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2 Anthem: Symbol And Color
The symbol that I chose for Anthem was the Thought bubble because it shows that he was able to think on his own, and that shows individuality. The color that I chose for Anthem is Blue, because Blue represents peace, spirituality, spiritual energy, intellect, inspiration, stability, trust, loyalty, truth, and confidence, which is what I believe Anthem describes.

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This Tagzedo was created by me to show how I felt about Anthem. To me, it expresses how he finds himself and becomes an individual.

4 Notable Quotes “We awoke when a ray of sunlight fell across our face. We wanted to leap to our feet, as we have has to leap to our feet every morning of our life, but we remembered suddenly that no bell had rung and that there was no bell to ring anywhere.” “Then here, on this mountain top, with the world below me and nothing above me but the sun, I shall live my own truth.”

5 Step Inside: As Equality 7-2521
Q1-What might the person care deeply about? A1-The Golden One, freedom, and showing the scholars their discovery of light. Q2-What might that person wonder about of question? A2- He might wonder/question why everyone in their city is not allowed to be individual.

6 How I felt about Anthem (Personal Statement)
I thought that it was a great novel because in this century, everyone is absorbed in their own thing and they don't really talk that much to other people because they are self absorbed and becoming the same person, like in Anthem. So I think it has even more meaning now because it kind of tells you that you should become your own person.

7 Connection between ANTHEM and me
In ANTHEM, Equality discovers himself, and is able to express himself because of this, something that I have experienced that is similar to this is finding myself and not being the person that everyone wants me to be, but learn how to express myself in front of my piers and friends at school.

8 Why people should be able to express their individuality
Because if they can't, they will never learn. In the novel, the government doesn't allow them to be individual, why do you think that is?

9 Level 2 Question: Q:By using the word "EGO", what does
Equality mean? A:Now that Equality knows that he's an individual, he figures out that everything is all about him and him alone. "Egoism".

10 IMAGE That I Chose For ANTHEM

11 Making Inferences What the author wanted the reader to think about the main character----That he learns how to show individuality and that makes me ( the reader) think that the main character was not afraid of what might happen. I think this because in the book, he says, “Tomorrow, in the full light of day, we shall take our box, and leave our tunnel open, and walk through the streets to the Home of the Scholars. We shall put before them the greatest gift ever offered to men....”


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