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Year 8 Careers.

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1 Year 8 Careers

2 What is a Career? Definition in the Oxford Dictionary “An individual's course or progress through life” Not long ago people would find a job and stay with it for life, now people change often like I have to suit their needs either due to circumstances beyond their control or through choice

3 My career path Victoria College – Careers Officer
Victoria College - Administrator Training Agency Nanny Agency Bank Children Travel Bank Travel Agent Secondary School

4 Cool Careers Lewis Hamilton – Racing Driver Brad Pit – Actor RAF Pilot

5 Cool Careers When I put in a search into google they came up with
Actuary Clergy Man

6 Careers Competition Competition will take place over 5 weeks
The aim of the competition is to research a career You will have an introduction to the careers library by Mrs Harrison and Mrs Job, you will do some work on stereotypes, skills and talents needed for work, presentation skills and this will all be done during tutor time You will have workbooks to use during tutor time but you can work on these at any time!! You will work in teams for the competition There is a bit of fun involved as I have included a couple of games which I hope to come and see Need to have display and presentation completed by 23rd March in front of your class and a class vote will decide on the best to be put forward to the judges. Mr Evans and I will judge the final displays and presentations on 27th April -please put team names on rather than your own names so we can be more objective

7 Careers Competition Careers will be part of your education over the next 5 years. You will learn lots from decision making to self awareness, interview skills and Uni choices Year 9 – options information Year 10 – work experience Year 11 Work experience and transition into A Level, work, or Diplomas Year 12 – working towards University, world of work, life after Victoria College Year 13 – applications for other institutions or work

8 The objective in year 8 is for you to learn a little more about careers and about yourselves
You will find out how, where and who to obtain information from HAVE FUN!

9 Extra Prize For the best understandable (to all) explanation of an Actuary (don’t forget to use your new skills to investigate what this is)

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