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Career Studies GLC2O Introduction youtube. com/watch

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1 Career Studies GLC2O Introduction http://www. youtube. com/watch

2 “You become a professional when you behave like a professional – not when you are treated like one. In fact, the most important time to behave like a professional is when you’re not being treated like one.” ~ Anonymous

3 Why are you taking this course?
Well, it is part of the Ontario Curriculum, but why did the government choose to add this course?

4 To help you develop and achieve personal goals in regards to education and work
To help you explore postsecondary learning options To prepare you for community-based learning To help you build the capabilities needed for managing work and life transitions To help you make decisions about your future To help you learn about the world around you To help you get to know yourself … And many more…

5 Definitions Career Studies 10
Profession An occupation or career. Occupation A cluster of jobs with similar tasks and skills performed at a variety of locations.

6 Definitions Career Studies 10
A chosen path, profession, or occupation; the sum of one’s life experiences. A career includes all of an individual’s work, learning, recreational, community, and family roles.

7 Definitions Career Studies 10
Job A specific set of duties performed for a specific employer in a prescribed location or range of locations for a specific rate of pay. Work Physical or mental effort or activity directed towards the production or accomplishment of something.

8 Definitions Career Studies 10
Vocation An occupation requiring specific training – includes areas like teaching, construction, medicine, etc.

9 Six Destinations: Career Choices
Where will you be after High School? University College Military Apprenticeship Workforce (Entrepreneurship/Employment) Private Training (Hairstylist, Massage Therapy, Pilot)

10 Career Studies will prepare or guide you towards all six destinations
What effort you put into this course will determine how prepared you are for your future There are 3 main areas of study in this course: Personal Management Exploration of Opportunities Preparation for Transitions and Change

11 How will you be Evaluated?
Term Work 60% Career Portfolio 20% Career Fair/Bulletin Board Presentation 10% Final Exam 10%

12 Guidelines Homework: Very little if any if you use class time wisely
Late/Missed Work: Your responsibility to catch up Don’t hand it in = no mark (0) Extra Time: IEP, previously agreed to by the teacher Cheating/Plagiarism: earn a mark of zero (0) Learning Skills/Work Habits: Life skills (Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative, Self Regulation)

13 Ted Talks about Careers
A new way to work/find a job after College/University -“Free Work”.

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