absence, whether long or short term

17 Who is NOT included? Temporary staff with service of less than 28 days and who are not expected to complete service of 28 days or more Casual staff without contracts employed on an ad hoc basis PGCE students on teaching practice Trainee teachers on a School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) programme Staff working in extended school service provision, eg breakfast and after school clubs, Surestart and Children’s Centres. Staff employed by the LA that provide support to schools eg peripatetic music teachers, advisory teachers, educational psychologists, educational welfare officers Teachers only engaged in the One to One Tuition Programme Governors and voluntary staff Staff for whom there is no role identifier code that equates to the function they carry out, eg clerk to governors, school crossing patrol staff and School Improvement Partners (SIPs) Staff whose contracts finished prior to 1 September 2013

18 Which Fields in SIMS? Personnel Details Tab

19 Which Fields in SIMS? Basic Details

20 Which Fields in SIMS - Personal The following slides show the necessary fields in blue. Further information can be found on the detail of these fields in the Preparing for the School Workforce Census 2014 Return document starting on page 19. Personal Information

21 Which Fields in SIMS Check that the address has a valid post code and house name or number. N.B. BFPO numbers can now be added as post codes

22 Which Fields in SIMS - Absences NB: Training absences are not collected Where an absence is ongoing on census day and the end date is not known leave Working Days Lost blank. However there is a validation to ensure that this field is completed where there is an end date.

23 Which Fields in SIMS Professional Details Tab

24 Which Fields in SIMS - Professional Professional HLTA Status should be completed for those with the qualification even if they are not employed as such. QTS Route is only for unqualified teachers

25 Which Fields in SIMS - Qualifications Please see page 54 of the DfE guidance for information on what qualifications you record and for whom.

26 Which Fields in SIMS Employment Details Tab

27 Which Fields in SIMS – Employment Details Please note that the Teacher Number should be the English Teacher Number. The DfE notes state that Welsh numbers are now also accepted The Employment Start Date should be the latest. Care should be taken to ensure that there are no periods in an employment record which are without a Contract or Service Agreement so that Employment Start and Leaving Dates are a true reflection of the Employment Dates.

28 Which Fields in SIMS – Contract Details Contract End Date and Destination when appropriate SWR Post pulls through from Pay Related Definitions

29 Which Fields in SIMS – Contract Salary Pay Scale and Regional Pay Spine pull through from Pay Related Definitions N.B. This year there will be a validation on the Regional Pay Spine

30 Which Fields in SIMS – Contract Salary This shows a record where the staff member is paid on a salary range. The census will pick up the Actual Salary

31 Which fields in SIMS – Contract Allowance Category of Additional Payment pulls through from Pay Related Definitions

32 Which Fields in SIMS - Role Each Contract and Service Agreement must have at least one Role

33 Which Fields in SIMS – Service Agreement For teaching staff only where the teacher is in regular service but is contracted to another organisation. Either report amounts in Total Pay and SWC Base Pay or Daily Rate

34 Mapping DfE Subject Codes Tools | Setups | Subjects Secondary, Upper and Middle schools should remember to add mappings for any new subjects

35 Schools Using Cover and Manage Classroom Staff Please note that some actions in Cover and Manage Classroom Staff produce automatic entries in Personnel. When adding an absence in Cover the absence is also added in Personnel but will require extra information for SWC When adding a booking for a supply teacher in Cover a Service Agreement will be added in Personnel but will require extra information for SWC. When adding a record in Manage Classroom Staff a record with very basic information will also appear in Personnel. Note that this record will have the Eligible for SWR tick in place.

36 Running the Return Demo

37 Jim Haywood (Product Manager for Statutory Returns) Pupil Premium 2014/15 - Importing and Maintaining Version 1.2

38 Downloading the DfE CSV file for Financial Year 2014/15

39 Downloading the DfE CSV File  We expect the DfE to make two versions of the CSV file available to schools  We expect the first version to be made available by the DfE around June/July and the second around October  We expect that it will make no difference whether the first or second version is imported as only the financial information will change and that is not imported into SIMS

40 Downloading the DfE CSV File  It is important to download the DfE CSV file to a secure folder as it includes UPN and information that can indicate vulnerability, e.g. in care with local authority

