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development & maturity

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1 development & maturity
Transition Year 2015/16 Education through experience of ADULT & WORKING LIFE as a basis for personal development & maturity Clonkeen College

2 Transition Year History
Introduced in 1973. First Clonkeen TY in 1986. Nationally TY grew haphazardly in following years. Mainstreamed by Dept of Education in 1994. 2006 – in over 85% of all post-primary schools. Over 70% of all schools taking TY have made it compulsory.

3 Transition Year Aims Education for Education through MATURITY
experience of ADULT & WORKING LIFE as a basis for personal development & maturity Education for MATURITY with emphasis on social awareness & increased social competence Promotion of general, technical and academic SKILLS with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and self-directed learning

4 ESRI Assessment 2005 Taking Transition Year has an impact on students’ academic outcomes, even taking account of initial differences between participants and non-participants. On average, students who take part in Transition Year achieve higher Leaving Certificate exam grades and are more likely to go on to higher education than non-participants. However, not all students do better academically as a result of taking Transition Year. This is the case for two groups of students: Male students who work part-time and continue to work up to their Leaving Certificate year. Students in more disadvantaged schools where the programme is compulsory.

5 Some Important Points Critical stage in teenage development
Space to grow and mature Recognises that there are many ways to be “smart” More informed choice of Leaving Cert subjects Skills foundation for Leaving Certificate Life Skills Third-level drop-out

6 TY is School Based Focus of a school’s particular cohort of students
Expertise of teachers utilised Individual syllabi devised Varied teaching and learning Varied Assessment School-based certification Outside certification Inspectorate monitored Clonkeen TY assessed twice by inspectorate – as a stand-alone area and as part of a whole school assessment (See DES website for reports)

7 Balance in the Curriculum

8 Layers of TY Structure TY Specific Layer Calendar Core

9 Core Layer English French Maths Gaeilge

10 Optional Subjects 2014-15 Creative Writing Horticulture YSI Music

11 Parent-Teacher Meeting
Three Term Structure Work Experience Visiting Speakers Outdoor Pursuits Life Skills Tourism Trips 3 Term Reports Parent-Teacher Meeting Calendar Layer

12 TY Specific Layer Politics Tourism Trips Computers - ECDL Drama
Legal Studies Public Speaking Theatre/Film Outings Social Concern Cartoon/Film Making

13 Students Awarded ECDL Certificates TY Class of 2013-14

14 Life Skills Sailing Canoeing Rock Climbing Self-Defence Ice Skating
Gaisce Awards

15 Practicalities Applications to principal for opt-out from TY by Fri 17th April 2015. Division of third year classes. Finance – a contribution of £500 to pay all the year’s costs: transportation, admission costs, outside personnel, renewal of book stocks etc. First £250 – Fri 22nd May 2015 Second £250 – Fri 11th September 2015 Very few textbooks needed. Copy-books, a large envelope folder…

16 Obligations Full participation in all aspects of year.
Students Parents Full participation in all aspects of year. Full attendance and punctuality. Contract of Learning. Normal school rules apply. Uniform. Be interested as in all other years. Beware part-time work. Offer any expertise you have. Encourage your son and only provide notes for genuine absences. Be open to differences.

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