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Welcome to Year 6.

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1 Welcome to Year 6

2 Year 6 Staff Alun Randell Tracy Hawes Caroline Walsh
Teaching Assistant Vicky Hawkins Tina Scully Mrs Smith

3 What’s good about Year 6. Top of the school
What’s good about Year 6? Top of the school! Preparation for transition to secondary. Lots of opportunities for challenge. The topics! Increasing independence and responsibilities. Mentoring younger pupils and caring for others. Chance to interact across the year group, culminating in our Year 6 production. Residential trip.

4 Topics for the year Ancient Greece Shima! The Stone Age
The Way of the Dodo Our Future What a Performance!

5 What we do in…. Reading (Guided Reading sessions daily)
Maths (Mental maths, 5 discrete sessions; on-going termly assessments) Writing (Reviewing genres in blocks of 3 weeks, immersing ourselves in the text, innovating and inventing. Grammar is incorporated within the main literacy lesson, with some discrete booster lessons) Spelling (Weekly focus, structured home spellings)

6 Assessment Continuous teacher assessments, not purely a year of tests! However…. Statutory written assessments in Reading and Maths, Grammar and Spelling in May 2015 Statutory teacher assessments in Reading, writing, Maths, Grammar and Spelling and Science in May/June 2015

7 Learning at Home Homework
Numeracy homework give every Friday- in on Tuesday English (Learning Journal entry) or Science/ topic homework in addition every other week Homework Club on Wednesday Lunch time! Homework Challenge Project (4/5 weeks) Weekly Spelling Lists (test on Friday) Weekly Times Tables (for timed challenges) Homework updates are posted on the website on Thursdays. Revision/Prep/Extra work etc Prep work for SATs will come around Easter Holidays

8 Additional Homework Task Time spent per week on Homework Task Reading
Phase Maths Additional Homework Task Time spent per week on Homework Task Reading Time spent on reading per day as a guide Spellings Times Tables Challenge and enrichment FS Books go home as chosen by the children and families 10 min Letters and Sounds graphemes are shared by differentiation via the website. Web link on the website Show and Tell KS1 Weekly maths task (Y1 from T3) 10-15mins 10 min reading aloud to an adult 3-5 key words (tested informally) Focus upon 2, 5, 10, 3 and 4 times tables (by end of Key Stage). Y2 Optional topic based homework as appropriate. Optional termly writing challenge LKS2 Weekly maths task One task every other week to focus upon literacy or topic. 20-25mins Books go home as chosen by the children 10 min reading aloud to an adult or 20 minutes reading independently 8-10 words differentiated (weekly test) Focus upon times tables (by end of Year 4). Optional topic based homework as appropriate. UKS2 30-45mins 10 min reading aloud to an adult or 30 minutes reading independently 10 words differentiated Focus upon 1-12 and related division facts. Termly writing challenge.

9 Parent plea Trips: Lifeskills, Topic related trips eg Stourhead.
Sports and Clubs . In class projects: Greeks, Japan, The Stone Age, Evolution, Our future, What a performance (Year 6 Production) . Regular support hearing readers, practising mental maths. School Uniform; PE kits.

10 Year 6 Residential Visit
July – destination and dates being finalised. Likely cost £200


12 Activities Activities Abseiling, Archery, Beach visits, Quantock walks, Challenge Course, Initiative Exercises, Orienteering, Rifle Shooting, Grass Sledging Survivor and High Ropes course Evening Entertainment: e.g. Camp fire, Team games, Trivia Hunt, Disco

13 Price £200 per pupil Need a confirmation slip and deposit of £40 by end of September. 3 further payments due by end of November/February/May

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