41 This is what we expect the DfE CSV file to look like when opened in Notepad

42 Importing Information from the DfE CSV file


44 We can tick to indicate which types of Pupil Premium we want to import from the DfE file. The Deprivation Pupil Premium and Service Child Premium are ticked by default in line with what was available for import last year We suggest that Looked After Premium is not worth importing as it is likely to provide an incomplete and out of date picture, i.e. it is only included where it is stopping the school from receiving other premiums and it is not based on School Census information

45 Updating of the Pupil Premium Indicator always excludes the types that the user has decided not to import, but we have made it possible to import the premium type without updating the Indicator. This can be helpful where the school wants to import the information but doesn’t want the information to be readily available via the Indicator


47 Once we indicated what we want to import and update we must choose the CSV file to import

48 Unfortunately, the DfE is using a different format for the CSV file name to what we expected. The DfE filename format is pp_1415_SSSSLLL_N.csv where SSSS is the School Number, LLL is the LA Number and N is the download number. Our import functionality is expected a format of pp_data_1415_LLLSSSS_N.csv So if the DfE provided a CSV file for our Green Abbey training data it would have a filename of pp_1415_4321823_1.csv and in order to import we would have to change this to pp_data_1415_8234321_1.csv It is now too late to get the DfE to use the expected filename. Fortunately, it is just a matter of renaming the file before importing.

49 Please note that this Green Abbey CSV files is available from the ZIP that provided this presentation



52 Once we are happy that we have selected the right file, we tick import to bring the information in from the file.

53 At this point the information has just been added to a temporary table and we must click Save to add this to the “real” tables

54 Service Child Premium and Adopted from Care Premium has been imported for William (Bill) Ackton. We opted for Adopted from Care Premium NOT to update the Pupil Premium Indicator, but the Pupil Premium Indicator for this pupil will still get the Pupil Premium Indicator updated as we opted to update Pupil Premium Indicator for Service Child Premium.

55 We can check the Pupil Premium Indicator for Bill Ackton in Student Details







62 The ticks are as we expect


64 Maintaining Pupil Premium information


66 By default saving Maintain Pupil Premium information will not update the Pupil Premium Indicator, but we can add ticks for each Pupil Premium Type as desired.












78 We don’t fill in the Academic Years, as the application will use the Financial Year start and end dates to calculate this.



81 SIMS Seminar September 2014 School Census Autumn 2014

82 School Census Autumn 2014 Documentation The information that follows will give you bullet points about the data required and any changes since last time. Full documentation to assist with the preparation of your data and how to run the return can be found herehere

83 The Dates for All Schools Census Day: Thursday, 2nd October 2014 Attendance Data: Terms 5 & 6 (21 st April 2014 to 31 st July 2014) for those statutory aged on 31 st August 2013 Exclusions: Terms 3 & 4 (1 st January 2014 to 20 th April 2014) Free School Meal Eligibility(NOT Universal): 16 th May 2014 to 2 nd October 2014

84 Post-16 Dates – previous academic year Learning aims will be collected for any students who: have been on roll in the school at any point between 1 August 2013 and 31 July 2014, and were in actual national curriculum year group 12 or above in that period, regardless of their age, and for whom the school wishes to claim post-16 funding from the EFA This may include students who have left school prior to the autumn census day.

85 Post-16 dates – current academic year Learning aims will be collected for any students who: were on roll in the school at any point between 1 August 2014 and census day, and were in actual national curriculum year group 12 or above in that period, regardless of their age, and for whom the school wishes to claim post-16 funding from the EFA

86 Before you start Check: Ensure you have applied the SIMS Summer 2014 Upgrade Import the latest fileset – upgrade comes with v170 latest will be made available (currently 172) New pupils – are they all on roll Leavers – have they been taken off roll UPNs – do all pupils have one Exclusions SEN FSM Attendance – no Missing Marks / Unexplained Absences Hours at a Setting and Funded Hours (Nursery pupils only) Class Type (not Secondary or Middle Schools)

87 The Fileset Fileset 172: Filesets contain the validation rules that are run across census data and if necessary give you your errors. Make sure you are running the correct version. We will be sending the latest fileset shortly, currently 172, by email with instructions on how to import. You can see which fileset is being used on the opening page in School Census.

88 Unexplained Absences and Missing Marks Attendance Check for missing marks and unexplained absences – Focus, Attendance, Deal with Unexplained Absences and Deal with Missing Marks. Missing marks and Unexplained absences will be counted as unauthorised absences in Census

89 Year 11 Attendance Attendance Attendance Codes for Year 11 Students: By now you should have entered 27 June 2014 for your students who did not return into Year 12 in September Use attendance code X for 27 June to end of Term 6 for current year 12 students.

