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© Tradesmann THE UNIQUENESS OF.© Tradesmann 56 year old historical business model.

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1 © Tradesmann THE UNIQUENESS OF

2 Tradesmann 56 year old historical business model

3 Tradesmann Serves more than 600 selective essential products to common masses

4 Tradesmann Identifies and trade in products those appreciate in value And are not perishable

5 Tradesmann Added more than 80 brand new products during last one year

6 Tradesmann ANOTHER 100 brand new products WILL BE ADDED during the current year

7 Tradesmann Owns more than 100 Brands

8 Tradesmann Not dependant on others brand and holds to market leadership brands

9 Tradesmann Manufacturing Products Contribute MORE THAN 35% To the revenue

10 Tradesmann Largest producer & market leader in steel BHW CONTRIBUTING 10% to the revenue

11 Tradesmann high duty trading products ARE CONVERTED TO manufacturing

12 Tradesmann Majority of the products has the potential to grow more than 48% during each year

13 Tradesmann Established with Over 300 longstanding local & foreign suppliers with direct access to factories

14 Tradesmann 7 strategically designed independent business units to cater all sectors

15 Tradesmann 56 year old door-door distribution system

16 Tradesmann Sells to more than 15,000 wholesale & retail outlets island-wide

17 Tradesmann Proven credit control system which extends unsecured credits & manages within 0.25% doubtful debts

18 Tradesmann Revenue has grown more than 30% each year

19 Tradesmann present infrastructure is built To accommodate revenue of more than $100m

20 Tradesmann Longstanding stable management with a young Corp Management team

21 Tradesmann Landed properties in strategic location for future AIO concept

22 Tradesmann Investor will generate profit from day one

23 Tradesmann Sri Lanka is a safe investment heaven and unexploited developing country

24 Tradesmann The ideal Business model to enter Sri Lanka market also to venture into giant House hold & Building material AIO supermarket chain (An unexploited area)

25 Tradesmann A business model with synergy to be cloned globally

26 © Tradesmann THANK YOU

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