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4/9/2015 Evaluation of the Recovery and WRAP education programme.

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1 4/9/2015 Evaluation of the Recovery and WRAP education programme

2 Aim of the Evaluation Explore the impact of the programme on participants’ knowledge and attitudes to recovery and WRAP Explore the impact of the programme on participants’ lives Identify the strengths of the programme Identify areas/suggestions for improvement 4/9/2015

3 Evaluation Methodology Mixed methods –Survey Pre course questionnaire Post course questionnaire –Interviews Focus group interviews participants Focus group interview with the consortium members Individual interviews with facilitators

4 No of participants 2 day 5 day PrePostPrePost Survey 1971956866 Focus group1122

5 Self Description of Participants Self - experience Mental health practitioner Family member/carer Other 2 Day N N NN 63814328 5 Day Self - experience Mental health practitioner Family member/ carer Both self exp and MHP 18325 13

6 Recovery Knowledge Scale 2 day 5 day

7 Recovery Attitude Questionnaire 7 2 day 5 day

8 Beliefs about Recovery and WRAP 2 day 5 day

9 Facilitation Skills 5 day 4/9/2015

10 Learning about recovery and WRAP: an inspiring, invigorating, validating and empowering experience 4/9/2015

11 ‘I come from the ‘never heard of it [WRAP] before’ scenario, and for me it has just been a life experience that I could never praise enough. It gave me power to help myself, something that was never discussed with me ever as a mental health patient. And I operated the plan myself and I found it seeped into me, its actually in my mind now. Without me being consciously thinking about it, its operating in my mind I don’t have to go back to the book. Everything has changed - how I do things. Its also changed my language. And its had a knock on effect… I'm a much more positive person, but also its having a positive effect on people around me, in work and in my own family’. 4/9/2015

12 ‘I work with mental health services and I also use mental health services. So there’s two angles for me. I didn’t know much about it to be honest …and for me this has been the most amazing, beneficial personal experience … It actually ties a personal experience of being a service user and actually working in the mental health services. It’s in fact the only occasion I’ve had where I can draw on my experience as a service user and speak about it and use it. I think that was the best thing for me. The validation, …the validation of my own personal experience and that’s really what I take away from it, was the respect and the sense of the value of my personal experience and I think that’s probably the best thing I can communicate to anybody. That’s what I’ve learnt from this, This program is a kind of facilitation based on a value of personal experience and that has been my most beneficial 4/9/2015

13 My background is [names discipline] so I suppose I could say after 26 years I know nothing. Because our whole training has been always on the illness side. So its been a complete restructuring and a re-training and examining the whole philosophy and what we are about. So I think the course opened that can of worms for us, even on the first morning. Questioning particularly people that are from a professional background where are we, …what's our understanding of recovery or how can we think about recovery in different terms from the traditional approach. So… quite challenging. there was a lot of people in the room that did challenge and I found that was, there was a great learning we are being challenged. We were certainly asked to …think about what are the values that underpin practice. 4/9/2015

14 Putting Recovery and WRAP into practice 4/9/2015

15 Surfing the waves 4/9/2015 ‘ I suppose it’s a manual I would see it as a manual where it teaches you to surf really, surf through the waves, you are not going to stop the waves but you are taught though this process how to surf the waves. It’s not going to stop them, but you are going to teach yourself how to surf them ’

16 ‘ I found that it gave me an ability to have a continuation because [previously] I might do something in my life and it doesn’t work and I’d say ‘ah defeat isn’t retreat and failure isn’t final’. And that [was] sort of was it, the end of the story,… there was no continuation… Where as WRAP gave me the idea of saying okay, we all make mistakes and we’ve got a right to be wrong.,…nobody’s perfect. But before I'd it was just full stop. But there’s no full stop to life. But with WRAP again there’s continuation. Saying okay what do I do next time, you know work out a formula. 4/9/2015

17 Well it’s a lifeline, I was actually sick again there a few weeks ago and at least its not this never ending you know negative, you sort of know, if I can get myself back to this level you know I’ll continue. So it sort of its a lifeline really. Its giving hope, gives you a reason…. things will change ….you’ll get control back into your own life you know. Because I think that’s what happens when people get depressed, that they lose the control you know…you can spiral downwards very quickly. So at least having been involved in the WRAP you sort of say well this [hope] is there, you know.

18 Learning together 4/9/2015

19 I think there was real partnership and that’s something that came out of that training, it strips away all those badges… it doesn’t matter what grade you are or what badges you have its about people. And I think that was something very important and there was a real, a real change… and I think the partnership of it was the strong part of it, it wasn’t the service provider coming and saying this is a good idea it was all the stakeholders’ 4/9/2015

20 There was that cocktail of experience in it. If WRAP was delivered to service providers..or people with self experience just in isolated groups it wouldn't have had that energy…. It had that combination and I think that was very important and very respectful to everybody. And it was a safe environment so people could say the good, bad and the ugly and there was no offence taken by that. I think we don’t have enough of those opportunities like, it doesn’t matter where we are coming from those opportunities don’t come up often enough 4/9/2015

21 Sustainability National forum/strategy Broadening the audience (Psychiatrists/GP schools/ communities/ MHC) Publishing wellness plans Developing a mentoring programme Support network for facilitators Funding A note of caution –Professionalisation of recovery/wrap 4/9/2015

22 Some final words It was a brilliant course and I would recommend it to anyone It was a brilliant course and I would recommend it to anyone I think it’s a terrific program I'd say the delivery of the program was excellent I actually thought it was brilliant 4/9/2015

23 Acknowledgements Participants IMHREC – Valery and Karen Funding agency Department of Justice and Law Reform 4/9/2015

24 Thank You Agnes, Patrick, Denis, Jan, Jean, Brian, Harry and Michael Harry and Michael

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