90 Hours at Setting and Funded Hours Hours at a Setting and Funded Hours (nursery pupils only) Route Tools, Statutory Return Tools, Update Hours for Early Years

91 Update Class Type Class Type - Nursery N or Other O Route Tools, Statutory Return Tools, Update Class Type

92 Top-up Funding Update Students with Top-up Funding Tools \ Statutory Return Tools \ Update Top-up Funding

93 Adopted from Care Schools are now asked to include all children adopted from care and not just who were adopted from care after 30 December 2005. Tools \ Statutory Return Tools \ Update Adopted from Care

94 Universal Infant Meals School Census will collect information on pupils who had a school meal on census day for those who are in years R, 1 and 2 plus those who are not following the national curriculum and are aged 4 to 6. This will be collected in panel 7 as shown below

95 Schools Census Autumn 201 Demo

96 SIMS Seminar Autumn 2014 Short Comfort Break

97 SIMS Seminar September 2014 School Census Autumn 2014 Post-16

98 Post-16 The slides which follow are intended to show you the changes and to provide an overview of the new functionality provided to enable the completion of the Post-16 information required for the School Census. If you would like to investigate further there is a session on Thursday 18 th September 9:30 – 12:30 at Maidenhead Town Hall. If you would be interested to attend please email

99 The Changes Planned End Dates can now be populated from 2 sources: Populate planned end dates from Course Manager Populate planned end dates from previous returns

100 The Changes Qualification and Non-qualification hours will be collected for the last and the current academic years The core learning aim must be identified for students on vocational or mixed programmes of study There is a full-time employed student indicator for any student working 20 hours or more on the census date

101 Data collected For students in actual year 12 or above regardless of age: AO QAN and Discount Code where a result exists, otherwise the QWS QAN Learning Aim Start Date Learning Aim Planned End Date Learning Aim Actual End Date Learning Aim Status (Completed etc) Core Learning Aim where applicable

102 Data Collected A RESIT….. Occurs when an examination is taken again or coursework resubmitted but no lessons are attended. These are NOT collected A RETAKE…. Occurs when a student is retaking a complete qualification, including attendance at regular lessons. These will be collected for 2013\14 but not for 2014\15. The exception to this is where students are retaking Maths and English GCSE as they have not achieved grade C.

103 Data Collected Remember: A Learning Aim is a Course……… …………………………………………a Course is an Award


105 Structuring Exams Basedata Remember that you need to be able to add an individual award to an individual course. Structure your Exams basedata so that it is split into individual awards. ONE AWARD=ONE COURSE

106 Course Manager In Course Manager you will have: Courses that have been created when Nova-T was sent to SIMS Courses that have been created manually Some courses may relate to more than one award. In these cases you will need to make some manual changes. ONE COURSE=ONE AWARD

107 Course Manager Settings Tools \ Academic Management \ Course Manager \ Course Management Settings Set the defaults for all courses. Note the Planned Hours Threshold

108 Course Manager Settings Where the default does not apply to a specific level this can be set in the lower half of the same screen: Plus Default Qualification and Non-Qualification Hours by level

109 Update Course Memberships Ensure that you have run: Tools \ Academic Management \ Course Manager \ Update Course Memberships You should do this in both academic years that are relevant for this census as the routine is academic year specific

110 Update QANs Ensure that your QWS QANs are up to date by downloading the latest file from: You will need: Awarding bodies Discount codes Qualification types Current QAN Import the files via Tools \ Examinations \ Import Qualification Data

111 Core Aim Tools \ Academic Management \ Course Manager \ Maintain Course Note that the dates are for the academic year, not the Census View so that the Core Aim shows

112 Programme of Study Where default Qualification and Non-Qualification hours were completed in the Course Manager Settings these are showing. Values can be updated manually if incorrect. Where a threshold has been set in Course Manager Settings totals which are below this value will be shown in yellow

113 Learning Aims Panel in the Census The previous slides show the various areas where Learning Aims information can be updated in preparation for Census. As in previous years the Learning Aims panel can be updated on the Census return:

114 Further Documentation You will find further documentation about preparing your data and running the census: 001099C6/FOV1-001099CA/FOV1-00127E56/


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