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Transforming Desktop Management with Virtualization Monica Lam Professor, Stanford Founder and Chief Scientist, MokaFive.

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1 Transforming Desktop Management with Virtualization Monica Lam Professor, Stanford Founder and Chief Scientist, MokaFive

2 Desktop Complexity Challenge: System rollouts/ updates/ upgrades Application management PC/Mac/ BYOC Mobility & Remote access Desktop disaster recovery Lost/Stolen Laptops | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.2

3 A Holistic Approach, with Virtualization | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.3 Any time Any where Any machine

4 Separation of Concern Characteristic of all intelligent thinking Focus on one, knowing that we are only occupying ourselves with one aspect It is being one- and multiple-track minded simultaneously The only available technique for effective ordering of one's thoughts. “On the Role of Scientific Thought”, Edsger W. Dijkstra, 1974 | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.4

5 Each user has a personalized desktop Separating Concerns in Desktop Mgmt | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.5 “C:” drive iTunes, IM, viruses, rootkits Documents, music, pictures, preferences, User Data & Settings User Applications IT Manages consistent desktops XP / Win7, MS-Office, Anti-virus, Firefox, Viewer, Reader, VPN, etc.. Corporate Apps Corporate OS Operating Systems User Data & Settings Applications Bare-metal*USB BYOPC WindowsMac iTunes, IM

6 Demo | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.6

7 5000 desktops per mgmt. server Streamlined Rollouts/Updates | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.7 Corporate Desktop Active Directory (multi-forest) MokaFive Live PC Corporate Desktop Image Store

8 Teachers Students Open University Doctors Nurses Administrators Friendly Care Estate planners International law Tax lawyers Dewey, Cheetum, & Howe Executives Engineers Scientists Massive Dynamic Corporate Desktop Streamlined Rollouts/Updates | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.8 Internet Corporate Network Corporate Desktop Image Store 5000 desktops per mgmt. server Active Directory (multi-forest)

9 Always in Control | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.9 User Data & Settings User Applications Corporate OS Corporate Apps OfflineOnline UN-REVOKEKILLREVOKE Multiple AD domain support Printing to host printers Copy protection Roll-up and drill- down reporting Automatic revoke upon un- targeting AES-128 & 256 encryption Customizable image updater Anti-virus scan of host PC PKI certificate support Automatic time- out of credentials Version rollback Image store assignment by IP RSA SecurID Two-factor authentication Adjustable image storage Virtual disk check and repair Network monitoring systems Independent version control Patch management Check out lease time

10 Virtualization Centralized UpdatesDelta CompressionOne-Click SubscribeSystem/User SeparationPredictive FetchCopy Protection Encryption Platform: WindowsRun from USBPlatform: MacBypass VirtualizationSingle-Sign OnAD Domain Join InjectionUniversal Installer One-Click SubscribeSystem/User SeparationPredictive FetchEncryptionCopy ProtectionPlatform: Windows MokaFive 3.0 Dec 2010 MokaFive 1.0 May 2008 MokaFive 2.5 Nov 2009 Host Checker Scrambled IOUSB Unplug Protection FILO XP LayeringTDSK Format Alt VMM: VirtualBox Tamper-Resistance Multi-Tenant Server Printer Passthrough FILO 7 LayeringAVG Integration 64-Bit Host Support 64-Bit Guest SupportShadow Filesystem Trace-assisted Prefetch Trickle-Back BackupPlatform: BareMetal Run from USB Platform: MacBypass VirtualizationSingle-Sign OnAD Domain Join Injection Universal Installer Host Checker Scrambled IO USB Unplug Protection FILO XP Layering TDSK Format Alt VMM: VirtualBox Tamper-Resistance Multi-Tenant Server Printer PassthroughFILO 7 Layering AVG Integration 64-Bit Host Support64-Bit Guest SupportShadow FilesystemTrace-assisted Prefetch Trickle-back Backup Platform: BareMetal Centralized Updates MokaFive Technology | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.10 Delta Compression MokaFive 3.7 Today

11 Technologies Behind the Scene | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.11

12 What is Layering? Layering composes file system and registry across different volumes into a unified view. | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.12 File systemRegistry

13 How Does Layering Work?  Uses a Windows kernel driver – Loads at a very early point in boot – Handles device drivers, etc.  Layering Policy Engine –Decides where each write should go, based on path match or file type  Default policy: User wins conflicts –Known user data to user layer, all else to app layer | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.13

14 Whiteouts  What if user deletes something in the system layer?  To record deletions, use whiteouts MS Bob MS Bob. WHITE DOUT 14| Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.

15 Benefit #1: Single-Image Management 15| Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.

16 Benefit #2: Rejuvenation 16| Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.

17 Benefit #3: Avoid Windows Rot 17| Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.

18 Other Uses of Layering  Easy and efficient backup and recovery – User data is in separate layer, making backup easy  Deploy thousands of users in minutes –No need for costly sysprep/QuickPrep steps  Deploy updates in seconds, no matter how large –Just flip disk pointer and reboot. SP1 in 2 seconds!  Compatible with your existing tools/software –No need to virtualize or repackage applications –Can use standard software distribution tools | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.18

19 M5 BareMetal Advantages 1. Single image across all devices 2. Zero-touch update across entire stack 3. Rapid start—boots in 15 seconds 4. 2 seconds to apply any update 5. TRIM support for consistent SSD performance 6. Simultaneous 3D acceleration across all LivePCs 7. Built-in layering for user customizations 8. Off-network automated AD domain join 9. Built-in remote desktop support for help desk 10. Dynamic driver detection at boot 11. Built-in compression and AES-256 encryption 12. Automatic security lock on suspend | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.19

20 VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)  Virtual machines run in the data center –Users remote login from desktop  Comparison with LivePCs (Local execution on client machine) –Share same management infrastructure –Virtual machines closer to large databases where applicable –Requires constant, high-bandwidth connectivity –Poor interactivity (video conference) –High total cost of ownership | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.20

21 Comparison with VDI (1000 Users) | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.21

22 Summary Self-healing desktops cut support costs in half At $45/hour, saves up to $540/year Point, click, and update thousands of desktops in seconds Typical savings of $360 per desktop per year ($480 vs. $120) Runs on minimal infrastructure with random bandwidth Eliminate remediation that require overnight shipments / truck-rolls Eliminate Costs: Revoke and/or Kill with time & event based policies 128/256 AES encryption & copy protection Virtual machine encapsulation (prevents copy/paste/etc) Active Directory / RSA secure ID / Two-factor authentication Keylogger, Screenscraper, Anti-virus scan of host PC Improve Security: | Copyright 2011 MokaFive, Inc.22

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