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Ken Chad Executive Director Libraries + Web 2.0 =?

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1 Ken Chad Executive Director Libraries + Web 2.0 =?

2 Something’s up Innovation: technology & business models There is opportunity for us to grasp But libraries are a small domain So let’s work together Shared Innovation The debate


4 “The software industry is in the midst of a quiet but dramatic revolution. The implications of this revolution – increased innovation, new business models, technology discontinuities, and global capability shifts – could be even more profound than previous industry transitions”.

5 “Many innovations, collectively termed Web 2.0, will fully reach the enterprise – as in previous cycles, innovation developed for individual users will translate into substantial enterprise opportunities”.

6 So what has this to do with libraries?

7 People visit libraries

8 Nice buildings!

9 97% had visited a public library 59% were registered library users Source: Perceptions of Libraries & Information Resources, 2005

10 People use the online catalogue

11 Nice OPACs?

12 17% had used the online catalogue at least once a month Source: Perceptions of Libraries & Information Resources, 2005

13 “The OPAC sucks”

14 Top Tech Trends June 27th, 2005 Andrew Pace, Head, Information Technology, NCSU Libraries The OPAC sucks Dis-integration of library systems Roy Tennant, User Services Architect California Digital Library Mix of technologies: what’s being called "Web 2.0" Silo systems suck

15 The “ Competition ”


17 “ How do people find stuff? ”

18 “..organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful..”

19 Do these “OPACs” suck?

20 Who wrote the tender/RFP for Google or Amazon ?

21 So what went wrong with libraries’ online presence?

22 Innovative Participative Relevant Nimble User centric User centric Responsive Cool Small pieces, loosely coupled Small pieces, loosely coupled

23 So how can we make the user’s online experience of libraries better?

24 Innovative Participative Relevant Nimble User centric Responsive Cool Web 2.0 ! Small pieces, loosely coupled

25 Library 2.0 - we can do it too/better (?)

26 Library 2.0 the pervasive library liberate your data Let users add and edit data disaggregate library systems......and bring them together shared innovation.


28 It needs a “Platform”...Why? A common set of sub systems Takes away the complexity Does the “heavy lifting” Focus development on more value add Reduces costs.

29 Sharing a Platform Platform

30 Nurture a community Liberate (and aggregate) data Develop common standards Unleash innovation Reduce costs

31 A platform for “loosely coupled components”

32 Talis Whisper --a proof of concept. Think of it as a “container” for platform “components”









41 ……….a platform on which others can build applications. Inter Library Loans Maybe like this?

42 ………. And can enrich existing applications.

43 Much is possible... and we have started



46 Live link to the local OPAC via the Talis Directory

47 Putting the library in the portal

48 Resource discovery is now free !

49 “The National Library of Wales has taken the decision to co-operate in this venture by contributing data to make its holdings available within Talis Source. We clearly see the benefits of providing our data to a platform on which others can build applications." Andrew Green, the Librarian at the National Library of Wales,

50 Free makes business sense

51 Lowers the barriers to participation Enables rapid adoption Ecosystem A foundation for added value Free –too good to be true?

52 business models are changing...

53 Disruption and disintermediation

54 Some challenges Stakeholders Leadership Standards Data licensing models Procurement models Risk taking

55 Where are you? MLA ? JISC ? CILIP ? SCL ? SCONUL ?

56 Tender for a free service? Service level agreements? (Google?) Borrowing from the library is expensive Amazon offers delivery to my door I like ads (have you actually asked?) Why doesn’t the library advertise? I want to add my own tags to books

57 ..there is grandeur in this view of libraries

58 Libraries have some great assets


60 People trust libraries

61 Source: MORI Base: All (2,004) A great deal/ fair amountNot very much/ at all

62 Working together

63 Share ideas Share experiences Share code Make it your own Share innovation


65 Get started today Put your library on the map Contribute your data Join the TDN

66 Ken Chad Executive Director Libraries + Web 2.0 =?

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